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Sin City Yarns[/b][/u][/size]
Walk down the right back alley in Sin City, and you can find anything...


[/i]Welcome to Sin City Yarns, a new project from the twisted mind of Blayze. After the unfortunate lack of interest in my Sin City RP from a while ago, I have decided to try something a little different, something that might work a little better. So here's the basic idea:

I need a maximum of four original characters that could dwell in the hellish metropolis that is Sin City. I'm talking about dark histories, tortured antiheroes, sick and twisted villains and dirty fighting. I will need you to place a snippet of what you can do in this thread, just a few paragraphs involving your created character, along with a few basic details, name, gender, a little history etc. You can work this information into your snippet if you wish, or you can put it separately.

Then, when my four original character spots have been filled, I will begin the thread proper. This will be situated in the Adventure Square, but it will act more like an Anthology thread, with each post being long enough to count as a story of sorts (in a similar way to Shy's "hero"). These will be individual stories about each character, about anything you choose, but eventually the stories will intertwine, different characters getting involved in each story.

Have your interests peaked yet?

There are a couple of rules, though.

1. You must know at least something about the Sin City world. You can watch the movie, or, alternatively, but not preferably, you can use [b][url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sin_city"]this[/url][/b] site to get some info on the way the whole thing works.

2. You must be a competent writer. Please do not waste my time with poor-quality snippets that you whacked out in five minutes. Take your time with your snippets, make me want to read them, make them pull me in.

3. You must be dedicated to the cause. I don't want people who are going to get accepted and then stop posting for no apparent reason. This also means that, if you can, you would need to inform me if you were taking any time off.

There may be a specific posting order that I will put up, but it is unlikely.

Ok, so, on to the sign-ups. Instead of the usual sign-up sheet I will be needing, as stated previously, a snippet of your character in action. It doesn't have to be anything too major, it could even be your character just sitting, thinking about their particular situation, whatever you like.

Please try not to make this snippet too long, about three paragraphs, or maybe around 500-800 words. You can go a little over if you want but don't go too crazy, as I don't want to have to trawl through acres of writing just to get a snippet.

Other than that, just enjoy writing it, and I hope you will have fun taking part in this project.

Just to show you I am game, I will be writing a snippet for my character as well, in case any of you thought I would be slacking.

Any questions, PM me, though I may set up an Underground thread at some point.

Happy creating!
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