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Sign Up The Chibi Labratory (PG-13 for: V,L)


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[SIZE=1]Standing behind a short, dark wooden podium, Dr. Kurzektamein, or "Tim" if you will, inventor of the legendary "Gizmometer, adjusts his spiral lens glasses, making his white lab coat rustle on the floor. Putting his quivering hand to his black bearded mouth he loudly cleard his throat. His piercing eyes gazed out over the massive assembly of fellow chibis. He leaned foreward to reach the microphone with his deep voice.

"Hello, and thank you all for coming." a cough sounded in the crowd, the offender was shot with tazers and dragged from the building, "As you all know, I am Dr. Kurzektamein, and you all have been invited here for a specific reason." Grinning, he nodded towards the man controlling the lights. They light sputtered and died, enveloping the room in darkness for but a moment, as the hum of a projector roaring to life filled the air. Images of a massive, domed building came to life on the wall behind the doctor.

"I have opened my new laboratory, and am looking to staff the building with each of you that recieved an invatation here, excluding your families of course." A murmer of shock and excitement rippled through the mass of bodies. Kurzektamein held up a hand for silence.

"A full range of benefits and good pay will be offered at all levels of employment and several opportunities for promotion for a succesfull outside the box thinking chibi. Are there any questions concerning this matter?" A few hands were raised, the doctor picked one at random."

"You there! Yes you, the jittery one! You have a question?" the shaky fellow stood, eyeing the security carefull, ready to run.
"Um, y-yeah...you s-s-s-said there wou-wou-would be benefits? what kk-k-k-k-k-kind of benefits would there be?" The doctor's eyes brightened behind his glasses:

"I'm glad you asked!" He waved his hand motioning for the projector to move the slides. "You would have a full range of medical benefits!" The slide showed a picture of two chibis, one tied down to a chair with a full-body lead bib, with a doctor standing behind a reinforced concrete/steel bunker, the words many of them experimental and totally beneficial under the sign saying Medical Benefits.

"You would have access to a 24/7 gym!" The slide shifted to show a chibi in a hamster wheel being whipped by a hulking dungeon master. In the corner the words you'll be here all year long, flashed briefly.

"And you would enjoy your own workspace and be able to persue many of your own projects!" The next slide showed Kurzektamein holding a hapless chibis invention, the patent and a huge roll of cash. Letters saying "We'll claim all profits made by them." Sped by too fast to read. The assembled crowd of chibis were so enthraled by the incredible offer they hardly noticed, and those that did were immeadiately shot with 50 cc's of horse tranquilizers.

"But the best is yet to come!" The chibis turned their attention back to the legendary professor "There is roughly 500,000 dollars left in grant money, and that will be allowed to go to the chibbie that creates the most succesfull invention." Another excited murmer of anticipation escaped the hushed crowd. "However you will not be allowed to leave the labs until someone actually wins money." All eyes bulged at the news and brains boggled at what they'd heard.

"Wait! Why should we- GAH! OH LORD!" the outspoken chibi was set upon by a small horde of trained squirrels, and later dragged out of the gymnasium where the meeting was being held.

"Well," Kurzektamein played with his thought for a moment "It has been approved of, and will be enforced, by the U.N. You all are the best in your fields, and the world feels that under my guidance, you all can work together and make the world better." He clapped his hands together. "So, be sure to enjoy the dinner, and show up to work next week for screening, urine testing, brain examination, interviews, polygraph testing..." The chibi crowd sweat-dropped as the list went on for five minutes more.

"Enjoy your last meal in freedom employees!"[/SIZE]


a[SIZE=1]lright then, that's the backstory for you. Now to go over a few simple and important rules:

1) NO GOD-MODDING! This is crucial for an RPG like this (or any RPG for that matter) Your chibbie is the best in his/her/it's scientific field, but I'd rather not see any super perfect, all powerfull inventions blasting half the lab into oblivion.

2) Quality posting is expected! I would like to see at minimum one full paragraph of actual english words nothing like: Lol, My invention would waste yours any day u dumb NOOB-e!

3) with regards to inventions. They can be nifty, or meant to do some amazing things, but try to put in defects, or have them work in an entirely unforseen way (by your characters that is) an example will be pending in my sign up

4) I would prefer you all avoid the curse versions of these words: Poo, fornication, and female dog. all others I think would be okay.

5) This should be the last rule. Have fun with this! I've noticed that most of the RPG's posted lately are all based around drama/violence and tragedy. This was made to have a bit of crazed caffeine induced fun. Now HAVE FUN *Loads gun*[/SIZE]


[COLOR=Navy][CENTER][B][SIZE=4]Important places in the lab[/SIZE][/B][/CENTER][/COLOR]

-Kurzektameins office: A large and spacious round room sitting at the top of the domed lab. Elaborate as it is efficient, the whole west wall is dedicated to Kurzektameins own personal security camera network. It allowes him to tap into any of the cameras scattered throughout the entire facility.

-The kitchen: Sugary food and highly caffinated beverages are served here to keep the chibbie scientists energized and ready to go. it's large enough to serve over 500 people at a time. It sits at ground level along with the lobby

-The labs: There are a number of laboratories dedicated to each field of science. whole floors are covered by a single lab with the elevator passing through each(For the sake of making this easier, there will be at minimum one floor for each field the characters come up iwth. I may add one or two more later.)

-The elevator: The elevator is the only in the whole building. Though it's large enough to move two u-hauls, it's sometimes inconveinient for the chibbie workers.

