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    I absolutely LOVE anime, I have a short attention span, love heavy metal and visual kei/jrock, and have a habit of calling people 'love', and I have a little case of OCD
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    looking for one......
  1. NightAlchemist

    Anime Your Anime/Manga Look Alike [Image Heavy]

    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Red"]This is the closest I can find....Yuki from Vampire Knight. I wear my hair more Visual Kei-ish, and my eyes are green. Oh, and I wear dark eye makeup.[/COLOR][/FONT] [IMG]http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k195/KeikoValentine/Vampire%20Knight/e0c9.jpg[/IMG]
  2. [B][COLOR="Red"]I only have the slim PS2 and the Nintendo from WAY back in the day. I want a the new PSP ( so I can get FFVII:Crisis Core), the Xbox 360, the PS3, the wii, and a DS.[/COLOR][/B]
  3. NightAlchemist

    CDs you've played through 20 or more times

    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Red"]For me that would be.... Dir en Grey-'Withering to Death' The GazettE-'STACKED RUBBISH' the first Headbanger's Ball CD Combichrist- 'Get Your Body Beat' Cradle of Filth-'Nymphetamine' The Nightmare Before Christmas (special edition) 'Dimmu Borgir- 'Death Cult Armageddon' L'arc~en~ciel-'SMILE' The first Fullmetal Alchemist Original Soundtrack Nightmare of You-'Nightmare of You' Nightwish-'Century Child' and 'Once' Slipknot-'Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses' ....and a bunch of mixed CDs that have downloaded songs on them. [/COLOR][/FONT]
  4. NightAlchemist

    Songs that Evoke a Strong Emotion

    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Red"]For me it would be "1000 Words" from Final Fantasy X-2. It's just full of emotion and beauty![/COLOR][/FONT]
  5. NightAlchemist

    Oshare/Visual Kei???

    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Red"]I'm absolutely in love with Visual Kei! I love way too many bands to type them all, so here's a few. Diru (Dir en Grey), Nightmare, An Cafe, The GazettE, Miyavi, Girugamesh, Gackt, Alice Nine, Malice Mizer, Moix Dix Moi, Phantasmagoria, and of course some others^^[/COLOR][/FONT]
  6. NightAlchemist

    Music What Are You Listening To?

    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Red"]Right now I'm listening to The GazettE, Jeffree Star, Gackt, Dir en Grey, Miyavi, Girugamesh, and Mindless Self Indulgence. I like to have variety^^[/COLOR][/FONT]
  7. NightAlchemist

    Anime Are you a fan of the Clamp universe?

    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]I've seen Chobits, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Tsubasa Chronicles, and a couple more. I'm totally in love with them! I'm especially fond of Chobits and ever since my friend Izumi got me the 1st manga and since I've seen the first ep., I've been wanting a persocom really bad! I'm really anxious to see Clamp in Wonderland, Clamp in Wonderland 2, and the other movies![/FONT]
  8. NightAlchemist


    Hmmmm I think you are the shortest of your guy friends BKstyles, because I think you said so in one of your other posts.....The 'What do you look like?' post me thinks... Time for Kei-chan!! Of course one could be false! 1.I'm half Polish 2. I'm one of the tallest of my friends 3.I dyed my hair the colors of the rainbow last year for Halloween 4.I can't point straight Darn computer messed me up!! Okay, BKstyles, your lie I think is #1...I have never met any one who has done that much psychology!! I think that would drive me crazy!! [COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=1][INDENT]I merged your two posts together NightAlchemist. Next time if your computer messes up just use the edit button located in the lower right hand corner of your post instead of double posting. ~SunfallE[/INDENT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  9. It could be when you got married, got your first puppy, when your parents brought your little brother or sister home, whatever. For me, the happiest day of my life was when I found out I wasn't moving across the country to Oregon. See, I live in the south , and that would've been a long drive all the way to Oregon. I was so happy because I didn't want to make new friends up there, I wanted to stay here with the friends I've known most of my life. AND THEN I FOUND OUT I WASN'T MOVING AND I ALMOST CRIED WITH JOY!! :animeknow
  10. NightAlchemist

    Anime Ever Dream Anime?

    I've dreamed 2 FMA dreams in the past year! The first one, Roy Mustang was my dad and he had my real dad's old blue firebird. And my butterfly net was under it, and I wanted it back! And he made so much noise that my mom started yelling at him! The second one was when I was an FMA character, and also had a narrator kind of point of view.(I'd be a character one second, and be floating above everyone the next). Well, I got scratched by a chimera, and Ed's all "You alright?!" He was so worried! Then Ed and Al got blamed for something and I had to explain everything........kinda complicated. But I love those dreams!
  11. For me, the most embarrassing thing that I've ever done was literally run full speed into the sliding glass door when I was 6.......and I ran into it again not long after that!! Another embarrassing thing was running into the corner of my door when I was talking to my friend Zoom-tush. That one hurt for awhile!!
  12. NightAlchemist

    Anime Why Do People Love Anime So Much?

    Why do we love anime so much? Is it that we fall in love with the wicked awesome characters or the plot? Or that it's an escape and comfort from daily stress? I think its because it draws us into a world of awesome fiction that we know will never be our own world. What do you think?
  13. My friends J.C. and L and I were just talking about that yesterday!! We were trying to figure out why people said that and where we got it from!! J.C. says it was in a movie (I think she said 'Goodwill Hunting'), and she thinks that was where we got it from....But L and I have no clue.
  14. NightAlchemist

    Best Live Performances

    I went to Taste of Chaos earlier this year in Feb., and everyone was awesome!! Especially Street Drum Corp., I think that was their name...As I Lay Dying was the first band I saw there, and they were one of the best I've ever seen!! And Atreyu wasn't bad either along with the The Receiving End of Sirens.
  15. NightAlchemist

    Sequel of the Century! Pirates of the Caribbean 2!

    I just saw it yesterday! Captain Jack Sparrow was entertaining as always! I liked it alot! And some guy even dressed up as a pirate!! And of course I wore my Captain Jack Sparrow shirt to the show! I love Captain Sparrow!