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Art Chad/Sado from Bleach - Digital Painting - 18 hours of work, come see

Guest Emery

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I don't know what Chad/Sado from Bleach is supposed to look like, since I don't follow the series, but I can really tell that a lot of time went into this.

The hair is beautiful, but it doesn't match the rest of the picture since the rest of the picture is all blocky and all brushed cell shading-ish~.
The background is my favourite part.
Is that his ear that I see? I think it may be a little too low. Either that or his eyes nose and mouth may be a little too big. I can't tell which it is.

What I'm really wondering is what the Katakana means... "ruchimoyuyamamechi mochitoma" ? It doesn't match the Romaji~ was it random? Once again, I don't watch Bleach so if there's some contextual meaning that I'm missing, I apologize.

Actually, looking at it again... I think I see what you did. Don't do it again. Katakana is written by pronounciation, not letter by letter. (Though, I do love the colour on it.)

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like r2vq said, the hair is really nice but it doesn't match much with the rest of the picture. I think you did really well with coloring his arm. although I think the shading on his neck is a little awkward.

I think the ear is actually placed where it's supposed to be since it looks like you're looking at him from a lower angle .
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