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RPG Orgre Battle VII

The Darkness Bu

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Okay you Orgre Battle people make a profile like so:

Name:Magnus Gallant the 2nd
Hair:Blue(lol it's a family thing)
Eyes:teel green
Weight:150 lbs
Weapons:(you may only have one at the start)Baldr Sword
Level:(must be 2..)3(HEY I made the RPG so I get 3)
Bio:Son of Magnus and Leia Gallant *sniff* never knew his grandfather *sniff* Is born after Orgre Battle VI finishes
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Name:Zack Manfield
Hair:Brown in a pony tail,
Eyes Blue-Grey
Clothes:Black and Green , Tunic, Pants and Cloak.
Height 5"10'
Weapons:Long Sword ((Get my special weapon later...if I live that long..))
Bio:A newly trained swordsman. His family fought in the last great war and gained honor and minor Nobility during it...Born a few years after the end of the great war.
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[b][size=1]Name: [color=crimson]Krizalid Prime[/color] "That's [u][color=crimson]K'[/color][/u] to you bub!"
Hair:[color=silver] Down past ears slightly. Grey and kinda messy[/color]
Eyes: [color=teal]Teal[/color]
Clothes: Red T-shirt with baggy black pants. Has a green vest over his shirt and it has many pockets.
Height: 5'6
Weapon: Long- bladed sword and an empty revolver.
Level: 2
Bio: [color=dkblue]Not sure who he is or where he came from and is searching for the answers. He makes a living by selling spare parts of weapons and street fighting. He can forge metals into weapons in his workshop, but he has had a long journey away from home, searching for his parents.[/color][/b][/size]
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*okay 2 more can join we'll start now so just move on in*

Magnus:Mother,Father I must leave now...

Leia:Be careful,Dear

Magnus(father):Be careful and don't-

Magnus:underestimate the Orgres I know


Otaku's The Darkness Bu presents:

[SIZE=3]Orgre Battle VII[/SIZE]
return of Baldwin(dun dun dunnnn)
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[I]Zack walks out of the training circle...his father quickly following[/I]

Sir.Mark:good boy...you finnally bested me in combat...

Zack:thank you father

Sir.Mark:Zack I am going to send you to join the army fighting the ogres...

Zack:...I will do as you wish....

Sir.Mark:HAHA Zack you are the one who has been most eager for adventure...this will be your chance....

[I]Zack nods[/I]

Sir.Mark:Zack you will be representing our family out thier...make me proud...

Zack:I will father...when do I leave...

Sir.Mark:now...what you will need for the journey has already been packed...along with a letter from me to the commander and some gold...

Zack:then I shall take my leave father....

[I]Zack walks into the house[/I]

Odessa:so you are leaving Zack?

Zack:I am mother....

Kenna:where you going?

Zack:to join the war....

Kenna:so you really will be leaving me alone?...

Zack:...I will visit....

Kenna:....ok brother...but you better promise to come back...

Zack:I promise...

[I]Kenna runs up and hugs Zack[/I]

Odessa:you better be carful out there boy...don't want to make your mother worry do you?

Zack:no mother....


[I]Zack grabs his traveling pack then walks outside. He sees a young women of about his age with brown hair that goes down to the bottom of her back. She has crystal blue eyes[/I]


Christian:hey Zack....why the traveling pack?

Zack:....going to the....

Christian:not the war!!!


Christian:but...you could die....

Zack:I could...but my family are nobles...we have to send someone...and I want the adventure...

Christian:Zack this isn't a game!!

Zack:....I know it isn't....

Christian:.....I...I need to go Zack....

Zack:....as do I....good bye Christian...I will return...

Christian:you better....

[I]Zack walk down the road as Christian turns and walks in the other direction..to the town that was nestled in the land Zack's family had earned...[/I]
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*eyes Zack walking down the same path as him*


Zack::eek: Magnus Gallant!!!

Magnus:um...I bet you're thinking of my father Magnus the 1st

Zack:your father is a great friend to all nobles

Magnus:(so this is what a noble looks like)nice to meet you I'm Magnus Gallant the 2nd

Zack:uh...hello very proud to meet you....may I shake your hand?

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OOC:.....not exactly how I pictured Zack...but it works....*laughs*

Zack:...so are you heading for the war?


Zack:....whats it like being famous?...

Magnus:wouldn't know....I satyed on my residents almost all my life....

Zack:....well you can expect what I did to you...heh wanted to see how you would react...lets start over...I am Zack Mansfield...

Magnus:Magnus Gallant

Zack:ahh of the Gallant family...your father the grand war heroe?


Zack:my family gained noblty throuh the war...now I am being sent to this one...sometimes being a noble is a pain...like my girlfriend...she is a commoner...and everyone disapproves...but I don't care...my family rules the land justly...and I will make what ever friends I want regardless of rank....



Magnus:will the other Nobles treat me like you did at first...?

