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Sign Up Phantom Dust- Vengence (M-VL)


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Meister-Log Entry 1023- It has been 4 months since The Protagenist left... No one knows where he is... Now only a few Espers are left to explore the surface of this barren planet. We have no idea how we are to survive now. We have no one to search for food on the surface no way to know whether the Protagenist is coming back. I have to go this is getting too depressing... /Log End

Log Entry 1027- It is unbelievable we have actually found a entire building filled with cryo-tanks just like the ones Edger and The Protagenist were in... with any luck we will find some great Espers. /Log End

Log Entry 1036- Several of the people that were in the Cryo-tanks are potiental Espers. They have great poteintal. I am so exicted. All have no memory and hinst have no name. We here undergrond believe in picking our own names so... maybe in a few days the rest will wake up. We have hit the jackpot.


In case you are confused about the story of Phantom Dust I will fill in the gap. It is 10000 years in the future and a strange dust is covering the surface of the Earth. This dust takes away peoples memorys if they stay on the surface too long. So they are forced to live underground. But, the dust gives certin people that are called Espers special powers called skills. People use these skills to protect them selves against the countless monters on the surface. They search for clues of who they are and where they came from. The only memory they have is of a huge tower and a spiraling staircase they call the RuinsOnly recently did they have success. But with the Protagenist gone... they are lost.

Here is the Sign Up

Name-(You may be one of the Game Characters EXCEPT The Protagenist, Edger, or Freia.)

Appearent Age-


Bio- (this shouldn't be a long bio since they have no memory or you were there before the protagenist)



Favorite Skills- (By favorite i mean the one you use most often this doesn't mean you can't use other skills besides these. here is a list of the skills there are-[URL=http://phantom-dust.com/skills.php[COLOR=DarkRed]]SKILLS[/COLOR][/URL] Pluse there are over 300 skills to chose from includeing ones you make up. Yes you can make your own skill)

Skill Class- Nature/Psyco/Ki/Faith/Optical

Skill Type- Defensive, Attack,Erase,Enviromental

Skill Name-

If you dont know much about Phantom Dust and my explaination didn't help... go to this site-[URL=http://phantom-dust.com/index.php][COLOR=Indigo]http://phantom-dust.com/[/COLOR][/URL]-It should help

Here is my Sign up-

Name- Tsudomashi

Appearent Age- 25

Gender- Male

Bio- In the time he was unfrozen he had many visions of a huge tower and glimses of the one called the Protagenist. Few know why he have had the vision of The Protagenist. But they are remarkibly simalar in many ways. When Tsudomashi or Tsudo for short when on his first mission to the surface he desimated a entire group of Scoto, a small eyeball looking monster, one of few roaming the surface. Meister was the most impressed saying that he had the most potiental out of all so far that had been found.

Personality- Since he is the one with the most potiental he is sometimes arrogant and looks down on the others. But he is not with out some modisty he helps the weaker Espers with their mission on the surface. He is a man of many faces

Apperence- He has Red goggles to guard his eyes from the dust. And has White hair and Yellow eyes. He usually wears a black jumpsuit and one black glove on his right hand. He is not muscle bound he is a slim looking guy.

Aresenal Name- Testement

Favorite Skills-

Skill Name- Lingering Flame(used near death)

Skill class- Nature(Green Aura)

Skill type- Attack
Skill Name- Excaliber(Close-Range)

Skill Class-Psycho

Skill type-Attack
Skill name- Psycho Kinesis(picks up object and throws it at the enemy)

Skill class- Psycho

Skill type- Attack
Skill Name- Final Psychotic Wave(a massive wave of energy/Usually a last ditch effort)

Skill Class- Psycho

Skill type- Attack
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[B]Name:[/B] Alphonse Elric or Al for short (I hope you don't mind, at least it got you another sign up)

[B]Appearent Age:[/B] 16

[B]Gender:[/B] male

[B]Bio:[/B] He was wandering around the surface when he was found half dead.soon after they realized he had great power and accuracy when it came to optical skills.

[B]Appearence:[/B] [url]http://www.nautiljon.com/images/perso/miniatures/Fullmetal_Alchemist_Conqueror_Of_Shambala/alphonse_elric.jpg[/url] (he has a clear family resemblance to Ed Elric)

[B]Personality:[/B] He's a happy-go-lucky fun loveing guy,givin the surcomstances.And he won't pass up a chance to show off his talents with optical skills,thinking he's the best.Wich in this case is almost true.

[B]Favorite skills:[/B]

skill name-Rapid cannon(fires a sieres of energy blasts.)
skill class-Optical
skill type-Attack

skill name-Photon shower(a number of energy blasts rain down on selected area,its rather un-accurate though)
skill class-Optical
skill type-Attack

skill name-Killer satellite(fires one powerful beam into the sky to later hit a single opponent, it almost never misses)
skill class-Optical
skill type-Attack

skill name-Hell-zone granade(shoots an enormous ammount of energy blasts in-accuratly at opponents,they stop in his/her immediat vacinity and redirect towords him/her all at once,hitting him/her from all angles.)
skill class-Optical
skill type-Attack

(hope thats all well and good,I made my last skill up.If anything needs changing pm me and I'll change it)
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OOC: Bodhidharma you make it sound like I forced you into the Ed and Al thing. You're the one who suggested it man.
Name- Edward Elric

Appearent Age-17


Bio- I'll get there

Personality-Always runs head first into battle without planning. He gets angry easily and gets furous when mocked about his height.


Favorite Skills-

Skill Name-Stone Spike-makes stone spikes come out of the ground to hit enemys.

Skill Class- Nature

Skill Type- Attack
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im new to this, so i know ill mess it up somehow....
please tell me if i do!
Name- Andromeda Griffin

Appearent Age- 18

Gender- female

Bio- she was found 1 year ago knocked out in a large pile of dust.
her arm was badly broken, and the only things she has to her name are a fuzzy picture of a boy with golden hair, and written on the back are the words "andromeda: please, remember forever" and a sword

Personality- usually funny and happy, but can be really mean if in a bad mood, or if someone uses a cheap come-on line on her. she is also very smart, but she doesnt usually show it

Apperance- dirty-blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, has a strange tattoo on her ankle that says "always"

Favorite Skills-
Skill name- rain of stones (a bunch of stones rain down.... who would of guessed?)

Skill Class- Psyco

Skill Type- Attack
Skill Name- mist blade (cuts opponent with a blade made of mist)

Skill class- optical

Skill Type- attack

please tell me if i messed up!
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Alright Just a couple more and we will get this thing underway.
And it is ok about the Sign ups I didn't say you couldn't be a anime character. Since the story is very animaish.

And a you may have two characters if you can handle it.

darkisMine you are fine.

And the NPCs are going to be a large part of the story so here are quriks-

Meister- He is the Esper in charge of training new Espers

Tatsubaki- A woman that is haunted by a event she can not remember Uses Faith skills

Know- One of the more powerful Espers he takes it hard on the rookies.

Guard- He is a robot... not much to say. Know is its master.

Sahamma- Most think he is a coward for using so many Erase Skills. But his attitude is blood thirsty and WILL shoot you.

JD- Wandering the surface. Lost after the final battle with Germono (Basiclly A suitcase with a plugin coming from the back but a very powerful monster)

Ph- Hangs out at the bar drinking.

Mikan- The nurse doesn't really remember the right doses
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