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Manga Please Review my manga, Gensuteki Hikari

Guest Call Me "Masa"

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Guest Call Me "Masa"
I'm writing a new thread, this time with the actual story summary and stuff, enjoy.
If you have any comments, questions, reviews or would like to contribute to the manga, Gensuteki Hikari, please feel free to.

Story Summary: The year is 2015, crime and violence has become a common thing in the streets of Japan. It is the outcome of what they call the "Chaos War". Many describe it as the "War Without a Hero". The many people who fought in that war were bramded traitors, leading to the rise in rebellions and thievery going on. The citizens strive to survive against a new threat, the "Corporation", which suddenly appeared after the war. Maku Sero, a top thief among the rest, once fought among his comrades in the war. A destined meeting with an old friend and an incident in the town stirs up old scars as well as new. This leads him on yet another adventure. This time his target is the "Corporation" and those who stand in his way. Will a mysterious girl bring light into his heart or will the darkness consume him? From the Creator of "Oni Pimp" and "Gensuteki Rei".

Here are the main characters as well as minor characters:

Main Characters

Maku Sero - Main Character
Nationality- Japanese/Chinese
Age 19
Blood Type O
Weapon - Twilight Blade w/ Attachments
Occupation Top Thief
Likes Rice Balls
Hobbies Stealing
Many fear him because of the fact that he has 3 souls (Due to a childhood accident)

Hikari Yasuhiko - Mysterious Girl
Nationality- Japanese
Gender- Female
Age 18
Blood Type A
Weapon- Barehanded
Occupation Violinist
Likes Miso Soup
Hobbies Playing violin
A mysterious young girl Maku meets along his adventure

Side Characters w/o profile

*Suki Yaki
*Koji Takashima
*Senko Oyabuda
*Master Hagura
*Mamano Kogashira
*Kai Dohmaru
*Hayao Miyazaki
*Akira Miyazaki
*Haku Izumi
*Samahono Senshi
*Yume Takaramono
*Rakusho Kutsuki
*Samashi Chikara
*Maki Kijinoni

*Its funny bacause most of the names of the characters have meanings in Japanese
*For those who don't know Japanese, "Gensuteki Hikari" translates in "Fantastic Light" in English.
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[color=darkblue][size=1]First off, there's no need to create a new thread about your manga when there already one on the front page. Just use the Edit button located at the bottom-right of your post to add in what you need to.

Second, we don't allow people to double-post on the boards, save for rare occasions in OB Anthology. Please remember this as you continue to post.

Feel free to edit this information into your other thread.

Thread Closed[/color][/size]
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