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Sign Up Life After Death (M-LVS)


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[FONT=Palatino Linotype][B]This is an old rp I made. ^_^ Just trying to bring it back to life.[/B][/FONT]

[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Don't you ever wonder how life is after you die? Well a
long time ago, when people died, they were split up into two
different races:

The first race is the Angels. Their powers are incredible,
but they are also very kind and they help those in need. The
Angels hate none,though they dislike the demons.

The second race is the Demons. They however ,hate the
Angels.They are brute and unmercilful beasts. Their
powers are also great, but since their hearts are black,
they use their powers for the destruction of the world.

There was once a boy named Tenaru who was half angel
and half demon. In order for the races to stay alive,
Tenaru musn't be harmed in any way. He was on the Angels
side,though he could be cold and bitter to them, he wouldn't
ever imagine of betraying them. The Demons didn't know about
Tenaru. Until one day, they spied upon him and dicovered he was
very powerful and could destroy their race,but they didnt know that if he
was harmed both races could be destroyed.
The Demons got in a group during the war and slew him.

When Tenaru died both the angel and demon races were
abliterated. From that day on the races were extict. Tenaru's
spirit waited for the right person to give his spirit to. Many years
have past until this day, where there was a airplane crash in New
York. It was a cold a snowy night . About 200 people had died and
that night was the night when Tenaru found the right person to take
his rightful place. The boys name was Trent. Trent was exactly like
Tenaru. From that day on, people who died were now seperated into
the two races. Now the war between the two races has begun once again.

Year now- 3228

[B]Sign Ups:[/B]

[B]Name-[/B] Nothing to crazy.
[B]Age-[/B] (17-100)
When and how you died-
[B]Appearance-[/B] Use either a pic with weight and hieght or a good description of ur character
[B]Race-[/B](Angel or Demon)
[B]Short Bio-[/B] Couple sentences should be fine.
[B]Weapon-[/B] ( how long it is, size and wat kind)add anything else about ur weapon if u want to. No more than 4 weapons please.
[B]Magic-[/B](Fire,Earth,Water,Thunder,Dark,Light, or Ice)Now more than two.

[B]Note-[/B]Only need about 3-5 angels and demons and thats about it. Sooo...Happy posting ^^[/FONT][/SIZE]

Example Sign up-

[COLOR=DarkRed][B]My sign up:[/B][/COLOR]
[B]Name-[/B] Trent
[B]Age-[/B]- 21
When and how you died- In a plane crash in New York on January 1rst,3228.
[B]Appearance-[/B] [URL=http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c141/ginryu15/DarkAngelDemon.jpg]Trent -Demon Angel[/URL]
[B]Race-[/B] Both
[B]Short Bio-[/B] Trent was a calm kid. He always took things seriously. He would sometimes have an anger problem. He was born in New York and was an only child.
His perants died when he was seven.
[B]Weapon-[/B] He wields two six ft. long swords that could be combine to make one powerful sword.
[B]Magic-[/B]Dark and Light

