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A new idea from my head of many wonders. :animestun

The idea is that demons have come from hell and take forms of humans. Sooner on they find out that they are stuck in their current forms and have a set time to transform back. They find out that vampires and lycan are trying to find them and kill them. So they half to destroy the races infirior to them. Well anyways they turn good because they find out that the humans are weakless to go against the Vampires and Lycan. So the demons band together to find the secret base. But end up going back to hell and must get out first. So when they get out the humans wll be wiped out and the Vampires and lycan will mate to create a mega-race. And the Demons will find the Lypires that don't think the world shoul just be the two races. (the lypires will be the people that join. Or they will be demons. Whatever the player sees fit.

So thats my Idea. Please reply if you think it should be made and if so would you make a charecter? Thank ya all! :D
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