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Art Back in business. Sorda.


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[size=1]The past few months, I've had very little modivation. Let's hope I get my inspiration back!

A few banners I just made. Mostly to get back into the groove. I seem to be having a terrible time with any texting, so I just left most of them blank for the time being. The one I did put text on looks dreadful. If anyone can think of good quotes and/or fonts to use, I'd appreciate any suggestions!





Help me out? Thanks.

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[color=royalblue][size=1]It's...it's you! sakurasuka! Woah!

(I'm KIDDING, seriously, no lynching nets needed.)

I'm always attracted to your banners because I, like a crow, am attracted to shiny objects. o.O;; So I see them and kinda scream out, "OOH, SHINEY!"
It's why I'm banned from the library in the morning. =_=;; (Again, I kidd. I've just had coffee.)

[b]Eins:[/b] The first banner is really neat. I like how the picture is black and white, but the eyes are colored (I can see them!). The background is also a nice mix, because it's not just one color.
In terms of balance, though, the black and white sorta overtakes the banner. and I know you use that font a lot, but I'm not sure how much it really fits in with the entire theme. What's the theme? I dunno. (x.x)

[b]Zwei:[/b] It's a photo! Eee! Very dark, but really neat. It's cool how the black blends into the girl due to her hair color, and is also echoed by the eyeliner. Again, the small splash of color within the person is a nice effect.
But, I dunno, it seems a little drab compared to everything else.
A quote? The only one I can really think of is something like "Far Away..." or something. I dunno. [strike]It's always a good standby.[/strike]

[b]Drei:[/b] This is one I'm not too fond of, but it's moreover my style as opposed to artistic quality. It's cool - just a pair of surprised eyes and some eyebrows with a cool pallete of bright colors. That's the sakura I know. XD
The white seems overpowering. However, the sudden pop of an image is unexpected, so I can see the blend.
It is cool. ;_;

[b]Vier:[/b] Aww, that poor little girl, she looks so sad. (X3) I particuarlly like this one, because of A.) How it blends into the BG, and B) The entire person is colored this time. I like the sparkly background too.
I think the picture might be better if it were just a bit bigger but hey, that's what I think. (Everyone's different, mwee?) Otherwise, I don't have that much to beef about with this one.

And as you see, I'm not grading on the 1-10 scale, since I can never do it right. XD[/size][/color]
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[size=1]Thanks so much for the reply, Katana!

Oh, and the reason the stock is so gray in the first banner is that I found it that way. The original picture was even duller, all I did was give it a tan-ish hue. I probably should have chosen a better image, seeing as that one is quite bland =/

Thanks to the Handicap Battles now taking place in the Art Studio, I have opened back up my Paint Shop Pro [<3]. I originally made two images, not knowing which to pick, but in the end, I picked my favorite. I would still like some feedback on the not-chosen one, though.

In this Silent Night v1-

And here's a [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v150/unmei_shinpai/HBimg_20.png]link[/url] to the other one, in case you haven't seen it. They really are similar, I used all the same text and overlay-layers. The only difference? I spent much more time extracting and messing with the photo on the darker one. I don't know if I only like it more because I spent more time on it, or what. Either way, it doesn't really matter.

I don't have much else to post as of yet, I've been rather pressed for time this weekend.

Any comments or crit. is welcome.[/size]
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