Zack:the ones that want to be seen with you....

Magnus:what about you?...

Zack:you seem like someone who might make a good friend...but I could careless how important your father is...if I didn't like ya...you would know...

[I]Zack looks back at the road[/I]
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[I]Somewhere on the edge of the town....[/I]

Lina-but Samantha! I don't want you to go to war! It could be dangerous! Why don't you stay home and practice your magic instead.

Samantha-Mother! Please let me go! I'm tired of living here studying! I want to help fight!

Lina-But you're a lady! Surely war is...well, to manly for you.

Samantha-*sighs in frustration* But when the general came by earlier to let everyone know about the war, he said, "Anyone can join the war oblivious to race, gender, or age." Well, I want to join! *her father walks in.*

Daniel-What's going on?

Lina-Oh Honey! Please help me convince Samantha that war is too dangerous for her!

Samantha-Please dad? Let me join! I can take care of myself! I can fight! I know magic and how to wield a sword and shoot arrows! Please?

Lina-(to Samantha's dad)She's been saying that all afternoon.

Daniel-Well, you're right, Samantha. We know you are good at those things, but we don't know if the enemy is better than that.

Samantha-Then I'll have to look after myself! Please? You joined the war when you were my age! Let me join!

Daniel-.......You do relize that war isn't fun, right?

Samantha-Yes, I do. But it's the adventure that's fun.

Daniel-..........If I say yes, than will you promise to come back safely?

Samantha-Yes!! Thankyou Dad! *runs up and hugs him.*

Lina-Honey! You...can't just let her go to war!

Daniel-She can take care of herself. We both know that. And as long as she comes back, and writes, I'll let her go.

Lina-........Alright. Let's get you packed.

Samantha-YES!!!! Thank you!!

Lina-Now, you need your spell books, some clothes, your sword, a bow and arrows, and....er, what do you call these things? Dangers? *holds the object up.*

Samantha-They're called [I]daggers[/I], Mom. :rolleyes:

Lina-Oh, yes. And you'll need string, and-

Samantha-Why will I need string?

Lina-In case you get a hole in your clothes. Now where is that needle?

Daniel-Dear, she's going to war. Not housekeeping school. I'm sure she knows what to pack, and I'm sure she knows how to do it by herself.

Lina-alright. I'll get food for you ready. *leaves the room.* (shouts back as she leaves)Just be sure to pack a sweater!


[I]When she has everything packed[/I]

Lina-Now are you sure you have everything?

Samantha-yes. I have everything. *sigh* Even the sweater.


Daniel-Now you be sure to make the Rysune family proud. And to stay alive and come back.

Samantha-Don't worry. I will.

Daniel and Lina-We'll miss you.

Samantha-I'll miss you too. Good bye! *Samantha sets off waving to her parents.*
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[I]Zack and Magnus run down the road as fast as they can...about an hour nd a few miles later Zack skids to a stop and faces the Ogres, He draws his long sword[/I]

Zack:...huh huh((breathing))...no more running...

Magnus:what are you doing?

Zack:the Ogre's will catch us before we reach a town...

Magnus:you suggesting we stop and fight?

Zack:better then being run down from behind...


Zack:what ever you do choose quick...either get help or help me...

[I]Zack drops into a dash stance waiting for the Ogres to get iwthin range[/I]
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[I]Zack nods in admiration at Magnuses Skill, then rushes foward himself. He rolls out of the way of the ogre's fist as it slams down near him. As he drops to roll he slashes into it's fist. The Ogre sreams in pain. Zack jumps over the next blow, and rushes foward, driving his sword into the Ogre's chest. The ogre hits the ground[/I]


[I]Zack jerks his sword out of the Ogre and raises his sword up in time to use it to absorb some of the Ogre's blow. Zack goes flying backwards.[/I]

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*Samantha turned around. It sounded as if someone was behind her. She saw two people and two ogres.*

Samantha-I knew I felt as if someone was behind me. Why are you breathing so hard? Surely those ogres weren't that much trouble.

Zack-(breathing hard)We have been running for miles!!

Samantha-well that explains it. What are your names?

Zack-I'm Zack Mansfield.

Magnus-And I'm Magnus Gallant the 2nd.

Samantha-No way! I've heard of your father.

Magnus-What's your name?

Samantha-I'm Samantha Rysune. I take it that you're off to the war too?

Zack-yeah. What about you? Are you passing by or off to the war?

Samantha-off to the war.
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[I]Zack, Magnus, and Samantha then set off for the camp where the army was to meet. It was supposed to be two days away from where they were. Soon it was sunset.[/I]

Magnus-We should camp right here. We shouldn't go any farther at night.

Samantha-Ok. *makes a fire and starts cooking dinner. They eat dinner.*

Magnus-Who should take first watch?

Samantha-I'll take first watch.

Zack-I'll have second.

Magnus-And that leaves me third watch. I'll wake you both up at dawn so we can set out early.

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