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I am looking around on this anime store and I noticed quite a few new/in progress animes on the site. So I figured to be helpful I should post them. This is what I am seeing at the current time and more will be added and you can add some if you want. Please bare with me as my connection is very slow and it may take hours or even days to update. So here goes. I'm going to post the genre and the volume it is on so far.

?=might not be new may be discontinued/just really short/really slow moving
new=first episode coming soon

My Hime(romantic comedy)(2)
This ugly yet beutiful world (romantic comedy/sci-fi)(new)
UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie (sci-fi/comedy)(2)
Diamond Daydreams(romance/Drama)(3)(?)
Boys Be(romantic comedy)(2)(?)
Doki Doki school hours(comedy)(4)(?)
Desert Punk(comedy/sci-fi/adventure)(4)
Strawberry Marshmellow(comedy/slice'o life)(1)
Trinity Blood(Drama/Fantasy/Horror/Sci-fi/Supernatural)(new)
Kirameki Project(sci-fi)(new)
Green Green(comedy/Romance)(new)
Ninja Nonsense(comedy)(new)

These are just one's that are on dvd that are(or seem) new. Im tired so I will finish it up when I get some rest. So I hope this is helpful to some one. Nighty night!
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I have seen some of "My Hime" its a really good series, i love the romance and the fighting scenes. Well put together in my opinion, I havent heart of many of the others on the list though. :catgirl:
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