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[size=1]Tarantino is probably my favorite director. He's like a modern Shakespeare The man is obviously insane which makes it all the better but we'll just set that aside for the moment.

My favorite movie under his direction was Resevoir Dogs. Next to Pulp Fiction it's gotta be his best movie he's come out with.

The thing about his movies is that you watch them and you're like it's smooth. He's got a style in his movies which nobody can replicate. He's also really slick because he puts these little ties between his movies. Like the fact that hitman Vincent Vega played by John Travolta is the brother of Vic Vega "Mr. Blonde" in Resevoir Dogs or that The Big Kahuna Burger in From Dusk Till Dawn was also eaten in, in Pulp Fiction.

He also acts in alot of his movies and his performance in them is killer. His best role, was in Dusk Till Dawn in my opinion. He had the most room to really push his acting forward and let the viewer see a side of Tarantino we never see.

He's got a new movie coming out this year called Grind House. If you're a Tarantino fan this will be a must see.[/size]
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I was first introduced to Terentino through my sister, who immediately became obsessed with his films after watching Pulp Fiction uncut on IFC. Since then, I've watched that four times, and Resevoir Dogs, my favorite, ten times or more.

What I find so unique about his movies are the music choices-you can tell it's music he loves, and he implements them in such a cool way. Like in the beginning of Pulp Fiction when during the opening credits the music changed like you were switching a radio dial, or in Resevoir Dogs when the always listened to the same DJ. And the style of them-it's his own. They're out of sequence in such a way that they build a web that you just love to look at.

For a while my sister and I argued about what happened to Mr. Pink, who's our favorite, so one day during the last few seconds she turned the volume full and heard [spoiler]Mr. Pink unable to start his car, and the police screaming at him to freeze.[/spoiler] Another cool Terentino detail :cool:
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The first movie I ever saw by Quentin Tarantino was [B]Kill Bill Vol.1[/B]. After seeing this movie, I went to great extents to find every other movie made by him. My wish came true when I found [B]Resevoir Dogs[/B] uncut on Bravo one day. I loved it, particularly the scene when they argued over their names. After this, I began searching for his other film, which I had heard of several times, [B]Pulp Fiction[/B].

One day, searching my local cable channels, I came across the uncut marathon on IFC. I watched it with my Dad. It was probably the greatest film experience I ever had. I loved this movie more than [B]Kill Bill[/B]. I just loved the movie's ability to put out such great lines of dialogue. I usually need a lot of action in a movie to keep me entertained, but the movie's speech and conversation were enough to keep me enthralled the entire time. Plus, John Travolta, Bruce Willis, and Samuel L. Jackson were at possibly their best. I loved every thing about this movie. It also provided me with my favorite movie quote of all time; "Bring out the gimp...".

[B]Kill Bill [/B]as a whole is my second favorite movie of all time, and by Tarantino. All of the wild kung fu/samurai references really amused me, because I recognised several of them. In fact, I noticed Uma Thurman's jump suit as a Bruce Lee reference before any other media outlet. It was a moment that I was proud of for some time. The movie's general style of story telling and cinematography was amazing too. The shots, the slightly cheesy, yet effective effects, and different camera effects just put me in an excited feeling. The seperate halves of the movie definetly had a different feel from one another, but where both great. The only gripe I every had with the movie was that I really wanted to see Budd fight. Other than that, greatness all around.

I have yet to see [B]Jackie Brown[/B] in it's entirety, but I am ready to when ever I can. I cannot wait for Tarantino's next film, which I hear tell is supposed to be a WWII movie. Could be wrong, but sounds cool to me. I would like to see his take on the war film. I also can't wait for the rumors to come true of a [B]Kill Bill[/B] anime prequel. I love Tarantino's work.

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