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Sign Up Days of Future Now [M-VLS]


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Days of Future Now

[/size][/u][/b][/size][left][center][size=1][b]"At last, we will have peace for humans!"[/b] boomed Senator Robert Kelly's magnificent voice, [b]"These mutant-hunting Sentinels will allow for a greater tomorrow, free of the mutant threat posed by Magneto and his Brotherhood, as well as the X-Men! We will finally have ended the mutant threat! And now will come the time of..."[/b][/size]

[size=1]Senator Kelly's body was thrown to the ground, blood spurting from a wound now opened in his chest. Secret Servicemen ran to help him, but found only a dead body, limp and pale now, with a crossbow bolt protruding from his chest. Somebody had assassinated Senator Robert Kelly.[/size]

[size=1]A thundering crash destroyed the solemnity of the event, as a pair of battling mutants crashed through the wall of a nearby building, one of them a massively obese creature, the other a man covered in metal armour. They were trading blows but neither was falling.[/size]

[size=1][b]"Muties!"[/b] shouted one of the Secret Servicemen, [b]"They must be behind this!"[/b][/size]

[size=1]The Sentinel that stood guard over this tragic event moved into action, raising its hand. A beam of hot white energy lanced out, engulfing the two battling mutants, disintegrating them both.[/size]

[size=1][b]"They killed the Blob!"[/b] shouted another mutant from within the building, flames licking round him in a seemingly controlled manner.[/size]

[size=1][b]"Colossus?"[/b] came a slightly weaker voice, breaking with grief, [b]"Colossus...you killed Piotr!"[/b][/size]

[size=1]Kitty Pryde leapt into action, running at the Secret Servicemen, followed by the flaming mutant, who blasted hot jets of fury at the Sentinel. A third mutant, this one with metal claws bursting from his knuckles, leapt at the Sentinel, claws ripping through its steel armour-plating.[/size]

[size=1]This was just the beginning...[/size]


[size=1]It has now been four years since that tragic event, and war has been declared between mutant and human. High-ranking politicians, furious at the cold-blooded murder of Senator Robert Kelly, have sent armies of Sentinels to destroy the world's mutant population, apparently unworried if the attacks took out a fair portion of the free world as well.[/size]

[size=1]Magneto, the Master of Magnetism, urged all mutants to come to Genosha, his land of plenty, and join him in the war against human fascism. His power and numbers have been growing stronger and stronger with each passing day.[/size]

[size=1]But other things have happened in this world as well. Jean Grey, aka Phoenix, became furious at what had happened, and her dark persona emerged. The Dark Phoenix took over most of Africa before she stopped. She now holds the throne of Africa, and rules over it with an iron fist, destroying mutant and human alike if they step out of line.[/size]

[size=1]The entire of South America has been rendered uninhabitable by a nuclear strike by the US government to try and wipe out Exodus and his forces on the continent. The powerful mutant only just escaped, but the rest of his mutant army was wiped out. He fled to Genosha to join Magneto's war effort.[/size]

[size=1]The X-Men, under the command of Charles Xavier, have more integrity than most. They did not join Magneto in his call to arms, but they are not hiding away either. The X-Men have become a covert operations force, devoted to resolving the war peacefully for both sides.[/size]

[size=1]And the only way to do that is to find one young mutant among the whole world's population. They are searching for a young girl named Illyana Rasputin, aka Magik, younger sister to Colossus, a mutant with the ability to send people back or forward in time. They wish to travel back to the moment Senator Kelly was assassinated and stop this terrible event from unfolding, by any means necessary...[/size]

As you can tell, this is an X-Men RP, but not of your usual type. In this reality, due to the assassination of the mutant-hating politician Senator Robert Kelly, humanity has waged war on mutantkind. This means that this will be a more gritty version of the X-Men, as their new fight is a fight for survival, against the combined forces of the mutant-hunting Sentinel army controlled by the human race, and the mutant army led by Magneto from Genosha.

Their main aim is to find Illyana Rasputin, who never contracted the Legacy Virus in this contingency, and travel back in time to stop the assassination of Kelly, and find out who the culprit was. However, along the way it is quite possible they will face opposition from Magneto and the Sentinels, and it is almost inevitable that they will lose some of their own.

The only characters that are off-limits are:

[b]Dark Phoenix/[/b]Jean Grey[b]
Magneto[/b]/Erik Lehnsherr
[b]Professor Xavier[/b]

Other than that, you can use any character from the existing X-Men universe, or create your own, within reason. Also, if someone wishes, they can play Illyana Rasputin, but PM me for details about that.

