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Anime Anime North 2006!!


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Hey Xyandar here. I haven't posted in months but I just went to Anime North 2006 this weekend and got back today! I took so many pictures of peole in amazing costumes and oi bought a whole bunch of amazing stuff! It was my first time going to an anime convention but it was unbelievable! I'm going again next year

My favorite costumes had to be Chun Li and Sephiroth n Cloud. Did anybody else happen to go?
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Heh heh~ You just knew I would reply. Everyone knew that I would reply. And if you didn't, you should read signatures more often. ;)

Anime North was HORRIBLE.
Don't get me wrong, conventions are always great to go to, and it's always fun to meet people with similar interests, but this convention was one of the most, if not the most, disappointing conventions I've ever attended. And I've been attending Toronto Conventions for about 5 years now.

The con-goers and dealers were as friendly as always, but the volunteers were all drowning in power and very rude to boot. There were long, long line-ups for things that ended up being disappointing or delayed/cancelled to the point that people lined up for nothing. The guests this year weren't amazing, [b]Kotoko[/b] was singing and signing autographs, but to be honest I didn't even know who she was until somebody told me. I have yet to find someone who can help me out in the same way with [b]Senno Knife[/b].

Some of the panels were fun, but panels can only be judged on a panel-by-panel basis. My highlighted panel would be the [b]Totally Lame Anime[/b]. If anybody goes to a convention and sees this on the schedule, [b]don't miss it[/b].

I got a drive home on Friday night, but Saturday night I slept in one of the viewing rooms. The late night/early morning convention gaming will go down in my books as some of the most fun I've ever had at a convention.

What was with the [B]Anime Wrestling[/B]...?

I can't finish this post without mentioning the dealers room. The deals you can get there are pure gold.
1-11 of Berserk Manga (Amazon Price = about $ 142 CDN)
1,3-5 of Genshiken Manga (Amazon Price = about $ 50 CDN)
1-3 of Mobile Suit Gundam - L'ecole du Ciel (Amazon Price = about $ 35 CDN)

= 18 Volumes in total. (Amazon Price = about $[b]227[/b] CDN + 15% TAX + Shipping Costs)

Most of the Venders were giving me a "deal" by offering it at $[b]230[/b] CDN. ($208.09 USD) @_@
But I found one guy who sold the whole set to me for $ [b]150[/b] CDN ($ 135.72 USD). =D

Anime North Expense List
Berserk, 1-11
Genshiken, 1-4 (I lost 5 on the way home apparently. T_T)
Fullmetal Alchemist, 2
Planetes, 1-4
L'ecole du Ciel, 1-3

[b]Anime[/b] --
Fullmetal Alchemist, 5-8
Desert Punks 1

Hand sewn dolls woven...
Artist Alley Jewellery

I wanted to get Karas, but they were sold out by then. T_T
[b]And I forgot to get my practice nunchaku![/b]


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I went to anime north on sunday, it was my first time and i spent 3 hours on transit to get there...unfortunitely it was not worth my travel time. I must have built it up in my head because i was sadly let down. :animesigh
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That was my first time there so to me it was awesome. I went on Saturday and Sunday but Saturday was the best day because there were so many people in costumes and it was just cool. i bought a Ghost in The Shell window Blind for $20 CDN and a really nice Cloud painting for $10 CDN. i was proud to go and im going next year too. im dressing up.
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[quote name='Xyandar']That was my first time there so to me it was awesome.[/quote] I hope I didn't sound like uptight with my description. It's just that the previous years had a lot more. I had tons of fun there and I really enjoyed myself, but it was a disappointment in comparison to them.

Were you there when they locked down the hotel because a girl went missing?

[quote name='Special OPS]I NEED EVERYONE TO SIT DOWN~! HEY, SIT DOWN. [b][i]SIT DOWN!!![/i'][/b][/quote] I'm glad they found her, but they didn't have to be so rude to everyone.

[quote name='natsuki']I went to anime north on sunday, it was my first time and i spent 3 hours on transit to get there...unfortunitely it was not worth my travel time.[/quote]I wouldn't just the convention by Sunday alone. Sunday is usually, in this case too, the slowest day of a convention. Less cosplayers, fewer people, less things to do, even lower prices on merchendise. Saturday, on the other hand, is the best day, though that's why the entrance price is so much more expensive.

edit: I forgot to mention~ If you cosplay, you should post some of your pictures at TheOtaku! I cosplayed as Kiba last year and they're posted there~ somewhere. ^^;;

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I think I really built it up, like I figured it was going to be so much better. I will try going again next year, maybe if they have that dance again, i really wanted to go to that. They lost a child on sunday, i'm not sure if thats what your referring to, but I wasnt aware they shut down the hotel.
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