-The Testing Grounds: Although it's outside, it's fenced in with 20ft. high walls made from stoptryingtobreakitum alloys. The testing grounds are all encompassing for all fields of science, and Dr. Kurzektamein purchases the required materials for the chibbies. Squads of automated gaurd mechs over round the perimiter of the fence to ensure none of the scientists escape.

- The "barracks": A floor dedicated to the rooms and recreation for all the chibbie scientists. this is where you will likely spend off time.


[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=3][B][U]Sign Ups[/U] [/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
Okay, this is what you need to have for your character. I would like to see, quality, well thought out sign ups. Those who post crap will be shot, survivors shot again.

Name: can be most anything name like
Age: 8-80 (Child genius, crazed elder!)
Gender:male, femal, wierd machine/chibi creature mix
apperance: a good description or pic
Personality: cover things like behaviour, mental problems (paranoia), habits, etc.
Scientific field: almost whatever you can imagine. just describe what it covers and what its meant to do. can be real or made up, or an oddball take on something real.
Bio: Come up with a well written background for your character

Now, for my sign up

Name: Fueren Gothammer
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Apperance: Pic Pending
Personality: Deeply religious and intellectually curious to a fault, Fueren is obssesed with the idea the soul could indeed be observable and therefor, measurable, thereby proving the existence of the afterlife. Willing to go head to head with anyone that challenges his beleif's. The slightest remark could set the normally patient man off.

Scientific Field: Physics, Biology and religious mix (Buhdihst) He draws upon his knowledge of the worlds physical nature/rules and how to break them, with his knowledge of the souls container (human body) in biology, and applies his "outside the box" thinking of his religion in order to create a machine that can physically measure the existence of the soul!

Bio: As a young man at the prestigious, Ivy-League university of Harvard, German born Fueren became exposed to the Buhdihst religion one day while traveling through the nearby china town with a few friends from his Biology class. Fueren and his friends presented one of the local monks with a number of questions, and cited dozens of works done by famous scientists world wide. And the monk answered them all with a strength and sense of finality that swayed the young College students heart and mind towards a new path.
His professors mocked him, his former friends belittled him, and he pushed onwards with his studies, which actually led to a number of astounding discoveries that shocked the scientific community:

-The laws of gravity/nature and such, only apply if you allow them too. this has allowed a number of other gifted physicists to create new technologies, that performed the exact same tasks as older ones, the only real difference being that they looked cooler and had fancier names.

-To achieve true balance, one must be at peace in mind heart, body, and workload. If scientists try to answer too many things at once, nothing gets done, and repetition of the same old crap begins in order to keep from being arrested for fraudulant use of grant money.

These, among other things have helped scientists around the world begin research into new and exciting technologies. Currently, Fueren is working on a project which should create a machine to detect the existence of the Human soul. So far he's made the machine, but the most he's accomplished with it so far is detecting the existence of squirrels, alien life, and making popcorn. He's listed each as blundering failures, chased off the squirrels, shooed the aliens off, and ate the popcorn.


This is basically everything you need to know sign ups will now be accepted. I havn't quite decided how many people will be needed for this, so the best sign up's will be taken. The story begins in two weeks time. (Note, I realize I have spelled Chibi wrong several times, sorry about that -_-;;)
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[size=1][color=royalblue]YAY COFFEE!


[b]Name:[/b] Senka Hjorrdis
[b]Age:[/b] 17
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://img259.imageshack.us/img259/9559/chibisenkacgxv6ci.jpg]Clickie![/url]
[b]Personality:[/b] Relaxed, witted, sharp-tongued most of the time, dead serious others. She's a smartass, sarcastic, and a tomboy.
[b]Scientific Field:[/b] Old science, chemistry, a bit of electronics thrown in for good measure

[b]Bio:[/b] Well, contrary to popular belief, Senka isn't a whore just because she basically wears a sports bra for a shirt. First off, that's just the way it turned out. Secondly, she never takes off her coat if she puts it on in the morning. Thirdly, she wears it 'cause she's a pirate. And the ocean breeze. And yeah.

Although just seventeen, Senka can drink and play cards like any seasoned male. She grew up on the shores and oceans of Australia, thus speaking English with a tiny, tiny accent thrown in occasionally. If you make fun of the accent, your death will be slow and painful.
And because she grew up mainly in the ocean but lived on the land as well, she just randomly dubbed herself as a "land pirate". Not a bandit - the two are completly diffrent.

Senka first took interest in science when she heard old stories about the alchemists of old. Determined to prove that alchemy (a la Full Metal Alchemist) was possible, she devoted her free time into researching the ancient science. But because people were all into the whole "modern" stuff, she learned a lot of chemistry as well.

Because many old-time alchemists spoke German, Senka learned German as well. She loves to speak it, and enjoys screaming to people, "Du bist eine Kartoffel!" ("You're a potato!")

Senka has been able to prove that alchemy could be possible if the right ideas are taken into thought. For example, a water object can only be turned into another water object, a metal object into another metal, etc. She tattooed alchemy runes and symbols onto her hands so whenever she claps them together, she can perform the alchemic feat without any time wasted drawing the circles. The rune is a basic jack-of-all-trades circle, but not good for detailed rituals.

She thrives on coffee, ramen noodles, and meat, and yes, sometimes all at once. Senka likes to draw, write, and fence in her freetime and is prone to wild psychotic outbursts.

Random Fact: Senka sleeps with plushies of allllll her anime bishies. The list includes: Sesshomaru (Inuyasha), Shigure, Yuki, and Momiji (Fruits Basket), Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho), Alphonse (FMA), etc. About twenty topple down every morning when she wakes up.


Well, this sounds like fun. I hope it works out. ^_^[/color][/size]
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