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Bottem 5 list Begins!

Guest Matt

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you've seen the top 5 list, now the bottom 5!

list the worst 5 movies you have seen:

1. Meteor Man
2. Cop and a Half
3. Pokemon the First Movie
4. Pokemon the second movie
5. American Beauty
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1. Final Fantasy <---yes anh it did suck...it doesn't matter if we understand it or not... :p

2. Carrie 2 <----:flaming: this movies just pissed me off beyond words...

3. X-Men <------errrr....what they did to Rouge is just...unspeakable...

4. Wishmaster<--------:flaming: :mad: :mad: :flaming: :flaming: just stick to Friday the 13th

5. Bless the Child <--------piece of (insert obscenities here)!!!!!

*nobody seems to care for pokemon* :ball: :raspberry
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Guest Master O Beans
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Son Goten [/i]

5. American Beauty [/B][/QUOTE]

Nooooo!! ...oh well, you choice :drunk:

...erm, I'll have'ta get back with ya on the movies part...:glasses:
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1)Super Mario Bros. The Movie
2)My favorite Martian
3)Mortal Combat-Anihilation(It was way too predictable)
4)Secret Garden(God, how much more boring can it get?)
5)A kid in King Arthurs Court(Stupid and boring, simple as that.)[/color]
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Guest Voodookanaka
streetfighter (the american version)
Kickboxer (i aint got nothing again van dam, just a coincidence hes turned up twice.)
Mars attacks
waterworld (Its just mad max2 on water!)
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Guest Imsirion
wow, all the movies i HATE TO DEATH:mad: :flaming: :cussing: were already here. i also hate anything with Steven Segull, he sucks. oh, i just saw my girl even though its old and i want to kill "the girl". actually, alotta old movies suck.:p
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1.Friday the 13-6 or 7... That sucked... Jason wasn't even in it...
2.I Still Know What You Did LAst Summer WTM?
3.It Came From Beneath LMBO! That thing sucked so bad it was funny...
4.Barny The Movie Okay, so I never saw this... But it's the worst idea for a movie...
5.Lion King 2 Good god! Could they make it ANY more like the original?
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Does anyone out there watch Mystery Science Theatre on Sci-Fi? That is the funniest show...

What they do is play really bad typically 60's or 50's movies (generally horror or sci-fi), and there is this guy and two robots who are sitting watching the movie and making comments.

Ex: Two teenagers are running from a slasher. The slasher is walking at them but somehow manages always to be on their tails. A guy watching the movie says:
"Slow but steady wins the race".

This was an example from this morning.

Anyway, all five of my worst movies would be from this show. I can't think of any names though.
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