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Sign Up Mizukai Rebellion struggle for survival (M-LSV)


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Soon after the war between the human race, and the underworld, beasts that sprouted from the depths of what some would consider Hell, the race that rose to help the humans defeat their opposers, Humans with extraordinary powers that separated them from the masses, the government turned on them. Even though they just now showed them selves in the peoples time of need, the government saw them as a threat.
Soon the government began giving an ultimatum, join the government and be a significant part of the army, or be eliminated. This showed just how much the humans feared the new race. Soon they began hiding along with humans, and following everyday life, but when the army learned of their being, they burned and ravaged the villages they belonged to.
Then a rebellion started forming secretly, and slowly started picking up followers, some humans, but mainly the strange race. They began slowly but they picked up speed, and began to call themselves the Mizukai race, and the rebellion sparked into a roaring flame.

You are taking a part of the rebellion or the army against, and only those who join the RP, can control how events will unfurl.

Age: (the Mizukai live well over a hundred years)
Race: Human/Mizukai
Alliances: Mizukai rebellion or the Government.
Powers: Practically no limits, but no god mod, the powers the person has must all have a central theme.
Weapons: No guns, all blades, or otherwise.
History: needs to be in depth, like how they discovered powers, why they are where they are.

I need leaders of both sides, one master mind, the main overseer, and a general, that is personally involved with every attack, so PM me and I?ll let you know.

The story starts out where The Mizukai, are planning to destroy a major power plant, that is the generator for the army, while the Army is planning to scourge the area where the Mizukai are hiding, which is in a major forest off the east side of the erinaun river of saldia.
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Guest sesshisgrl01
i'd like top join but im a little confused on what i need for the bio thing and other stuff
better to just ask
is there any limits to be up held?
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[QUOTE=sesshisgrl01]i'd like top join but im a little confused on what i need for the bio thing and other stuff
better to just ask
is there any limits to be up held?[/QUOTE]

All you need is to describe what your person looks like, which side they're on their personality, and how they got where they are, the Mizukai or the Governments side, because those with powers which the government fears are either gathered among their forces or killed. So explain how they got on the side they're at, and where they stand in it. Any more questions just ask!
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I know of one character I've wanted to use in this type of RPG for a long time, but if I use her, her sister will have to tag along... Can I play two characters to save myself from having to separate them...? If not, I'll probably choose only Celestia...
[u]Name:[/u] Celestia Arandon
[u]Age:[/u] 16
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Race:[/u] Mizukai? (See my questions at the bottom.)
[u]Alliance:[/u] Rebellion, but she's very neutral in that position
[u]Powers:[/u] Celestia has three notable psychic abilities: telekinesis, telepathy, and something called "deep vision". Telekinesis is easiest for her to use, and she often uses it to fly and such as well. She can use telepathy to "read" minds and send thoughts, but more often that power activates by itself in the form of a sort of premonition--otherwise known as ESP. And deep vision is like a super sight but more powerful than X-ray vision. For example, she can see even through lead, and no distance is a hinderance to that sight. However, the longer the distance, the harder to use, and Celestia is not a master of this ability...
[u]Weapons:[/u] None
**History and appearance are at the bottom under Mereduin's signup

[u]Name:[/u] Mereduin Arandon
[u]Age:[/u] 11
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Race:[/u] Mizukai? (See my questions at the bottom.)
[u]Alliance:[/u] Rebellion, moreso than Celestia
[u]Powers:[/u] Mereduin basically has the power to summon fire. In fact, she often calls her hands "magic lighters" because of that. But most of the flames produced are quite small, and they often require a flammable medium in order to become more powerful. As a side effect of this ability, Mereduin can also touch hot objects (with her hands at least) without getting burned...
[u]Weapons:[/u] Again, none

[b][u]For both Celestia and Mereduin:[/b][/u]

[u]History:[/u] Celestia and Mereduin never knew their fathers--apparently they just ran away right before they were born. Because of that, their mother spent Celestia's early years in frustration from her husband's absence. For Mom, this type of absence happened three times--once before Celestia (with no baby), once with Celestia, and once with Mereduin. Mom supposed it was a karmatic curse for joining the government in the opposition to the Mizukai, for such was the race of all three of her husbands, and consequently her daughters.

