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Writing "Falling" song lyrics {PG}


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One more day goes by
Another day I see your face
Sometimes I wanna scream
I want to get the **** away from this place

I dont care about me
I dont care about my car
cuz without you, babe
Im not going to get very far

When you fall down
its hard to get up
when you fall down
its a deep cut
when you fall down
everything stops.

We walk down the halls
talking about you
you always make me feel dumb
as though Ive missed my cue


I fear that I'll loose you
that I'll never see you again
when you walked out those doors
I'll never be the same



----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First time that I've posted on OB Anthologies, and this was my first "sentimental" song. please tell me what you think.
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