With all that out of the way, here goes:

For the sign up, I am going to go with the current trend, and ask for a written sample, including in it the following details:

Personality [/b][remember, this is a war zone. Nothing is going to be happy smily bunnies here]
[b]Superhuman Ability/Mutant Power [/b][this encompasses any other skills you might have as well, hand-to-hand combat, lockpicking etc.]
[b]One Significant Event [/b][this could be anything, from when your mutant power emerged to another traumatic event during childhood]

The brief is this: you are being pursued through an urban battleground [think the Danger Room scenario in X-Men 3 if you've seen it, if not then just try to imagine something] by a group of highly-trained anti-mutant combat troops. You have to try and find a way to escape them.

I am only allowing characters to be on the X-Men, as I find with this kind of RP, splitting the characters too much causes them to fail early on. So everyone is an X-Man, aside from Illyana Rasputin, but as I said earlier, please PM me about that.

[/size][center][b][u][size=1]Other important information:[/size][/u][/b]
-Charles Xavier is now able to walk, due to a mechanical exoskeleton given to him by Magneto, to allow him to stand a better chance against the Sentinels. Erik wished to denounce his old friend's ways, but he still wanted him to live on and fight for mutant rights.

-The Xavier Institute is no more. It was one of the first structures to be destroyed by the Sentinels when the US government waged war on mutantkind. Several of the original students were killed in the attack, and this has fuelled the rest of the team for revenge.

-Everyone is very different now. The war has changed people from kind, thoughtful individuals to cold-hearted killing machines. However, not everyone has their thoughts about war. There are some who wish to remain peaceful...

-Appearances have changed. The X-Men uniforms are almost a thing of the past, ragged remnants of a dream long forgotten by most. Most X-Men now wear clothes suitable for urban combat, as well as covert operations, but mostly they dress for comfort. Skin is now covered in battle-scars, new injuries and old alike mottling the skin. Even Wolverine has scars that go so deep even his healing factor can't fully heal them.

-There are some enemies that are embedded so deep in cover that they haven't even revealed themselves yet. Powerful enemies lurk round every corner, even within those you trust with your lives...

Have fun, and if there are any questions, please don't hesitate to PM me.

Happy creating![/size]
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X-Men RPG #2 For me. Haha. Cool Idea, though.

[B]Name:[/B] Lee Jung Kim

[b]Codename:[/b] Rage

[b]Age:[/b] 19

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Nationality:[/b] Korean-American



Minus the dog tags and bar code.

[b]Personality:[/b] Normally, Lee is a humourous young man. Very charismatic, he tries to take the current situations at hand lightly and tries to uplift the down and out spirits of his comrades. He has an optimistic outlook on life and wishes for the world to grow better while he is still alive and he plans to give every ounce of himself to make these changes happen. It is in the use of these abilities that Lee becomes Rage, a near unstoppable berserker who?s feral rage is comparable to that of a ravenous tiger. During this state, he is near unreachable by mental persuasion, and it usually takes an outside influence or strong emotional figure to calm him down.

[b]Superhuman Ability/Mutant Power:[/b]

Lee?s body contains two inner mutations that do two things. One, his body produces fifty times the regular amount of adrenaline than that of a normal human. The release of this massive amount of adrenaline is something Lee is in complete control of, which allows him to tap into super human strength and speed at any moment. This release of adrenaline, however, affects him negatively both physically and mentally. It sends him into a blind rage upon release and also causes his body temperature to raise towards dangerous heights. Due to this, Lee?s sweat steams off his body and his skin turns a deep red. This gives Lee a frightening outward appearance and turns him into a near monster.

Secondly, Lee has a hyper-active metabolism, which causes his body to naturally transfer most nutrients and materials consumed into lean muscle, causing him to naturally be a fine physical specimen and giving him a slightly faster physical speed than most humans.

Lee?s is also third degree black belt in the Korean martial arts of both Hap Ki Do and Tae Kwan Do. He was trained by his father, who took a job as a martial arts instructor upon reaching America while Lee was still a toddler. His father bestowed Lee all his martial knowledge and made him his own assistant instructor up until the mutant wars began.

[b]One Significant Event:[/B] (will finish later.)

(I was orignally gonna sign up as Gambit, but I ddin't want to mess up a character whom I don't know a whole lot about.)

((Please inform me if there are any changes needed thus far. I will complete this at a later time.))[/color][/size]
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[B]Name:[/B] John O'Brady

[B]Age:[/B] 21

[B]Codename:[/B] Recon



[B]Appearance:[/B]He stands about 6'2",with short black spiked hair.He wears a pair of army cam. pants with torn out knees,and a slightly torn army cam. t-shirt.He has bright green eyes with jagged (+) shaped pupils. And cargo army boots.

[B]Personality:[/B] He's usually in a good mood (as good as ones mood can be given the sircumstances).He has no respect for authority,and hates any type of rules or regulations.He doesn't like fighting at all, but can hold his own if he has to.

