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Request Help With A Banner and Avatar

O' Forgotten

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Hi there guys. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a banner and avatar.

I was looking for someone to take this image and make it all black and white, except for the eyes. I'd also like some text in the bottom left corner in a cursive-ish font that says, "Lonely Eyes Watching..."

For the avatar, I was looking for the eyes from the above banner, and "O|F" somewhere.

Thanks again!

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[size=1][quote=Your Hotlink][i]Oops![/i] My image for this link is no longer here.
[size=1]Hosted at:[/size] [b]Photo[color=blue]b[/color]ucket.com[/b][/quote]

You might want to repost the image, just as an attachment for example. ;P[/size]
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