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Request A Gundam Banner please??


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[SIZE=1]I was wondering if someone could make a banner with the following pics. The back ground I would like to be black with a star-like appearence. I greatly appreciate it.




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[COLOR=#35425E][SIZE=1]Hi! I'm interested in this request, hope you don't mind if I use this picture: [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v487/meoi/gw_ms059.jpg][COLOR=#ED1C24]clicketh[/COLOR][/url]. I realize it's the Katoki version of Sandrock you want, yes?[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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GAH!! *murders links* That would explain it. Sorry about that Yeah its the Katoki versions. I'll host some pics from my comp on here. Hopefully that'll work.




Sorry about that I fixed the links. My apologies ^_^;;
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I'm gonna give it an attempt also XD


Version 1 - "Glow" around all gundam


Version 2 - No glow


Version 3 - glow at center only


Version 4 - diff version of above


I think it looks messy T_T the colors are all so simular to each other *rolls*
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