[B]Superhuman Ability/Mutant Power:[/B] john got his powers from the army experimentation that he 'volenteered ' for. his powers are as follows:
1: His basic body structure was altered to be better ,he is physicly tougher stronger,faster,has better hearing, and better sence of smell.than other humans(but only slightly better).

2: His eyes had the majority of the 'treatment'...His eyes can change the spectrum in wich he sees he can see in ,infra-red,ultra-violet,high-spectrum,or low-spectrum.And he can see the difference between humans and mutants simply by sight(even if they don't have any physical markings ie blue or a forked touge or something.)He can also see a lot farther than most humans with complete clarity.

3: this isn't a power just other info: he had varius military training in a number of fighting techniques.

[B]One Significant Event:[/B] In the begining of his career he was working for the gvernment in the military, after 2 years of loyal survace he had a large amout of sergery to give him man made powers.

The intention was to make him the ultimate tactical assassin.It worked but after accidently shooting a fellow soldier (he couldn't see any detail while using his heat vision) he was kicked out of the militay,or rather. He was treated as a mutant threat, and was orderd to be killed on sight.Since then he went in search for the 'x-men' hoping to salvage his lost purpose in life.

OCC:(if its too long ,or you want me to change something pm me and I will)
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[size=1]Both perfectly adequate sign-ups, but you are both forgetting one thing. I said in my first post that I wanted a [b]CHARACTER SNIPPET [/b][i]including [/i]all the sections I listed. I did not want a standard sign-up form like you have both filled out.

Both your characters are perfectly fine, but please change the format of your sign-up to the format I asked for in the first place. Thank you.

[i](On a lighter note, are we gonna get any more friggin' players in this game?)[/i]
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[COLOR=DimGray][B][Let me know if there is anything that needs changing Blaze, like if ive taken another mutants powers without knowing it or whatever, thanks][/B][/COLOR]

[I]?Run!?[/I] her mind screamed, so she ran, her feat exploding through deep puddles as she navigated the battlefield. They had been perusing her for quite some time, their reason? To kill her. Dusk was at the age of 26, still young, her long straight black hair flowed behind her as she ran, her pale skin drenched in sweat reflected the moon light as she darted in between rubble. Dusk?s light gray eyes forever scanned her environment for an appropriate place to launch her attack from; this attack needed complete darkness to work most effectively.

The dilapidated buildings and rubble filled streets reminded her of home, as strange as that thought sounded to her. Bullets zipped around her, slamming the ground under her feet. Time was running out, she needed to make distance between her and her pursuers and fast. She looked to the sky at the full moon, on any other night she would have found it beautiful; a smile crept across her red lips as thick storm clouds slowly moved across the sky. As the last of the clouds covered the moon the city was bathed in complete darkness except for a few streetlights flickering on and off, she didn?t need to find an appropriate place anymore.

A ball of black energy formed around her right fist, small black lightening blots forked outwards from it at a constant rate, her grey eyes became totally white, gray and then turned completely black. She looked back towards her hunters with disgust; the same bolts of lighting that were being produced from ball in her fist now crackled from her eyes. Party time.

Running in between dilapidated buildings, into a small alleyway Dusk found herself at a dead end. She spun on her heels to face her pursuers; the five black clad men took up defensive positions and blocked all escape routes.

[B]?Well, well, who do we have here gentlemen??[/B] the man stepped forwards, studying the mutant who he had managed to force into making a vital mistake. A broken street light flickered on and off in the alleyway, sporadically illuminating the group as they faced each other. Dusk had returned her state to almost normal; her eyes were no longer black, she kept her right fist behind her back. One of the soldiers team mates stepped forwards handing him a technical device.

Her picture appeared on its screen, other information began appearing, the man looked her up and down as he waited. She was dressed in a black combat uniform not that dissimilar from the ones they sported themselves, modifications had been made, her uniform fitted her physique more tightly than usual. The device peeped three times, signifying that it was finished. Then the man spoke, his voice was low and dangerous, he recited the information displayed to him.

[B]??Dusk?, Mutant: 101101, Real name: Eliska, female, age 26, born in a small European town near the Czech Republic I?m not even going to attempt to pronounce. Long black straight hair, gray eyes, 5?6?, scar over left eye, half a right ear missing and another prominent scar on chin. Mutant powers? interesting, all the data says is she can manipulate the dark. Keep on your guard.?[/B] The soldiers all raised their weapons in her direction; Dusk tilted her head to the side with a questioning look.

[B]?Her mutant powers emerged when she was 8; her parents were murdered in front of her by thieves. No living relatives exist. Well then I guess no one will mind if we dispose of you.? [/B] The man waved his hand forwards and the soldiers all chambered a round into their combat rifles. An evil smile spread across Dusk?s face, she hated these men, they hunted mutants and they would pay. The combat team got ready to fire, their fingers about to pull their triggers when Dusk leapt up into the air and hovered.

Her eyes became black once again, this time both her hands were surrounded by black balls of lightening.