Mereduin was born five years after Celestia was, yet she discovered her powers before Celestia did. As a baby, she had a very curious nature (which remained all throughout her life), and she often amused herself by juggling flames, which she already knew how to do--just like a spider already knows how to spin a web even at birth. Anyways, Mereduin saw this as completely normal, but her mother found it rather shocking. After all, she once thought, what if Mereduin burned something?

She did. It was an accident indeed, but still it happened. One day in the kitchen, Mereduin was playing around with a flame, throwing it up into the air for amusement. But once, she threw the flame a little too high--it touched the ceiling of the house, which caught on fire. This fire eventually led the house to be burned down, so her mom had to have another house built... Plus, ever since then, she was very angry at Mereduin--now she knew how dangerous her powers combined with her playful and adventurous nature could be. Mereduin was therefore banned from using her powers inside or near the house, which she thought rather unfair. She was jealous of Celestia, who was allowed. Mom said Celestia's powers were much more useful, and Celestia seemed to have more control over them. Also with that, Celestia fell quiet, for deep down inside she felt sorry for Mereduin. For in the fire incident, Mereduin was not very guilty at all. If it weren't for Celestia, the fire would have spread much more slowly and would have been very easy to put out. Celestia, after panicking from the small flame on the ceiling, reached for a jug of what she thought was water and threw it on the fire. This, however, caused the flame to spread more rapidly and become pretty much unstoppable--what Celestia threw on the fire was oil, not water.

Anyways, it hasn't been explaiined yet how Celestia discovered her powers--the method was completely different from Mereduin's. After Celestia passed the complete innocence of infanthood, she began to speculate that something was just not right about her, but as she was still young she couldn't quite figure out what it was. She kept hearing voices in her head that were clearly not her conscience, and this caused her much stress. After Mereduin was born, she wondered why she had a little sister that could summon fire. Her mother briefly explained that Mereduin was of the Mizukai race, as were all three of her husbands, and that Mizukai had supernatural powers. Mom was unsure whether Celestia was a Mizukai or just an ordinary human, and if she was a Mizukai she did not know the identity of her powers. So then, though she was not at all comfortable with it, Mom took Celestia to a special psychiatrist that bore the alias "the modern witch doctor". This man had researched supernatural forces and began to specialize in Mizukai powers. With him, Celestia underwent a series of tests to detect anything abnormal about her. Physically she was proven normal, but then the doctor grew suspicious when he detected rather odd brainwaves... This seemed to point to some sort of psychic power. At the time, Celestia was very nervous about what the doctor's speculation, even a bit horrified. But luckily, as Celestia and Mereduin grew up, Mom had changed her mind a bit about the Mizukai, and she said that all would be fine even if Celestia did claim to have the powers. After a while, Celestia calmed down a bit, and after the tests that followed Celestia finally discovered her powers. And over time, she became more comfortable with them, but she never wanted to show them off or anything (which, Mom said, was good).

Later on, Mereduin was so frustrated that she ran away. Celestia snuck out as well to find her, but she was captured by the government. The quest was long, but in short, Mereduin eventually found where Celestia was held captive (Celestia's powers were somehow blocked). Yet soon enough, government agents found out, and they tried to lock Mereduin up as well. However, Mom stepped in, distracting the agents by explaining that Celestia and Mereduin were her daughters. Mereduin used this opportunity to free Celestia. The two sisters and their mom then escaped. Besides, by then Mom had thought about quitting her job, and this was a good reason to get fired. Anyways, after the escape, Mom was wondering whether to punish Mereduin for running away or not. But then Celestia finally worked up the courage to tell them that she was guilty of burning down the house, not Mereduin. Mom was shocked, but after that Mereduin was free from punishment (and offered many apologies for the misunderstanding), and Celestia was congratulated warmly for telling the truth. And on top of that, Mom was glad to have left the governemt's side--now she wanted to turn it around, to support the Mizukai race in their rebellion. However, she didn't want to face the government after escaping from it, and she felt kind of terrible and hopeless after the whole thing. Plus, she was far from brave. But fortunately, Celestia and Mereduin joined the rebellion out of sympathy for her, as well as an opportunity for adventure and excitement.

