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Sign Up When Worlds Collide [M-VLS]

Darth Vectis

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[CENTER][COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]When Worlds Collide

[I][COLOR=DarkRed]?As the Gods once clashed with one another,
Men will do so too.
But men of extraordinary power will battle,
And the fate of two worlds will be decided
By the wielder of the white dragon swords and
The hero?s of the worlds at stake.?[/COLOR][/I]

The sky was covered in dark clouds; the sun tried to break through the clouds but failed to penetrate the thick cloud coverage. Smoke rose from a city, buildings were set a blaze and the fire was spreading fast, scorching the buildings and licking the sky as the flames grew. The massive wooden gates that was bound by steel was torn apart, splinters of the gates that once protected the city was now spewed across the ground.

Bodies littered the ground, all of them mangled, ripped, cut, and shredded in different ways. Bodies were sprawled on the ground; none of them were full corpses. All had something ripped off, cut off, or there was no body for it to be attached to. Heads were bashed open, their brains were scrambled on the ground, and they were cut open with blood dripping out of their open skulls.

This was the city of Kanzel. A city that was filled with diversity and cultural variation, where people lived in happiness and peace, knowing they were protected by a group of women called Asheen. But now, they all lay dead. Never to speak, to dream, to live a full life. Even children were slaughtered like cattle; their bodies were mangled the worse, their torso had been cut open cleanly, their organs spilled on the ground. This was the work of a true monster; no man could have done such damage.

In the middle of the tone, with two pure white sword with ancient inscriptions on one blade, and the other with a dragon, spewing fire from its mouth. Both were dripping with blood, they were held by a single man standing in the center of the tone. He himself was drenched in blood, from head to toe. He swung his blade as a man with a pitch fork came at him, taking the mans arm of cleanly then ramming his other blade through his chest.

An Asheen came at him next, using her abilities that made her one of the protectors of this city. But, she failed like all the rest, her magic having no effect on him; he cut her straight down the middle. Both halves falling in different directions. He slowly started to turn in full circle, seeing who else was still alive. As he finished his full circle, he saw that none were alive. He lowered his swords as he looked into the smoke filled sky.

He roared in triumph, holding his blades up. The tips pointed to the sky, he smiled wickedly as his sinister laugh left his lips. He continued to marvel at his work, at the death and destruction he had caused by himself. He sheathed his swords on his back as he stretched with the smile still on his face. He yelled to the sky.
?I have done what no being has ever done! I have destroyed Kanzel! The city of power! I am no longer a simple man, I am a God!? [/B]He roared again, knowing he had done the impossible, he had achieved a level of power that none could surpass. And in his moment of ultimate triumph, he felt something shoot through his body, it was the realization that he may have been the most powerful being but, in this world, he could never rule the land.

With the crime of ultimate consequences just committed by him, there was no way he could get these people under his rule. Even by force, he would end up eliminating every last one. He needed a new world to inhabit, a new dimension that held massive magical potential. A world where he could create his very on kingdom. But, there was no one world that held enough power to supply his needs. He would need to do something extremely dangerous, but he didn?t care. Nothing would stop him.
?I?ll make my world. And if anyone in those dimensions try to stop me. I?ll kill them like these people, slaughter them like pigs!?[/B] Right then, he gripped his head and he began to groan. His voice started to change; it went from a harsh, hallow voice that sounds like it resonated from the depths of the underworld. To a human voice, that sound like it was normal. It spoke as he gripped the sides of his head.
?You can no do this Sage! The taint from this crime can be washed away! We cannot destroy more worlds, they don?t deserve this!? [/B]Sage roared again, standing straight up with his face pointed to the sky. He lowered his head, his hair covering his face.
?The taint of evil was always there Gabriel. I just acted on it. I got my revenge, but I need more. And I don?t care about other worlds. The prophecy haunts me, not you! So I will do all I can to make sure that the prophecy comes to pass. And I will win the battle against the hero?s of those worlds.? [/B]Sage closed his eyes, and breathed deeply for a few seconds.

His body then started to shift; his bones cracked and moved places, his skin turning an awful chard black color. His clothes then began to change, his green shirt and pants turning pitch black, his forest cloak shifted into a trench coat and a mask enveloped his face with black eye pieces and white horns sprouting from the top of the mask. Black metal covered his arms and his torso, the metal on his hand pointed at the fingers.

He arched his back as his roared into the sky; he straightened his body and pulled on his coat. He then reached up to his face and pulled away the mask, his eyes were blood red. He smiled wickedly and revealed wickedly long fangs, the hung over the sides of his bottom lip. He reached outward and touched the space in front of him with his index finger. He let his hand fall as the hole in the air spewed white light from it; he then stabbed his hand into the hole and moved it around a bit.
?Tear it open Azuroth. Take us away from this disgusting pit and bring us to the new world where we can conquer everything.?[/B] Azuroth?s wicked smile grew with the request from the inner voice.
?With pleasure, Sage the fiend.? [/B]And with one swift swipe, he ripped through the very fabric of space and time, creating a hole with white light pouring from the rip. Azuroth placed the mask back on his face and looked back one more time. He let out a chuckle, then a full sinister laughter as he walked into the portal of light.

