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Writing Haiku [E]

Hanabishi Recca

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I was wondering myself if anyone here was interested in haiku.

I just thought it would be interesting to read someone elses.
I was reading haiku online and it was different. Since the haiku didn't have any meaning to it. I was wondering if haiku acually had to have a meaning to make it good.

I want to read some if you [the reader] make/made some.
I would greatly appreciate it if you would do such a thing for me!

So, if someone would do such a thing or answer my question I would appreciate it!

Thanks for your time,



Just to further explain myself, when I said 'didn't have any meaning' I meant it didn't have anything to relate to. As in, there was one it was talking about a rain drop on a flower they compared it to a tear. I didn't understand how you would count that as Haiku since it didn't have any real meaning to it. It was just explaining a rain drop on a rose.
I just wanted to explain myself a little further. Thanks for reading!
[/color][font=Arial][size=1][color=DarkGreen]I've rated this thread [E] as a general cover so that people can post their Haiku's in it. So please keep it to an open level in the actual poems, please. -- Lady Asphyxia.[/color][/size][/font]
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[size=1]Every form of art, poetry, writing, etc. can be simply explained as merely an intuitively designed fragment of the imagination of the artist. Everything has meaning to someone, and to each person, that meaning differs drastically.

Haiku is no different. To answer your question -- I think that the term 'Haiku' already has enough meanings and rules.

Yet people choose to break those rules all the time. Few follow the 5, 7, 5 syllable rule. Haikus rarely are used to explain natural things nowadays. Take the following for example.

Faceless, just numbered.
Lone pixel in the bitmap-
I, anonymous.

Now, this follows the 5, 7, 5 rule, but it is not about 'nature', as is a rule for Haiku.

So, really, people just bend the rules to fit said poem. That is a good thing, I think. Artistic expression.

So, since I've yet to really 'answer' your question, no, I do not think the word 'Haiku' needs a define meaning to make the poetry have validity, or be 'good'.

A poem, like any work of art, is all in how you percieve it.

Assorted Haiku. By assorted poets.

Glass balls and red lights.
Dead tree in living room.
Killed to honor birth.

Behold the ego
Set in glowing emptiness
On the edge of time.

The moment two bubbles
are united, they both vanish.
A lotus blooms.

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Here are a couple I made up on the spot.

After snow rivers
Run their course down the mountain
Spring blossoms again.

A storm rages on
with rain beating down the Earth.
The land only sighs.

Took me one minute to write. Not very good, but it gives you something to look at.
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Guest NIKI12345
Well here I go. I might not be good though.


Love is never ending
Though it can also hurt you
You must keep going.

Angel Girl

Little bright faced girl
Barley visable to anyone
But she still moves on.


By your side forever
Has your back when you need them
True as two can be. :animeshy:

Well hope you liked it. :animesmil :animeshy:
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[SIZE=1]Oh my... I used to love Haiku...
I remember on May 7th, 2005, I wrote an entire post on my xanga out of haikus... there were about 15 of them. Of course, it was in honor of Haiku Day.
Here's the only one I've been in love with recently:
[SIZE=2][Quote]Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don't make sense
It's humorous, you know it.
I like them, however, because they are [usually] pretty deep, meaningful, or descriptive. Plus, to me, they're easier to comprehend than "abababab" poetry.[/SIZE]
edit --

Oh, and [B]NIKI[/B]... your second one isn't quite a haiku. The 2nd line has 2 too many syllables.[/SIZE]
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You know, [b]taperson[/b], I think you have found the best haiku ever.

Um, [b]NIKI12345[/b], you had a few other syllable mistakes. In "Love," your first line had six syllables; in "Angel Girl," the first line is a syllable short; in "Friends," there were once again six syllables in the first line. Just try to say it in your head and count them if necessary. Other than that, I like the second one. It's sweet.

Although, as sakurasuka said, it's all just creative expression.
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Here's a haiku about how to write haiku.

[indent]Five syllables first
Then seven on the next line
Five again to end.[/indent]
One of my classes last term had a fun exercise: everyone writes their three favourite words on little slips of paper and jumbles them up in a hat. Everyone then picks three slips at random and writes a haiku containing those three words. You end up with weird ones like these:

[indent]Her sillage departs.
That old Minneapolis
Irony she had.

In perplexity
He feels cold head pain echo;
Popsicle brainfreeze.

Cranky bloody love.
Always pumping people up
To prick and deflate.[/indent]
Anyone care to guess which words I pulled out of the hat?

Just remembered! Me and my friends had a thread written almost exclusively in haiku on their band's messageboard. It's [URL=http://jurassicska.proboards32.com/index.cgi?board=gen&action=display&thread=1101755446][u]here[/u][/URL] if anyone fancies a giggle.
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