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Sign Up Bionicle: Quest for the Great Kanohi [PG13-V]


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[size=2][color=teal][i][u]Quest for the Great Kanohi[/u][/color][/size]


?In the time before time the Great Beings sent forth the Great Spirit Mata Nui to watch over those known as the Matoran. Rather than taking a direct role in the lives of these people Mata Nui chose to watch over the Matoran and allow them to make their own choices and decisions to what ever end. The one time he placed his own thoughts into the Matoran was the creation of the three virtues.[b]Unity, Duty and Destiny[/b]. With these he hoped that the Matoran would become a just and true people rather than corrupt and evil.?

?After many hardships in the City of Legends, [b]Metru Nui[/b], the Matoran came too a great island and named it Mata Nui after the Great Spirit that helped them during their struggles. The [b]Toa Metru[/b] had sacrificed their powers in order to revive the sleeping Matoran and now they were the Turaga, lesser in stature than mighty Toa but still revered by the Matoran and leaders of their people. As it was in Metru Nui the Matoran separated themselves from each other to form distinct communities on the island.?

?Each of these communities where know as [b]Koro[/b] which were within their own [b]Wahi[/b]. For example Le-Matoran live in Le-Koro which is located in Le-Wahi. After many years each of the Koro became mostly self-reliant but trade did take place between the Matoran, but any Matoran who travelled from village to village was looked upon as odd or strange. One such Matoran was [b]Takua[/b] who would become the[b] Chronicler of Mata Nui[/b].?

?Before he became the Chronicler Takua was banished from Ta-Koro for what the Ta-Matorans thought to be reckless behaviour. On his travels he assisted all of the Turaga and recovered each of their staffs. As a show of gratitude the Turaga gave Takua the [b]Toa Stones[/b]. Turaga Vakama instructed Takua to take the Stones to the temple in the centre of the island, Kini-Nui. What they did not tell Takua was that once the Toa Stones were set in place they summon new Toa to fight the evil of [b]Makuta[/b].?

?The new Toa would be Tahu, Lewa, Gali, Pohatu, Onua and Kopaka.?

?This is there tale...?[/i]


Welcome to my second attempt at a Bionicle RP, the first being based on the Metru Nui story arc. So the angle for this RP is to take on the roles of the Toa who came to save Mata Nui from the shadows of Makuta. The story will play out much the same as the original Bionicle 2001 storyline except that seeing as we?re playing the Toa we may do things different but I do want to stick to certain story points. The way the sign-up will work is you choose which of the Toa you wish to be and then signing up as them and then give me a post as the Toa you?ve applied for, this isn?t a first come first serve basis so I?d like some effort put into the sign-ups, here?s the list of the Toa and the element they represent.
[*]Tahu, Toa of Fire.
[*]Lewa, Toa of Air. [i]Note: I shall be playing Lewa.[/i]
[*]Kopaka, Toa of Ice.
[*]Gali, Toa of Water.
[*]Pohatu, Toa of Stone.
[*]Onua, Toa of Earth. [i]Saved for White[/i]
Here is [b][url=http://www.biosector01.com/ref.php?act=specid&id=1]a link[/url][/b] where you can find the information on the Toa you are going to be playing, such as Kanohi name/power, weapon, etc. So onto the sign-up sheet.

[i]N/B: As usual if you have any questions either PM or wait until the Underground thread is up which won?t take too long.[/i]


[b]Name:[/b] [Your characters name.]

[b]Element:[/b] [Which element does your character represent?]

[b]Koro:[/b] [Which Koro does your character come from?]

[b]Appearance:[/b] [You can use the pictures given in the second link.]

[b]Kanohi Mask/Power:[/b] [The masks name and its power. Feel free to embellish a little, i.e. the Kanohi Hau may be the Mask of Shielding but you can go into more detail if you wish.]

[b]Tools/Ability:[/b] [The name of the tool you use and what it can do.]

[b]Biography:[/b] [I?m going to allow you to C+P this from the website link but make sure you actually read it.]

[b]Post Sample:[/b] Each Toa is going to have different prompt for the post so here you go:
[*]Tahu ? He was travelling through the Charred Forest and thought he saw a Kanohi Mask, he goes to investigate.
[*]Kopaka ? While scaling Mount Ihu he sees some Matoran in distress and goes to assist them.
[*]Gali ? Swimming around Naho Bay she discovers a large group of Rahi preparing to attack Ga-Koro, she moves to intercept them.
[*]Pohatu ? Experimenting with the Kanohi Kakama he finds a hidden shrine to Makuta and investigates it.
[*]Onua ? Carving a path through Onu-Wahi he locates a fresh cave system and seems to be remains of several Rahi, he ventures in deeper.

Please note that if this RP is a success I?ll be doing sequels starting with the Bohrok swarms and so on. So bare this in mind when signing up, make this RP a success.


[b][u]Lewa, Toa Mata of Air.[/u][/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Lewa.

[b]Element:[/b] Air.

[b]Koro:[/b] Le-Koro; Located in Le-Wahi.


