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Manga Land of the Blindfolded ; Mekakushi no Kuni


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[size=1]Recently, I happened to land upon a series called [b]Mekakushi no Kuni[/b], or also known as [b]Land of the Blindfolded[/b]. It is a wonderful series about three people who can "see" while everyone else cannot.

It first introduces two characters, Kanade, who can see into the future, and Arou, who can see into the past. Immediatly, the two seem to be drawn to each other due to the fact that they can see "in the land of the blindfolded", something often referenced back to throughout the series.

While Kanade sees into people's futures on accident, she immediatly tries to save them if something devastating happens. In return, she gets feelings of mishap and anger put towards her.

Arou, seeing into the past, can see quite far back, that, at times, it adds a series of trauma onto him.

Soon, a boy by the name of Namiki comes into the story. Another person who can "see".

The three join together as they live their lives, learning how to deal with the effects of their abilities and how to live "outcasted" by some.

It is such a heartwarming story. A manga that is high on top in my list. :animesmil [/size]
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