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Welcome to [b]Winds of Winslou Information Bank.[/b] Here you may see facts on weapons, spells, and a complete bestiary (as monsters are found in the RPG). There will be other things to enjoy such as character profiles. Take your time and enjoy yourself.

[list][*][b]Cutlass:[/b] A curved sword. Often used by pirates of Winslou.
[*][b]Straight Blade:[/b] A sword running along the lines of a katana. Good for quick slices.
[*][b]Pewlork Spear:[/b] A simple spear made by Pewlorks. It's some awful craftsmanship. A simple wooden rod with a rock or metal javelin tied to the end.
[*][b]Hookliks:[/b] These are usually used for hunting large fish. Elaves have taken a liking to them mainly for this purpose, but they can be used for an assortment of things.[/list]

[list][*][b]Fireball:[/b] A pretty simple and common spell among Winslou monsters. You can form a small ball of fire and throw it. It can advance to larger fireballs with training.
[*][b]Steelfire:[/b] A basic attack among Winslou monsters, one that covers claws, weapons and fangs in an eerie silver fire.[/list]

[list][*][b]Shivargee:[/b] [URL=http://img117.imageshack.us/img117/1554/shivargee6ha.jpg]CLICK FOR PICTURE[/URL]
These weasel-like dogs are often pirates in Winslou. Normally traveling in large groups, but rarely on boats, Shivargees will ambush passing travelers and loot them of all their money. Other belongings are usually not what they're after.
[*][b]Lepin:[/b] [URL=http://img110.imageshack.us/img110/5576/alnairjpg6ra.jpg]CLICK FOR PICTURE[/URL]
Lepin are strong, tall creatures who tend to have a frightening appearance. With soft fur, but rock-hard flesh, they can lift ten times their own weight. Most run along the lines of royal blood.
[*][b]Pewlork:[/b] [URL=http://img485.imageshack.us/img485/9113/pewlork1lg.jpg]CLICK FOR PICTURE[/URL]
Pewlorks are hog creatures known for liking their territory. They will not resist the urge to hang you on a pike if you trespass on their property. They're dumb and fearless, unless they come face to face with a creature even they know is beyond their league. They'll have no problem hunting humans for breakfast, though.
[*][b]Elaf:[/b] [URL=http://img124.imageshack.us/img124/3563/bart7ya.jpg]CLICK FOR PICTURE[/URL]
Elaves are fierce and stubborn fighters without a lick of common sense. Standing at around three feet tall, they're generally farmers, hunters or soldiers-for-hire. They don't practice magic, though. They really don't have the patience for it.
[*][b]Letheren:[/b] [URL=http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/9059/letheren2iu.jpg]CLICK FOR PICTURE[/URL]
No matter what, a Letheren will become a soldier or guard. Their main purpose in life seems to be to serve some leader in war. Letherens are mainly found serving human kings, strangely enough. There has never been a Letheren recorded that did not become a soldier of some kind.[/list]
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