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[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium] Alright, I made this thread for people to ask questions or give suggestions, etc. This will be the first place to check for additional information about the RP as it starts.

I'll post here on who will be in the RP

Sin as Azuroth Darksoul
BlackTigerGurl as Shisuki Layer
SlowChemical as Renée Lore
Phobia as Daethios
Illusion as Teris Ferrin
Sazabi as Sarin Grathos

[B]Soldiers of Fujin[/B]
Ecstasy as Demetri Johan
Lionheart as Hiro

Starwind as Aaron Tellis

Now, just for you guys to think about it. The beginning will start on a boat sailing to the other continent, Raymondia where a Fujin Port is to believe under attacked. It will be our job to maintain the ports defenses and hold off the raids until the Fujin airship force come. Well, if you have any questions, this will be the place.[/FONT]
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[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium] Alright I see everyone is done with their sign-ups. Time to start! Its up in the adventure square, here's a [B][URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=53406]LINK[/URL] [/B]

Let's make this one the best out of the series.[/FONT]
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I have a question, Lionheart.

I'm part of the Soldiers of Fujin...yet I'm in team Delta. Does that mean that I'm not to be part of the Soldiers, and just follow along with everyone else? Or...or...*sigh*

*looks confused*

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