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Ultimate Fighting Championships


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I don't know about you guys, but I'm a huge fan of the [B]UFC[/B] or [B]Ultimate Fighting Championships[/B]. The whole thing is a mixed martial arts fighting circuit held within an octagonal cage. It's extremely popular in America, Britain, and Japan. They do have a pretty loose rules-set which has evolved over the years, but it gives ALOT of freedom to the actual fighters.

For me, it's probably one of the most exciting sports ever. Very fun to watch and you really start to care about your favorite fighters, whom range from Muay Thai standing strikers to Olympic wrestlers to Jiu Jitsu masters. The men who compete are possibly the most well-rounded athletes in the world, and if you've ever faught or sparred, you'd know fighting is one of the most physically exhausting activites an individual can participate in.

The [B]UFC[/B] can be viewed via Pay-Per-View, but I usually catch it on Spike TV along with it's branching show, [B]"The Ultimate Fighter"[/B] which is a reality show giving young MMA fighters a shot at a [B]UFC[/B] contract as they are coached by actual [B]UFC[/B] champions.

Are there any fans here on the OBs of this sport? Any favorite fighters? Or just general interest?[/color][/size]
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Ah yes; The easiest way for the people to get real violence. It's a shame however that UFC hasn't been shown in Australia for at least 3-4 years. My personal favourite, as he has been for years, was/ is Ken Shamrock. I loved watching him because whenever I watched him brawl it reminded me of his Sports Entertainment career.
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