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[color=darkblue][size=1]This may be of interest to you all who are looking to get your manga published upon completion.

[url=www.lulu.com]Lulu Publishing[/url] is a company that allows people to publish their own works for relatively low prices. I came across it while visiting a webcomic that I often read.

I glanced at it and they offer two types of printing formats for graphic novels/manga: Traditional manga style and a slighter larger format that I've not seen before. Both of these styles can then be bound in two different ways: Perfect Bind (the type you see on real manga) and saddle-stitch, which is the folded-in-half-and-stapled type of binding. Both, as I said before, are reasonably priced at about $5 USD for binding and anywhere from 5-30 cents for added extras like colour inserts.

What I think is most appealing is that you really don't have to pay anything until your book starts selling, from what I gathered of the explanation. You can distribute it via the website until you feel that its ready to go to print in book format. And unlike most publishers, when you do decide to print it, they don't give you thousands of copies and make you pay a whole lot; they start you out with a bulk of 26 and let you go from there.

All in all, it doesn't seem like a bad deal, especially for people who want to get thier stuff out there on a limited budget (like most of the people who post here in MW). What do you all think of it?[/color][/size]
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I came across this site a while ago, and it seems very reasonable. They ask for about 20% of the total profit, but you're able to set the price yourself (and keep the remaining 80% of the profits). The site also allows you to design your own cover, which I think is very nice.

The only issue I have is that it seems that the only thing that has a reasonable price in terms of comic publishing is the perfect bound black and white. On the bright side, that's how most manga is publised anyways, but I think that anyone who wants to publish a color manga would be better off avoiding this site.
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