[B]?Chew on this pricks!?[/B] she yelled as she unleashed her powers, the black balls hit together in the center of the group and exploded in a shower of lightening. Men went flying, some pulled their triggers as they fell taking out team mates in turn. The blast she unleashed wasn?t nearly powerful enough to hurt any of them seriously. The real damage was done in the confusion by their own team mates.

Dusk flew over the dilapidated buildings to a spot far away, her trick had put quite some distance between her and her hunters. The sun would rise soon, when that happened she would have to seek shelter; she wasn?t nearly as strong in the day as she was a night, she was also susceptible to the suns rays, Dusk burnt quite easily. She crawled in between broken concrete slabs in a half fallen down building, she sun couldn?t reach her in there, the concrete was thick and made for a good makeshift hiding place.

Thinking about her small victory over the combat squad made her smile, if she had had more time to charge her blast they would have been easily disposed of. If the damn street light wasn?t flickering on and off she could have taken them out one by one, no matter, tomorrow, they would get what they disserved. [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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John was sneaking around as the sun fell beneath the far horizan.'bzzeep' "OK sarg. we're in a powerless side of town, so its gettin' kinda dark.I think we're going to have to head back early tonight." a soldier wearing full army gear was talking into a radio transmiter."Thats alright colonal I advise you hurry though.You did say you didn't catch the mutant you were looking for in that area." the sargent on the other end of the radio sounded back. "Yeah low and behold, it was good old Johny. What were his stats. again?" he asked as he looked at a short stalky man aslo wearing a uniform.

"Well sir..." the stalky man started but was cut off by the colonal, who asked the question to begin with"No wait, I can probobly remember on my own,tell me if I'm right ok?" said the colonal "Yes, sir" the stalky man replied all the while John staying closely behind ,carefull not to be seen by the platoon he was following.

"OK, here goes...He's about six feet tall,right?" the colonal started, as him and his platoon wandered threw the now dark streets,Each individual soldier had his own flashlight on.So they could see in the black night."Well he's 6'2"." said the stalky soldier "Exactly,thats what I said, about six feet.OK now he was 20,last time I saw him.And he was the one with those weird eyes right?" the colonal continued "Uhh,right. He is 21 and under 'identifying marks' it says he has cross shaped, white pupils, on otherwise black eyes." answered the stalky soldier.

"Man I'm good" said the colonal congratulating himself on the 'great' job remembering the mutants statistics."I just wish I could see his face when he's on the ground begging for mercy." piped up another soldier

.Meanwhile John had swiched to infra-red vision, to easly see in the dark.[I]"OK nows my chance,they're half way to base and its practicly pitch-black out.Well may as well get this over with."[/I] John thought to himself as he hurried ahead of the army platoon to get a good vantage spot.He eventually found a reasonably sturdy building,"Well at least its got a roof...kind of." John said to himself as he scaled the side if the half destroyed biulding.

In actual fact it didn't have a roof just, the floor of the second story was intact. John stood on the makeshift roof,as the soldiers walked by.He reached down to his side and took the 9mm pistol from between his belt and his pants.He aimed at the platoon and his view zoomed in and out ,as if he were looking threw the scope of a sniper rifle.His first shot hit the colonal in the side of the neck, dropping him to the ground gasping for air. All of the remaining soldiers quickly aimed there lights and guns at where the shot had come from.

By the time they looked up John had already layed down, rolled out of sight,and shifted his sight to ultra-violet,so he could more accurately see his surroundings. "There's no-one there!" said a soldier "Non-sence there has to be someone its probobly just an invisible mutant kid or something." said another soldier.They all emtied a round of shots into the dark, in a sad attemt to hit the invisible mutant.

While they were all reloading there guns, John stood up and jumped across the street.Landing hard on the other side."Over there, its another one." said the first soldier. Before the rest could turn another two shots had flone into the foreheads of another couple of soldiers.

As the last two soldiers fired into the dark. John dropped to a crouch ran around the soldiers to the other side of the street, once more,to keep up the illusion of an ambush."Can he teleport?" asked one soldier as he reloaded his gun. "I don't know maybe." replied the other as he did the same.John stood up on the other side of the street and shot one of the soldiers in the back of the head, he aimed at the other and pulled the trigger but his gun simply clicked.It was out of bullets.

"Oh this is just great." John said as he threw his pistol into the leg of the last soldier, dropping him to his knees.He then continued to run up to the fallen soldier,and kick him in the side of the head, breaking his neck."I hate it when things don't go the way I want them to." said John as he picked up his pistol and took out the empty clip.Then he just walked away cassually and smiled as he heard the colonal still struggling to breath in the backround."Thats what you get for betreying be ***-hole!" John called back to the colonal, but didn't stop to see his reaction.

OCC: I hope its not too long...if so just pm me and I'll edit it.
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