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New edgy banner/avatar set


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[SIZE=1]Heeeey. Yeah I really need a new banner/avatar set. I really want something with more of an edgy look that says "Dee" and underneath it "The only letter that counts." I also would love to have Dee on the avatar too. If you want to pick out an image or do your own style, feel free to be creative, the image is just there so you don't have to do a search. Thank you
[URL=http://www.animesou.com/watcher/Samurai%20Champloo/003.jpg]Click Here for Picture[/URL]
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[size=1][color=slategray]I hope these are alright, I am currently trying to get familiar with Photoshop again, it's been so long. But if you want any changes, just say the word.


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