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Sign Up Yugi-Oh! GX [ PG]


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Duel Academy is the best place to learn your dueling skills and get better. Star just enrolled and is running a bit late. A lot of great duelists get enrolled and the enrollment is really hard. As Star is on her way to Duel Academy, she runs into Yugi. " Oh, I'm so sorry didn't mean to," says Star.
" Don't worry about it. Here are your cards that fell and have this one," says Yugi. The card that he gave her was a Dark Magician Girl. She was really surprised when she noticed that she was running late and needed to get there before she couldn't get in.
She soon arrives and was almost too late. She goes up against Dr. Crowler which is head of Obelisk Blue. The battle was tough but Star was able to win and get in. She was promoted into the class of Slyfer Red. When she goes to see her new dorm she is met by Jaden Yuki who also just enrolled. He says," Hi, I'm Jadan Yuki and I can see that you are a Slyfer Red. Well so am I."
"Nice to meet you. My name is Star Galaxy," replies Star.
" It's nice to meet you too. Would you like a tour of the campus?" asks Jaden
" Sure, that would be great since I don't quite know my way around here yet."
" That's great! So I'll meet you at the front of the school and we can get the tour on the way!"
They say goodbye and Star goes to her dormroom. She is met by her roommates, Kitty and Saffire. They both say hi and start to unpack their things. After Star is done unpacking her stuff, she goes to meet Jaden in the front of the school. They start their tour and they meet along the way Syrus and Chumlie who are also Slyfers. They all say hi and go on their way. After the tour they all go back to their dormrooms for the night and for school in the morning.
After a few weeks or so, some strange things start to happen. Chansler calls Jaden, Bashton, Alexis, Zane, Chazz, Dr.Crowler, Prof. Banner, and Star all up to his office. He tells them that the Shadow Riders have return and are after the spirit keys. All of them get keys except Star.
" Why didn't I get a key?" asks Star.
" It's because you are the most important key. You are the only one to unlock the final lock to the Sacred Beasts," replies Chansler," And now the battle has begun and the Shadow Riders will go after any one of you so be on your guard"


Age- has to at least be 14-19
Appearance- pic or discription will be fine
Rank- Obelisk Blue, highest, Ra Yellow, middle, Slyfer Red,lowest
Most Rarest Card- can be anything made up or a real one.

After a few people sign up then I will do mine.
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Personality:A very calm girl and when she duels, she is totally calm and doesn't even bother if she is losing or what.

Appearance:A normal duelist and wears a mini skirt and a T-shirt with an under shirt underneath.


Most Rarest Card:Black Wings-consists of fusing together Krad Half of the Black Wings and Dark Half of the Black Wings.
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Guest blooming
Name-sparkle lin
Personality-she has two personality one is the kind sweet caring girl the other is the dark mature and mysterious girl.in her dark mysterous mood she cares only about keeping to her self and she is also a skilled fighter with her two swords but she leaves them in her dorm.in her sweet kind caring mood shes happy and she likes to talk to others
Appearance-a long black cloak down to her feet that she takes off when dueling to reveal a black halter top and a black mini skirt.she has long black hair down to her feet with black knee high boots
Rank- Obelisk Blue
Most Rarest Card-obillio the rare infamous dark sage magician
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[COLOR=Sienna][size=1][u]Name:[/u] Myrian Zalur

[u]Age:[/u] 15

[u]Personality:[/u] Myrian is also freshman at the Duel Academy, but being a freshman doesn't mean she doesn't know how to duel. Normally, her personality is strong and silent, making it hard for people to become her friends. Her mind is very quick on its feet, her strength in duelling coming from the strategies she devises in battle, being at least one step ahead of her opponent. She admires Yugi/Yami a lot, and believes in his theory of 'Heart of the Cards'.

[u]Appearance:[/u] See attachment

[u]Rank:[/u] Slyfer Red

[u]Most Rarest Card:[/u] Llyr the Silver Sphinx/Kira the Angel of Peace[/COLOR][/size]
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Name- Alex Reign (goes by Reign)

Age- 18

Personality- Reign is a cold hearted and cruel person who only cares about winning. His goal is to be the most powerful duelist in all of the world and have every strong card in his deck.

Appearance- [URL=http://img100.imageshack.us/img100/170/reign3gv.png]Reign[/URL]

Rank- Obelisk Blue, highest

Most Rarest Card- Exodia the Forbidden One (Well you did say any real or made up)
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Name- Adamu Chast
Personality- Relitively Calm, but in dueling he is a beast pulling out combos that make little kids scream.:) But he is nice.
Appearance- Blonde,blueish green eyes, about 5'9" a little chuby.
Rank- Ra Yellow
Most Rarest Card- It is not any one card but his best card is World of Monsters which makes both duelists count as monsters and but cannot attack, however with Polimerazation... you do the math. Best Combo however is the A legendary ocean, tornato wall and Black Snake Syndrome. Which protects the user while the opponent loses 500 lp each turn and 500 is added on each turn.
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[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkRed]
Here is my sign up

Name: Star

Age: 14

Personality: she's kind of stubborn and loves a great duel

Appearance: she is 5'2", red eyes, and likes to wear the color black

Rank: Slyfer Red

Most Rarest Card: Eevee Evolution. it is when you have one eevee token out on the field and when this card is attached to it, you are able to summon the six evolutions of eevee right to the field with out a special summoning.
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Name: Senshi Ryokou

Age: 16

Personality: she's very energetic and loves to duel. She is like the female version of Joey Wheeler...

Appearance: She has a short purple hair and has green eyes. 5'1 tall and weights 90lbs. Shes kinda skinny, She wears a pink sleeveless jacket, a sky blue mini skirt

Rank- Slyfer Red

Most Rarest Card- Final Destination: You put 5 cards in your hand to the graveyard to destroy all cards in the field
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Name:Toshiro Umezawa


Personality:He's cruel cold and callcutating.He is a forign exchanged student and an elite duelist.He is veary mean to other people unless they've beaten him in a duel.He can always be found either in his room planing his method of dueling or in the arena acctually dueling.He's known as the 'hidden offence duelist' for his unnusual style while dueling.To his friends he seems protective and quite intellegent.

Appearance:He has white spiked hair and long black pants ,he can normally be spotted wearing his classic obelisk blue jacket.And circular shades.

Rank:Obelisk blue

Rarest card:Bad reaction to simochi.
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Name- Saribano Ishtar (Nickname Sari)

Age- 17

Personality- As the daughter of Ishizu Ishtar, this girl is warm hearted, laid-back, calm and will not back away from a duel. Her deck full of spellcasters and dragons. She is very determined and believes in the heart of the cards no matter what.

Appearance- [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v717/Timaeus4ever/Ishizusdaughter.jpg[/IMG]

Rank- Ra Yellow

Most Rarest Card- Silent Magician Lv. 8/ Horus the Black Flame Dragon Lv. 8
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