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    te he he. i pretty much rule at life. <3 but iF u tok lyk tis, i will ignore you. most likely, unless i am feeling nice. :) don't send me private messages if you talk like that. i prefer proper grammar, thanks! :D <333
  1. hey_love

    Anime What anime ending confused you?

    [quote name='Anime_Kami']DNAngel, the ending confused me. The series left people to imagine what would happen, but I'm not good at that, so I didn't get it.[/quote] [size=1]I am not particularly happy with DNAngel. I mean, the story of the anime just goes off course so much, that the ending is just [b][i]there[/b][/i]!!! The manga of DNAngel isn't even finished, and they changed the whole story completely for the anime. I mean, for some reason, the anime made it so that the whole ordeal with [spoiler]the painting and Daisuke being sucked in with the second hand of time thing[/spoiler] such a lead into the ending, even though it really had nothing to do with each other. While in the manga, the story continues even further with it. [/size]
  2. [size=1]My current favorite is an amv titled [b]Real Ninjas[/b]. A Naruto one. It is a mix of many songs put together. It splits each portion into themes of what real ninjas are. Of course, this is all nonsensical, which makes it all the more hilarious. [.[URL=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7svw0m-wO0]click me for the movie[/URL].][/size]
  3. hey_love

    Anime Ouran High School Host Club

    [size=1]After watching the sixth episode, I must say this. I enjoyed reading this part of the story in the manga better than watching it. Don't get me wrong, I still laughed plenty, I'm just a bit more partial to the manga over the anime for this episode. =] Although, I found it very much adorable how the little kid ended up [spoiler]being a prince [/spoiler]in the end.[/size] [INDENT][SIZE=1][COLOR=Sienna][B]hey_love[/B] I added spoiler tags to your post. Please do not assume that everyone is familiar with a paticular show. Always use spoiler tags. ~indifference[/COLOR][/SIZE][/INDENT]
  4. hey_love

    Anime Filler episodes

    [size=1]I don't really mind some fillers. The fillers in the anime [b]His and Her Circumstances[/b] drive me insane. They are mostly filled with one-two episodes of flashbacks. Or just a bunch of random sidestories. I, too, don't mind the filler episodes in[b] Inuyasha[/b]. They give a good laugh and all. I think when fillers are just repetition of the story/plotline, they shouldn't be made in the first place. But if it is something worth watching, and kind of a oneshot of it's own, then I suppose I don't mind.[/size]
  5. [size=1]As much as I like anime and manga, I'm not obsessed to the point where I can't live without it. I use anime as a way to get my time passing when I don't have any homework or nothing to do during a day without plans. I, too, enjoy reading more. Or drawing, or writing. Sometimes after I buy some series, it takes me a while to finish it, anyways. =][/size]
  6. hey_love

    Anime Ouran High School Host Club

    [size=1]I love this series so much. I've read up to volume three and part of volume four. And right now I am watching episode four. This show is just hilarious in so many ways. I just love it. =][/size]
  7. hey_love

    Anime DNAngel

    [quote name='Avenged666fold']I have a question. Why do a bunch of people keep saying the DNangel gets bad near the end? I think after the shaky start the anime really gets good. I mean after the crap start it goes uphill from there.[/quote] [size=1]Considering how rushed everything is at the end, it really is kind of bad in comparison to the manga. Most DNAngel fans come from the manga in the first place, due to the plotline, artwork, overthought of issues and character development. In the anime, all the characters tend to be just [b]there[/b] in the end. Their personality becomes twisted. Risa is way too annoying. And all of a sudden, a grandmother and this wannabe American comes out of nowhere. Plus, there are too many episodes that have nothing to do with the story. I think my list of complaints about the anime can go on and on.[/size]
  8. hey_love

    Anime Favorite opening and ending themes?

    [size=1]I definatly enjoy the opening of [b]Kodocha[/b], also known as Child's Toy or Kodomo no Omocha. The opening I'm talking about is the one with the song "Ultra Relax". It can be seen here: [[URL=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TAxjW98KqA&search=ultra%20relax][COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]click[/COLOR][/URL]] There was a spoof version of this opening made for the anime Naruto by someone on deviantArt that I ended up finding. If you want to watch that, there is a link for it: [[URL=http://media.putfile.com/Narultra-Relax][COLOR=Pink]click[/COLOR][/URL]] Another opening I liked was the second opening for [b]Full Metal Alchemist[/b]. The one with the song Rewrite. That one is nice. I enjoy the [b]Princess Tutu[/b] opening, as well. :animesmil [/size]
  9. hey_love

    Anime Anime and Manga Lovers Are Losers?

