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RPG Silent Hill:Shadow Demons Rpg[sign up]


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Here's the plot:Kain Strife(me),his daughter,and five others have came to silent hill hoping for a nice relaxing vacation.But what they get is nothing near it.They crash when they see a girl in a blue dress standing in the middle of the road.They avoid hitting her but crash into a near by tree.They get out of the car and follow Kain as he looks for his daughter in the disturbing town of Silent Hill.

Just post a profile like this:
Items-(no weapons yet)
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Name: Pumar Certs
Age- 16
Items- Mace
Description- Wears a silver thick armor. With nice golden fur and blue eyes. Big muscles and intellegent:genius:
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Name- Cara Serephine
Age- 18
Items-Crystal pendant, backpack, a Golden dagger with a single Ruby. She has a small puppy companion.
Description- Long black hiar, green eyes, wears a black tunic over jeans. Brown travveling boots.
Puppy: His name is Aria, He is black with a white patch on his back. He has a jewelled collar. Cara is rich. Very much in fact.
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Name-Charlie Fortune (duh!)
Items-'Launcher (Without ammo!) and his Armor-Suit (He forgot to charge it!)
Description-6 feet tall, neither fat or skinny, a little muscular and unbrushed hair. He's the same maniac he's been in all stories...
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