[u]Appearance:[/u] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/starknights.png]Click here.[/url] Mereduin is on the left, Celestia is in the middle, and... Ignore the woman on the right--she has nothing to do with the Arandons and will not appear in the RPG.

OK, that concludes my signup, but I still have a question...

As I see it, the regular humans don't have any powers. The Mizukai are human as well, but they're the ones with the powers. Am I right in this? If not, please correct me...

**Also, I'll tell you this far in advance: Celestia and Mereduin will be main characters (well, Mereduin will be more main than Celestia) in a book I'm planning to write. (The plot has nothing to do with this RPG, though--it existed before this RPG was born.) If in a few years down the line you read a book entitled "Seven Faces of Hell" and see the Arandon family, that's no coincidence--they're the same there as they are here. Just forewarning you...
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Guest sesshisgrl01
ok here it is i hope its ok

Name: Rain Mizu Usagi

Age: (the Mizukai live well over a hundred years) Forgotten how long I have lived

Gender: Female

Race: Human/Mizukai Mizukai

Alliances: Mizukai rebellion or the Government. Mizukai Rebellion

Powers: Practically no limits, but no god mod, the powers the person has must all have a central theme. Power over elements, can fly, and has mind control

Weapons: No guns, all blades, or otherwise. Twin Blades, also a few hidden Daggers

History: needs to be in depth, like how they discovered powers, why they are where they are.
Rain was born thinking she?s like everyone else. But one day a snobby-nosed prep came up to her and yelled at her, for the fact that the preps boyfriend was talking to Rain. The prep (well name her Brittany Taylor) was so enraged that she started to try and hit Rain. Rain was always kind and gentle, but after Brittany hit her. Something in her snapped. Suddenly Rain was levitating and clouds where surrounding her. Then she blacked out. Not remembering anything except that some thing about her was different. She woke up in a small apartment with a tall handsome stranger staring at her. She found out that his name was Robert and that he knew how she was and that he knew people who could help. That?s when she met the Mizukai Rebellion leaders. They trained her to control her special powers.

Description/Picture: about 5? 6?, hair is dark brown with crimson high lights, blue tips and bangs. She seems really perky and childish, but the life she went through has made her grow up on the inside. Many scars show her years of training
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Name: Kenji Miramoto (Wish to be A Leader If Its Ok)

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Race: Mizukai

Alliances: Mizukai Rebellion

Powers: Ultimate Strength Along With Instant Regeneration

Weapons: Assassin's Dagger

History: Kenji was born into a Mizukai settlement.. He knew what terrible thing's the government has done and will do. It was his seventh birthday when kenji?s mother and father were out to a market trying to buy some much needed supplies. They never returned, he went looking for them.. He found them.. They were dead, both decapitated.. In a fit of rage he slammed his fists into the ground making a fifty foot crater.. With his parents dead he made a vow to protect the Mizukai race at all cost's, all he wanted was peace but he knew he wouldn?t have any until the government is either destroyed or come to a truce. For thirty years he has trained and is now the leader of his settlement.

Description/Picture: [IMG]http://img137.imageshack.us/img137/7624/kenji2bp.jpg[/IMG]

Hope you accept :D
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Name:Akihara Torou

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Weapon: Avatar of Steel ( a weapon which looks like a thick katana which can shapeshift into any weapon according to the wielder's choice)

Power: Copies enemy techniques however that a certain technique ,ust be shown to him and give him at least 5mins so he can copy it and after 12hrs. and without practice he will forgot the techique copied

Race: Human

Alliance: Government

Appearance: Torou
except he doesn't hold a gun. and on his back is the Avatar of Steel

History: He was found alone by a group of soldiers and took him back to their camp. There he was trained to become a soldier. While on a sortie he realized who he was when fighting a legendary warrior which he easily beat using the warrior's own technique that was rumored that only one in a million can master that technique. His powers was only identified when he was shown the most complicated techniques and he executed them without any effort. He acquired The Avatar of Steel while on a mission to eradicate all threats from a certain region. In the center of that region he found the sword and kept it a secret that he has it and also secretely learning how to use it. Also during that mission, he realized that the government is up to something but still serves the government. The things that he can't copy are those techniques which require specific physical conditions.
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