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Writing Burn me {PG]


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Just a song about a relationship, that I've been having forever, and a girl...that....ripped me apart.

[B]Burn,Burn it all
Take it away
Take it away
Somebody Save me

Burn my heart
Burn my soul
Strip me from
my control

Darken skies
Your clear blue eyes
Turn to cold black

Its hatebreed
You hate me

And now, I can?t stop...
Everybody in the room will


This love
This place
I hate it

Talk to him
Talk to her
Leave me here

Just go away
Leave me here

To fear
I fear you

I hate you
Why do I?
Why do I love you?

burn now
turn now

Away from me
Leave me here

Take it away
Take it away

Save me[/B]
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Dark song. I really love the "Your clear blue eyes Turn to cold black" part. It's very good imagery. It would be really good once it got set to music, either sad and slow or fast and dark. I hope you feel better about the relationship that got you to write this song, Nomura. It always seems like the best artists are the ones in pain. :(
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