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Art Practice Pics :D


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[color=dimgray] Ok, so I am starting to learn how to color stuff on the computer. I was at a total loss as to how to use my graphic programs, but I (think) I sort of got the hang of it. The picture shown below is the 4th picture I've attempted to color, but the only one I've actually managed to finish coloring the face/hair.


Yeah, I totally just scribbled over my original hair design with black because I was at loss as to how to color my original one correctly. v_v And I have [b]no[/b] idea how to deal with lips. *head/desk* If I weren't such a messy drawer, I'd try my hand at cel-shading.

My original design for this character was actually red hair and blue eyes or gray hair and blue eyes, but uh... yeah. Random sketches of said character below.

[img]http://xs77.xs.to/pics/06160/gray1.png[/img] [img]http://xs77.xs.to/pics/06160/gray3.png[/img]


Random snowboard outfit design I drew:

The thing on the side of the sleeves is supposed to have the Burton symbol and Burton spelled out (Burton is a major snowboarding company... I just used it because I didn't feel like making a name up).
Critism desperately needed and warmly welcomed. [/color]
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[size=1]The biggest problem I see in the top images is that the jaw is drawn too wide. In the colored version near the top, I'd also recommend moving his nose and eye to the right a bit to narrow up his face. As for the lips, well, all anime characters just have a line there, so I'd say you're doing just fine.

As for the bodily proportions and shapes, you're doing an absolutely terrific job.[/size]
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[SIZE=1]I, personally, can't see anything wrong with the face and considering it was a rough sketch to begin with, it's fine. I like seeing an artist putting their own twist on things, because it makes their style unique and yours in recognizeable. (Have a mentioned that I adore your sketches? Because I really do.)

Now I'm no expert on CG, so excuse me if I come off as pompous, but you say you're just starting and I've been doing it for nearly a year. I figure I'll give you some pointers I find handy.

-I find it useful to draw a sun where I want my light source and to have the rays coming down and hit my drawing. That way I know exactly where and where not to put my shadows.

The bases of your skin looks great, but I think you need darker shadowing in certain areas. Under the nose and under the neck, for example. Also, you should have something to define the bottom lip. Another place that needs shadow is the hair line, even if it isn't very dark. I can't actually see a shadow on your picture, but if you added it, I'm sorreh.

Everything else looks great, and from what I can see of the clothes you won't have any problem there. You draw clothes most of the time anyway, so you'll probably find it easy to pick up on the folds.

After all that, I have to say, you're so much better than most people after their fourth or fifth go. And if you attempt cell shading, all the power to you, I find it insanely difficult.[/SIZE]
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[color=dimgray] Thank for the critique! :D

Retribution: Yeah, I was sort of staring at my finished version of the first sketch and I was irritated by the eye placement. Oh well, can't fix it now. v_v As for the whole lips thing, I'm trying to get it so that people can tell there is actually a top and bottom lip.That's the kind of coloring style I'm trying to achieve, anyway.

Ezekiel: I think I'll do the sun thing next time I try and color something. :] What I'm aiming at mostly is to have mastered light/shadows/tones enough so that I can color in what looks like a slightly messy picture. I think when one reaches that stage, one would be able to do any other type with some sort of success. [URL=http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/10835291/]Example of what I'm talking about.[/URL] Which is probably another reason as to why I need to learn how to use colors, too. >_>[/color]
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