    [quote name='Avenged666fold']Meh is that insult :animeangr I challenge you to a duel. LOL jk. Well aren't first impresions what make a person a loser/w/e else you are? I mean appearences make a big difference in what people think of you. If you knew everone in the world very well would you think of alot of them as losers? Not likely.[/quote] [size=1]Well, that is true. But I guess I didn't make my point out completely. What I was trying to say was that people who aren't into anime/manga and sees these people who are gets this off bases thought on how everyone who likes it are losers. It is the "image" other people set that sometimes sets off a kind of thought on everyone else. I wonder if that makes sense... :animestun [/size]
  10. hey_love

    Anime Azumanga Daioh

    [QUOTE=chobitslover90]does anyone but me think azumanga dioh was to short i think it should be as long as ranma 1/2 or at least as long as his and her circumstances[/QUOTE] [size=1]Considering how Ranma 1/2 has 30+ volumes for the manga and I think four different boxsets for the anime series, I don't think it needs to be that long. It would only overexaggerate the story, thusly making it not as fun and free spirited. I just don't think this story would be able to fit a long series base.[/size]
  11. hey_love

    Anime Anime and Manga Lovers Are Losers?

    [size=1]I wouldn't really say all anime and manga lovers are losers. Some prove to be true because that is naturally how their personality is. But anime and manga "lovers" just found another hobby that is more of international standards. A lot of people have given anime/manga a sterotypical thought of porno and such that no one would rather look at the fact that there are many genres of anime/manga as there is books/movies! But it doesn't matter. As long as a person likes what they do, then it shouldn't matter what other people think. It goes to the whole like yourself thought. Although, in my high school, there is a groupie that are all anime obsessed people. Personally, as much as I like reading/watching anime/manga, I'd never talk to them because they are just over the top obsessed with it where they eat, sleep, drink and breathe anime/manga. Yes, anime/manga can get addicting sometimes, but when people come off as said people above, then it may be thought as them to be losers. But, can't judge a book by it's cover. ;) [/size]
  12. hey_love

    Anime Is Cartoon Network Fair?

    [size=1]Well, for the Cartoon Network lineup, not involving Adult Swim, I think they are unfair to anime. They -do- stop in the middle of shows, such as Rurouni Kenshin or Yu Yu Hakusho. All of the longer series, they just stop. And a lot of the shows, they severely edit for the sake of everyone being able to watch it, sometimes ruining the show. Either that, they show rather, in my opinion, pointless anime. Bobobo Bo Bobobo? What on earth is that? I don't even want to [b]try[/b] watching it because the name is down right silly. As for Adult Swim, I think they give a bit more justice to anime, seeing as how they usually finish series that they start. But they rerun shows so often that it gets annoying to watch anymore. FMA, they've restarted that series so many times now,and they used to restart Inuyasha quite often, as well. I think if they had a larger variety of shows, then it might be better. But, beggers can't be choosers I guess. At least they're showing any anime on tv, so that means no need to go out and buy the series if you're low on money.[/size]
  13. hey_love

    Anime Azumanga Daioh

    [size=1]I started watching this series yesterday at my cousin's house. I got up to the middle of volume three. And I found it absolutely hilarious. I loved how there was no actual plot. And the cat... Wow that evil cat! I enjoy the fact that there was no plot because each episode has it's own mini-episode, thusly making the show fun to watch. I like how someone can skip from episode to episode without any fuss on what happened last. Thusly the reason why there's no need for annoying flashbacks. The perverted male teacher... the one who teaches for the sake of seeing high school girls... freaks me out. I laughed so much during the cultural festival episode when they were posing with the bunny suit and [b]he[/b] was in it! That's all I have to say.[/size]
  14. hey_love