[b]Kanohi Mask/Power:[/b] Lewa wears the Kanohi Miru, the Great Mask of Levitation. The Miru allows the user to hover over the ground or keep them from touching the ground when falling. To simulate flight while using this mask, the user would have to rely on wind currents to push them around while they use the Miru to keep themselves from touching the ground. Thankfully Lewa has full control of the winds of Mata Nui so he is able to use the Kanohi Miru to fly through the jungles of Le-Wahi.

[b]Tools/Ability:[/b] Lewa wields the mighty Axe of Le-Koro, kept hidden until a Toa came to claim it for themselves. With it Lewa can fell any tree in Le-Wahi and cut down vines that he can use to travel quickly around the Wahi. When faced with a Rahi the Axe is just as formidable, able to remove the infected masks with very few well placed strikes. The Axe is also able to channel, and focus, Lewa?s ability to control all facets of the Air of Mata Nui, from roaring hurricanes to light breezes.

[b]Biography:[/b] Lewa is the spirit of the air, and the Matoran believe Lewa controls the skies - the clouds and the wind. He is able to form winds, hurricanes, cyclones, and also to calm them. The Matoran also believe that rains are the result of a conflict between Lewa and Gali, while thunder and lightning are the sounds of their battle. It is indeed true that Lewa and Gali can combine their powers to create thunderstorms. Lewa is almost monkey-like, and prefers to inhabit the treetops of the jungles around Kanea Bay, as he is clumsy when forced to move on two feet.

Lewa's axe cuts easily through trees and vines as he climbs and jumps through his jungle. He's supremely competent with aerial activities, and can even glide through the air when jumping from tree to tree. He uses his powerful arms to move quickly through the jungle and hack through vegetation.

Lewa is always ready to jump to conclusions and often plunges into situations without considering the danger - and he's always the first to get into trouble. But his instincts are good, and his hunches often turn out to be right. And though he may be rash and bold, his experiences have given him respect for the perils of Mata Nui, although he still loves adventure and exploration. If there's a fight, he's always the first one in, protecting others before himself. Lewa?s primary mask is Kanohi Miru.

[i]My post sample will be up shortly.[/i]


[color=crimson][size=4][b]Live the Legend[/b][/size][/color][/center]
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[size=1]You twisted my arm, Will ;)

[b]Name: [/b]Tahu

[b]Element: [/b]Fire

[b]Koro: [/b]Ta-Koro

[b]Appearance: [url="http://www.biosector01.com/image.php?act=image&img=char/char_tahu.jpg"]Tahu[/url]

Kanohi Mask/Power: [/b]Red Kanohi Hau, The Mask Of Shielding. It can protect the user from any visible attack, but this does not apply for if the wearer is ambushed. It will create a shimmering force-field, usually spherical, around the user, but to most it is transparent, except when it is struck, when the area of contact will flash a shocking red colour.

[b]Tools/Ability:[/b] The Firesword that Tahu wields is a powerful weapon[/size]. [size=1]It can heat up molten lava to massive temperatures, some of which only Tahu himself can withstand. However, Tahu himself is a powerful wielder of flame, and is able to focus heat through his Firesword, which can then melt through any object, and obstacle that stands in his way, and it allows him to create and blast fireballs from his hands.

[b]Biography: [/b]Tahu is the fire spirit and the most powerful, fierce, and feared of the six Toa - you don't want to get into a fight with Tahu if you can help it. He can create fire and focus heat through his tools, enabling him to melt any substance and blast powerful fireballs. Tahu is most at home in the hot molten world of the Mangai Volcano where he surfs on lava flows with incredible balance, using his sword of flames to cut through rocks and keep the lava moving down towards the ocean (much to Gali's displeasure.) The Matoran respect his powers, knowing the incredible power of fire. They don't see him as a destructive spirit, however. He's revered as a guardian, the provider of the fire by which they warm themselves at night and keep the dangers of darkness away.

He is hot-headed and irrational, with a flaming temper. He has the least patience of all of the Toa, and often jumps into a situation without thinking, which often gets him and the other Toa into trouble! Tahu's primary mask is a Kanohi Hau.[/size]

[b][size=1]Post Sample: [/size][/b][size=1]Tahu stepped carefully through the mass of broken trees and crumbling ash that was the Charred Forest. His feet turned many a burnt twig into a small mound of grey ash underfoot, ash which soon blew away in the soft breeze. His Firesword was sheathed, as he couldn't foresee any trouble in his own Koro. And if there was trouble, his Kanohi would shield him for long enough that he could draw his weapon without being harmed.

But there, glinting slightly, in the distance, was something that caught Tahu's eye. It looked like...but it couldn't be...a Kanohi mask? In the Charred Forest? Impossible. He would have found it before now. He smiled, and began to walk over to it, but something snapped around him. A cage, made from wood. A Rahi trap, just like the one he had been caught in when he had first arrived here. Typical.

He drew his Firesword, and set it against the wood of the cage. It caught almost immediately, and the cage burned down, turning to the same ash that covered the Forest floor. Tahu grinned. They didn't make Rahi traps like they used to.

He made his way slowly over to the Kanohi mask, which lay still on the floor. Crouching to his knees, he picked it up, and it shone with power.

[i]Another Kanohi mask, [/i]he thought, [i]Perfect...

[/i][b]Hope that's all good for you.[/b][/size][size=1]
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