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]Needed Characters-[/B] I need somene to be leader for the demons, So if you want to be leader, just put leader next to your name so I know. Also, there with be a special part open, but you need to pm for it. This part is is going to be need in the middle of this rp and you will be on the demon side and when you pm me for the part pm me your sign up too.Thanks ^__^[/FONT]
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[b]Name-[/b] Jakob
[b]Age-[/b] 17
[b]When and how you died-[/b] 2048 car accident
[b]Appearance-[/b] I can't find the fullbody pic, so [URL=http://tn3-2.deviantart.com/fs10/300W/i/2006/087/f/0/Needles_by_Inu_Pro.jpg][color=darkslateblue]here[/color][/URL] is a headshot. He's about 1.8m(about 6'), 73.5kg(about 160lbs.) He wears a white long sleeve shirt covered by a black vest. On his hands he wears black gloves. His lower half is covered with black pants and boots.
[b]Race-[/b] Demon
[b]Short Bio-[/b] Was orphaned when he was young. Went to live with grandparents shortly thereafter. Never had any friends. Most feared him too much.
[b]Weapon-[/b] Whip and a Customized Desert Eagle.
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Name- Neko
Age- 19
When and how you died- She died in by starvation in 3320.
Appearance- [URL=http://evilinside.by.ru/pics/gothic_anime_girl_2.jpg]Neko[/URL]
Short Bio- History: She was abandoned as a young child and doesn't remember anything before the incident. She often has nightmares of times she had with her parents but doesn't believe they're real memories. She has held a grudge against her parents and wants to meet them so that she can teach them how it feels to be left alone for years. Her skills with a sword are partly hereditary and partly because she has had to survive on her own with only a sword for years. She couldn't get enough money for food and soon died of starvation.
Weapon- standard samurai sword
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Name: Deathliger, Lion of Chaos{Special Part}
Age: 25
-she died in December 6, 3227 when she was snowboarding; she fell on a black dimond one and broke her neck, unfortuantly, she was alone.
Appearance: she wears black clothes; a corsett shirt, short skirt, and long boots. she has red eyes and wears black, red, and white braclets.
Race: Angel Demon
Weapon: mystical bow and arrow; sword that is 4ft long and has the power to take out a lot of opponents.
Short Bio: as you already know, she died in an accident and was killed. she went to the demon side and now looks for the chosen one who has trenaru's spirit. before she died, she was a bit cruel and always went into rages because her family was going through a lot of drama.
Magic: dark and light
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Name- Asuka Nieumono
Age- 21
When and how you died- I died in a car accident on February 2nd, 3228
Appearance-[URL=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b5/vipper69/Anime/angel/Angel-00016.jpg]Asuka's Appearance[/URL] weight: 135 height: 5'6"
Race- Angel
Short Bio- She was abandoned by her mother when she was 6, and her father was a heavy alcoholic who beat her until she got kicked out of the house at age 16. She found work at a hotel as a hostess and on her way to work one day she crashed in a head-on collision with a drunk driver.
Weapon- Glove, gives her special punch power. A summoning staff that is atleast 6 feet tall and weighs nothing. Its pink and it has angel feathers around the circle.
Magic-Light and Earth
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Name: Joseph
When and How you died: A police raid in 3209
Appearance: Dark Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, Wears black suit. Does not appear to be the demon that he is (he merely looks human)
Height: 5'10
Race: Demon
Short Bio: Was an higher up in organized crime, but died in a police raid. He appears to be charismatic, cool, and even somewhat friendly but this is merely a chirade to hide his true maipulative and cruel demonic nature.
Weapon: Large throwing knives (lots of them)
Magic: Thunder
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Name: Flux (Leader of the Demons)
When and How you died: Shot in the temple while playing a gig for his band in 3326
Appearance: Black hair, blood red eyes, black and red cloak with a bleeding eye on the back.
Height: 6'2
Race: Demon
Short Bio: Lived in Philadelphia and toured the world. As a teenager he killed animals and hurt people very badly. As he reached 19 he stopped killing animals but he still hurt people whenever he drank. When his band got signed they made one album and were halfway through a tour until he was shot. He hated religions but believe in a God but never worshipped him.
Weapon: A 14 inch katana. The blade looks like the neck of a guitar. (Has frets and fret marks on it.)
Magic: Black magic.
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[FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Name:Karin

Age:18-died in a car accident the day before my 19th birthday

Appearance: I have big golden wings and a skimpy top and a skirt. also white high-heels

Race: Angel

Short Bio: I had a good life before I died and after a terribly car accident on the freeway I got killed. I was a very good person and I always had a smile on my face to where many trusted me. When she transformed the after effects would cause strain on her body so she normally collapsed afterward.But most of her past vanished when she banished her evil emotions away.

Weapon: I have a small jewel around my neck that can change to anything that I want and it could even change my own form.

Magic: Dark and Light[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Guest tanukioh
Name- Daemon
Age- 23
When and how you died- he keeps the way he died a secret (TO be revealed later), but he does admit he died in 2003
Appearance- while he IS a full angel, his appearance is marred by demonic traits, such as a horn, a tattered bat wing, and claws on his left hand. Other than that, his feartures are all angellic. He stands about 5'8" and has green eyes.
Short Bio- when he was alive, he was heavy in the occult. For the most part he was good, and this is why he was allowed to be an angel. The way he died has effected his appearance...
Weapon- a club, a war-hammer/axe, and a staff
Magic-light and dark.
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