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I know I said I don't care about the series, but that doesn't stop me from liking one of the characters.

Theme: have fun (but it has to fit Orochimaru)
Background: uhh... have fun again
Text: Diablo
Font: Cloisterblack
Picture: [URL=http://www.narutocommunity.net/gallery/img8422.htm]HERE[/URL]
Please tell me you have a better picture.

Edit: Oh yea, can I get a matching avatar
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[color=royalblue][size=1]The challenge: Can Katana eat a cookie while making this set?

The answer: Yes, but she finished the cookie long before the set. X3

[spoiler]Ahh, Orochimaru, the snake guy and NINJA KILLER! Oooh![/spoiler] Not as bad as Inuyasha "demon ninjas", but still, it's funny. [spoiler]Spoiler tags are fun to talk in. They make people think you have something interesting to say. XD[/spoiler]

I put in a background image for some extra effect. I like it. And does "blood" fit for this guy? XD

And the snazzy avi...look closely, you can see it's just from the banner! -.-;;

If you would like anything changed, just say so~![/size][/color]
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