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Manga Blade of the Immortal


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I read this manga about two years ago, and I've got to say, as far as action manga goes, this is the best I've read. The storyline is quite interesting. It's complicated so I'll sum it up with a line that'll do it injustice: Basically, an immortal samurai under bounty teams up with a girl to avenge her family's death. Both the good guys and bad guys are likeable, and interchangeable in good and bad roles.

The artwork is simply magnificent. Just the book covers alone are a wonder, and the art style is quite unique. The fight scenes make the still pictures look like they're in motion, and the manga is violent. I mean, the artist leaves me in disbelief of all the ways he can draw Killing, torture, and ways to use weapons. I'm sure the artist is into sadomasochism. I'm usually squeamish to these kinds of things, but the artwork is engrossing.

Have any of you read this manga? I think it isn't popular. I heard they also made a live action movie out of this, and I've seen a screen capture. I wonder if they'll ever make an anime out of it? I've read up to Volume 16, and wonder if there's still a long way to go or will it end any time soon.

If you haven't read this manga, and you like action, I totally recommend Blade of the Immortal.

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