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American Idol


Who do you think is going to win Idol?  

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  1. 1. Who do you think is going to win Idol?

    • Chris
    • Katherine
    • Taylor
    • Elliott

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Anyone else been watching this season of American Idol? I think it's the best season they have had so far. This show's such a guilty pleasure... *sigh* I really like Chris. I've liked him from the beginning and I always vote for him. I bet you he wins it. I also like Katherine and Taylor, and I liked Ace but he got voted out... I was pretty mad after that. So who are you guys watching?
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I watch it on and off but because I've got to study for my college finals I haven't been able to see it as much recently. Last time I watched it...erm I think Paris got the boot. She was pretty good considering how young she was in the beginning but (no offense to Paris fans) her last performance before she went wasn't that impressive.

Edit: Yeah, Chris will probably win. He's good.
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The Idol franchise is a con-job. The whole idea of the Idol franchise was supposed to be getting the next big star, or Idol, if you will. What has happened more often than not is the winner shoots to fame for a song or two riding on the coattails of the competition and publicity, then dissapears into obscurity by the time the next round rolls around. In reality, Idol is an excercise in finding the next 5-minute wonder so they can chuck another CD out there for the public to gobble up like it's pure gold. Before the disc labels set they're already in preperation to churn out another "Idol."
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Even though Chris was voted out, he should have won, Gosh Darnit!

He was original, a lady killer, and talented. I loved hearing him sing Elvis Presley's "Suspicious Minds," I effin' LOVE that song.

I'm pretty disappointed, I really like that guy who looks kinda like Jay Leno, but I thought that Chris, Mandeesa (whatever her name is) and Paris were much more talented.

But then again, I don't really watch the show, it's on right now, but I'm just waiting for House to come on at 9.

So that's my take on it...
But following up on what LL said, I agree that it's just a money sucking pre-packaged pop-star con job.I mean, the only Idol we've heard from since really is Kelly Clarkson, and I'm surprised she is even still around after that steaming pile of elephant poo that is called "From Justin to Kelly".
And the only reason people still bring up Clay Aiken is because he's just so incredibly homo.

There is way better reality tv out there in my opinion. But my family is addicted to American Idol.
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