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Heh, I picked up a copy yesterday at Babbages... Just strolled in after work, and there it was. Brand new, $39.99. With my luck, that's surprising, considering I've been looking for it...

The word is someone (Squaresoft, or maybe Electronics Boutique) found an entire shipment that was just sitting around, so they sent them out... There's also been plans to re-release it, but as of yet that's unconfirmed.

Anyway, I'm glad I found it. I've beaten it before, but it's been a good three or four years, and anything with both swords and giant robots has to be good. Anyway, just wanted to brag to everyone... If you're lucky enough to see one sitting on your local videogame store's shelves, I suggest you buy it... If nothing else, then in a few months it will be worth ~$100 on internet auctions.
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my dad works for Sony.. ^-^ .. we get things from B-stock every once in a while.. o_O they dont have games in B-stock unfortunately.. if they screw up a game case or cd they just trash it.. the sony plant here is a disk manufacturing plant.. where they actually mold the cds and print the lovely little images on and ship em out..

i went in there once .. i had to wear a full-body clean suit thing (only in the molding/printing room though.. in the packaging room you dont need a full clean suit).. it was cool ^_^

oh yea.. you have to wear those little booties were ever you go in there.. hehe
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