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Discuss Super Smash Bros. Rumble!!! [PG - V]


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[i][color=teal]His face was flushed with excitement as he stood on-scene on the mighty Masters Hand, Inc. dirigible. Below him, a vast assortment of open-field arenas checkered a huge expanse of land. His eyes brightened as he tightened his grip on the microphone. He looked into the camera, the technician's hand signalling three, then two, and finally...[/i]

[center]"We're on? I'm on? C'mon, Lakilarry, am I..."[/center]

[i]Okay. Let's try that again. Three, two, and...[/i]

[center]"Hello, and welcome to the viewing deck of the Masters Hand, Inc. blimp, the [i]Thumbs-up.[/i] I'm Talon, and I have the privilege of hosting the latest in gambits made by the esteemed Masters, the Hand Brothers, in their Super Smash Bros. tournaments.

This latest venture is a tournament unlike any other in the Super Smash Bros. line. The Masters Hand have taken out all the stops for this year. New arenas, more fighters, and more weapons and items than Cranky can shake a cane at, all for your viewing pleasure.

In the spirit of the tournament, the Masters invite any and all Nintendo heroes (and villains!) to prove, once and for all, that they alone deserve the title of Super Smash Champion. However, the Masters have thrown in an extra little bit of icing: out of the total 32 slots open for the fighters, 4 of them will be reserved for NON-Nintendo heroes! That's right! This year, you may see such fights as Link versus Trevor Belmont, Captain Falcon versus the Master Chief, or the long-awaited showdown between Mario and Sonic!

Will these fights actually take place? Nobody knows! We have only FOUR slots open for these fighters, so sign-up today!

Is that all? No! The arenas have been expanded, and new items have been added. In addition, fighters can now 'carry' any item other than the Hammer or the Super Star in case of an emergency! You may only carry ONE item, however, and it must be approved pre-match via personal message.

What's more, there will be 4 divisions! Each division will start with 8 fighters in one-on-one matches. Semi-finals will be held between divisions 1 and 2 winners, and divisions 3 and 4 winners. The winners of those matches will decide the finals!

There's still more on the plate! There are surprises galore in store for our viewers, AND our fighters! Even better, the fighters that make it to the top of their division have a special surprise in store for them, as well!

Am I done yet? No! Each division will be co-hosted by a surprise special guest alongside myself! Even the Masters Hand will be making special guest appearances from time to time. What they will be doing, is up to the crowd...

That's all, fans! Heroes, and villains, you're all invited to attend the Super Smash Bros. Rumble! Join now, and win bragging rights for a whole year! Until next time, Talon, signing out!"[/center]

[i]With that, the camera went off. Talon walked over to the side of the viewing deck and looked out at the arenas. He smiled and looked up, to see a pair of floating gloves giving him a huge thumbs-up each. His smile turned into a grin as he turned to his computer console. It was time to up the ante....[/color][/i]



[i]Yep. You read right. This is a thirty-two way tournament, with twists and turns at every angle. Guest stars, new items, new arenas...and four non-Nintendo-exclusive fighters.

This will be a sparring tournament active in FIVE THREADS. That's right, FIVE THREADS. A thread for each of the four divisions, and one behind-the-scenes general thread. This thread is where the host will be spending much of his time, aside from announcing and delivering judgments. Also, groupings, team-ups, and secretive planning are allowed in this thread. The characters that are currently IN A MATCH are disallowed from this thread until the next fight. All other characters can use this thread to watch, comment on, and wonder about the matches currently in play.

Rematches may be called, and a sixth thread may be added to determine honorable mentions among the first-outs. These two, however, must be expanded upon and voted on before they will take place, as well as given the okay by James.

Impartial judges will judge matches on basis of CREATIVITY, FIGHTING SKILL, GRAMMAR, AND SPELLING. GODMODDING IS DISALLOWED AND WILL RESULT IN FORFEIT. Additional judging material are: number of 'falls', number of 'taunts', dependence on repetetive tactics, use of environment, and mercy. The judges will NOT be predisposed to certain users or characters, and they WILL not be announced. Judges' names shall be kept secret at all times.

Each match will last an as-yet undetermined number of posts; immediately following the final post, regardless of impending action, the 'clock' will be called and the match winner will be announced by myself and the special guest referee of that division.

A new feature in this tournament is the 'Carry Item' slot. Similar to the slot in Super Mario World, a fighter can carry a single item that they may activate at any time during the match ONCE ONLY. You cannot replace an item in the box once the box has been used in a match, though until that point you can replace a box-item with any item other than a Hammer or a Super-star. In other words, no Invinci-cards or Insta-wins.

Finally, this tournament, the Super Smash Bros. Rumble, is meant to be FUN. Don't take it, or yourself, too seriously. It's only bragging rights for a year. Anyone can join, but please abide by the rules; you will be declared the loser by forfeit. If there are any questions, post them here. Questions and feedback are invited and encouraged.[/i]

[center][b]LET'S RUMBLE!!![/b][/center]
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[color=teal]ANY character, from ANY video game, may be used, though any Marvel, Capcom, or SNK characters will be put on the back burner in hold for any other non-Nintendo characters. Custom-built characters, such as those used in the RPGs in the Arena, are not allowed, however. This tournament is to determine the Super Smash Champion of the GAMING world.

Remember, though, that [b]only four[/b] characters in the tournament may be non-Nintendo. Upon posting the sign-up threads in a week or so, nyone wishing to use a non-Nintendo character must send me a PM first, to verify that that character can be posted in the sign-ups.

[b]Remember that a green light to post a character does not ensure that character's participation in the tournament.[/b]

Apart from that, feedback and additional questions are encouraged. We are currently in need of several new ideas for arenas, especially since The Halberd will be included in [b]Brawl[/b].

Thank you,
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