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Writing Battlefield part 2(PG)


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[B]Well, my lyrics are usually aimed at a Rock type, but this time, I'm rhyming with a little bit of Rap-type lyrics, if that's okay with you. :animesmil You havn't heard the first part to Battlefield, I'll have to post it... it'd long though, and it talks about different musicians and things that have happened in the past few years.

Battlefield part 2

As I said before
These words are nothing more
If the battle's done
Yet I'm not quitting
I won't stop until this war is won

Get lost in my drumsticks, and my guitar picks
Your rhyme on your own time
and we try to ignore

the people are watching us raise our fists
and one of us screams

"We won't take no more of this!"

Fight now, listen to your inspiration
don't listen, to this disfiguring nation

lose sight, but still fight
we won't lose tonight

ten-billion people watching this war go on
crackheads, underages, they think that nothing's wrong
if that's true, why would we make this song?

stereotypes blaring cross the sky

9 shots for this rapper, and he's bragging bout his life?

poor boy, killed the woman with a knife,
got his drugs and left
blaming the music? again and again?
For some reason, I think it's sorta stupid
I just don't understand.

white rapper talking trash, so what if he's white?
just because you're racist doesn't make it all right.

something stupid with these pop stars getting things improved.
bigger is better?
maybe just for you

Mr. Tree got reelected, no wait, he's just a bush
while's he on stage I wanna give him a li'l push
and take the mike away
and scream to the day

"Fight for our own reasons! Not for him! I don't wanna lose! Not again!"

The battle of the stereotypes has been raging on
It's still not done
I won't quit, and you can't quit
I'm not about to quit

Until the war is won.

Mexicans, Asians, Whites and Blacks.
French men, Italian dudes
Russians and the next.

Doesn't matter your race.
We're all the same, but different
different in our own ways.

Everyone. Everyone.
Scream into the sky

"Don't be sad. Do not cry. Somebody'll make it alright. Call you names? That's alright, they just got really bad taste. All you have to do is spit back in their face."

Now I'm through
Yes, I'm done
Still won't stop

Until the war is won.[/B]
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