Well, as you can see. This, creature has done something that no one before him could do, but because of his sinister nature. He craves to rule a land of his own, and he cares not who he hurts or what kind of damage he causes to either of these worlds, as long as he gets his ultimate world with maximum magical strength. But, the prophecy states that he will decide the fate of the worlds. But the hero?s of the two worlds will also have a say in what happens. And that is who will save their worlds.

This RPG will be a combination of two different book series; one is called The Sword of Truth series and the Shannara series. Now, it would be very helpful if people who are going to sign-up are familiar with one of the series. And if you aren?t and want to sign-up, then find someone who is and have them explain the one you are going to be in, to you. There are going to be key characters for each world, here is the list for each world.

[U][B]Sword of Truth:[/B][/U]
Richard Cypher:[/B] He is the second son of the king of Hartland, which is deep in a land called Westland. And even being the son of a king he still enjoys the simple life of the woodlands.

[B]Kahlan Amnell:[/B] She is a delicate looking woman who is very fierce; she originates from the Midlands and had a very troubling childhood. Death being the main culprit, she hides a secret that makes her the most feared and powerful person in the Midlands.

[B]Zedd:[/B] An old man who spends his time in to forest, reading clouds is what he does. They tell him things that others don?t know; he has an extensive knowledge of herbs and things that others don?t know. Richard is like a son to him, he has taught him every day of his life. And hopes to help him to the end.

[B]Draken Rahl:[/B] A very evil man, who craves power and domination over all of the Midlands and Westland, he uses powerful magic that come straight from the underworld. He also uses a wide varied of people who use magic for twisted purposes.

[B]Ohmsford:[/B] Ohmsford is a last name, but it belongs to the people who hold elven blood of the famous Jerle Shannara. An elf who fought a creature called the Warlock Lord. The Ohmsford?s are generally very determined to do what is right, even though the live in a small village in a valley. (Need two people for this role.)

[B]Druids:[/B] Druids are an ancient race that holds great magical powers and knowledge that is far too great for man to handle. The druids live in reclusion in their Keep called Paranor, druids usually don?t interfere with things going in the outside world but one is very well known for helping the Ohmsfords. Allanon. Druids tend not to be trusted since they never tell the whole truth to the Ohmsfords. A man named Walker Boh has become the last druid, after Allanon passed away three hundred years ago.

[B]Leah:[/B] Leah is a kingdom in the southern lands; son?s of Leah always seem to get caught up in what the Ohmsfords do. Princes of Leah tend to be very courage?s, clever and hold a very powerful sword that was created by Allanon for Rone Leah, a protector of one of the Ohmsfords. The swords magic changes with each new wielder, which makes it ever evolving. The only draw back of the sword is that it makes the wielder dependent on the magic.

[B]Mord Wraith:[/B] Mord Wraith are black clocked creatures that care staffs with a raven on the end, none have individual thought. All of them fight for a collective purpose, a dark purpose; they were created by a book called the Illdach. And the book does have original thought; it manipulates people into accepting its dark magic, and then changes them into creatures such as the Mord Wraiths. Mord Wraiths powers rival that of the Druids, one on one combat Druids cane win. But if surrounded they will be defeated.

Whew, ok. Now that we have gotten through all of that and you all know what exist in what world. I give you, your means of signing-up.

[B]Name:[/B] (Pretty obvious, choose from the top list. Unless it is Ohmsford of Leah, then make up a first name.)
[B]Age:[/B] (Ohmsford and Leah tend to be young, as in mid-twenties or so; Zedd and the Druids are very old.)
[B]Gender: [/B](Pretty simple.)
[B]Personality:[/B] (Self-explanitory)
[B]Race:[/B] (Sword of Truth there us only human, Shannara has many types of creatures. Dwarves, Elves, and Humans live in the southland. Gnomes, Trolls, and other creatures live in the northland.)
[B]Weapon:[/B] (Kahlan, Zedd and the Druids don?t have physical weapons. They have magic. Richard will receive his true weapon in the beginning of the RPG.)
[B]Character Snippet:[/B] (I just want this to be about what you do in your daily life in your world, if you Ohmsford then you are living a simple farm life, Leah lives like royalty, Kahlan do what you want and so on and so forth.)

That is everything that you will need, if all the Key characters are taken and more want to sign-up then just Pm me with your sign-up. ATTENTION: This is not first come, first serve. This is who ever has the better sign-up gets the part, so try to do your best. Others wise, have at it. After a few, I?ll post my character.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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