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Powerpuff Girls!

~*Anime Girl*~

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[COLOR=darkred][SIZE=1]Hehehe, I love the Power Puff Girls. One of the more entertaining shows on the Cartoon Network.

Some of my favorites (keep in mind that I don't have CN at home, and can rarely watch it when at friends. . . ya, our family is wierd with the no cable deal. . so. . yeah :shifty: and stuff) would be: Jonny Bravo, Power Puff Girls, and Dexter's Laboratory - and what exactly is going on with the new shows? :eek: if they screwed with one of the best shows. . Awwww SNAP!!!

As for most of the other cartoons, I can't stand the cheesy animated shows. . no matter how funny it is, if I can not stand to look at the drawings of the show, I can not stand to sit through 30 minutes of it. It might sound wierd, but I take my T.V. time very seriously =P

I also like a lot of the anime and other action shows that they have on. Dubbed or not, I don't really have too much time or money to drop on older anime's that I never get to see, so CN works out ok for me on that =P

Riiiiiight then. . shutting up now. . [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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