    Anime Fruits Basket

    [quote name='Momiji Love][COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana]the disc was scratched so badly it skipped right to the credits. This was after [spoiler]Tohru says,"I don't know" (to why she was there to see Akito) and Akito grabs her by the hair and the guys jump up to help her.[/spoiler] [/FONT] [/SIZE'] [/COLOR][/quote] [size=1]What happens afterwards is... well.. this is from memory seeing as how I've watched this series so many times now. ::: [spoiler]Akito says something along the lines of "Do you think by staying with the Sohmas you can change anything?" By now, Tohru is crying, and in response, she says "It must've been very painful Akito. Being told the day you were born you were going to die. It must've been so, so painful." Enraged, Akito yellos. "What was, what do you know about it?" Her voice was trembling as she says "You're right. I can't even imagine how awful it would be to hear something like that." Or something of the sort. "Shigure, Yuki, and Kyo, and Hatori, too! I'm sure they feel the same way. And when you pass away, we'll be sad, we'll be very sad to lose you." "Who's going to be sad." Akito says. "Everyone is able to live thanks to me. They all hope I'll be gone quickly. I was born in order to die. That was what was decided." "But why? Who decided it to be like that anyways. Akito, you're alive right now, aren't you?" "Alive?! You call THIS being alive? It's been decided! IT'S BEEN DECIDED! And they never even asked me!" At this line Akito says, Hatori, Shigure and Yuki then look up, amazed that he said that. "I... I didn't know my mom was going to die." "SILENCE! Stop talking." He then orders Hatori to erase "this girl's" memories. Hatori pauses, not moving. "HATORI!" "I wanted her to live a long time. I wanted her to be here to watch me." "Stop crying, stop it. Stop crying." "And I don't know what your family's curse is, but I'm happy. I'm happy I know you, Akito. And I don't regret meeting you or anyone. Not at all. I want to know you, please tell me how you feel. Even if you're angry, bitter, or frustrated. That's okay. Because the important thing is, right now Akito... You're alive." At this, Akito is stunned, he releases her hair, and pushes Shigure and Yuki away. Stepping back, he pauses. "I don't know." He says very calmly. The scene changes to Tohru walking home in the woods with a plastic bag in her hand. She walks to the woods and sees the house where Shigure, Yuki and Kyo lives, seeing Kyo on the roof. The scene changes again to Kyo jumping off the gate and walks over to a Hatori, Shigure, Yuki and Tohru who are walking out of the building. "Hey!" He runs up to them. "Well, c'mon you damn rat! What happened in there?" Tohru looks up, surprised. "Oh, well, nothing really. I guess it was presumptious of me to think anything would change if I came here today." "Oh no, that's not true at all." Hatori adds in. "Indeed, it's not." Shigure says. "What're you talking about?" Kyo spoke with attitude, like usual. "Oh nothing. Just thinking out loud." Shigure laughs. "No you weren't!" Kyo screams. "I promise to tell you when we get home." Says Tohru. "And Kyo, we should have a fight when we get home." Yuki says while looking at his hands. Everyone looks at him in surprise. "So you're finally ready to face the music huh? About time." Yuki walks away and Kyo chases after him. "I'm not letting you out of my sight!" "Ah!" Shigure says while he's walking between him and Hatori. "I see he's feeling lively again today." "Yes, well you seemed pretty lively yourself back there." Hatori responds. "I suppose. Not that it really made that much of a difference." Says Shigure. "It's still not too late though. We may be able to find something, even now." "I guess, so as long as we decide what we're looking for." "And even if we can't, there's always the next time around." "Yes there is." Shigure turns to Tohru as Hatori turns to her, too. "Shall we take it slowly then?" "Hey! I don't care if it's left overs or what, I gotta eat! I'm starving here!" Kyo yells. "Coming!" Tohru runs by as Hatori and Shigure look down on her with a smile on their faces. Akito is seen sitting against the door looking up to the sky, thinking. It then goes to Tohru talking to her mom about how things may be hard some time, but she's still trying. Scenes go from Yuki, Tohru and Kyo walking the hallways at school, Uo, Tohru and Hana (who are chasing away the fangirls with her electric strand of hair), then back to the seen where Tohru's looking at the house. Kyo looks up at her, and Yuki walks out looking up at her. She waves, then walks to the house. Fin.[/spoiler] And those are basically the quotations from the last episode. Sorry. It's long.[/size]
  15. hey_love

    Manga Absolute Boyfriend

    [size=1]No, I can't read Japanese. I didn't even realize that it was already out in America. But I've found other ways on reading it.[/size]