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[SIZE=1][CENTER]Two splashes of water marked the passing of a ninja, her feet quick and light on the river?s surface as she ran with it?s current, hoping by the gods that she would reach the waterfall drop before her pursuer caught up. Her forehead protector shone brightly in the hot Konoha sun and she chanced only one look over her shoulder. He was gaining on her. Damn.

The drop of the waterfall suddenly seemed too far away, and the kunoichi whirled on her heels, feet sinking a little in the shallow waters as her concentration dropped, her chakra dissipating momentarily.

[B]?Stop following me.?[/B] She growled, hands reaching behind her to grab the two pieces of her nunchaku from their holster on her back.

[B]?Well, you see, I can?t do that. You?re a spy, from Sunagakure, no less, and you have a scroll I need.? [/B] The male held out his gloved hand, his cold blue eyes showing intelligence and confidence. His prey lowered herself into a fighting stance, having to concentrate harder so the river didn?t carry her away while her opponent merely let the current take him forward.

[B]?Let?s fight this on fair ground, ne??[/B] he asked, his tone almost playful.

The woman said nothing, but jumped from the water to the grassy area just next to it, the Konoha ninja walking forward slowly, the mask covering the lower half of his face hiding the smirk that was quite obviously there.

[B]?What is your name, Sand-nin??

?Fight me, and maybe I?ll tell you.?[/B][/CENTER]

So this is a spar between Onix and myself. If you want to read, feel free to do so. But no one else but Onix and I can reply to this thread.

The setting is thus: A small grassy area next to a river leading over a medium sized cliff. Surrounding the ninja are trees, shrubs and boulders.

[U]I think all we need for this is-[/U]
?Techniques (Four max+ basics like replication, transformation and substitution)
?Basic fighting style

I?ll post my character after Onix.[/SIZE]
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Zensei Ginmaru

Ginmaru dresses in a relatively functional style, preserving the ninja ideals of stealth and darkness without losing precious style in the process. He wears a mask to conceal the lower half of his face, leaving only his pale blue eyes exposed, which are often covered by his lengthy silver bangs. He keeps to the usual ninja style with a mesh undershirt and simple black, loose pants that aren't so baggy as they catch on any foliage or whatnot. Over this he has a black trenchcoat, and keeps his hands covered with black fingerless gloves.

His body is covered in scars, from missions and brutal training sessions with his father, that mar his pale complexion. In addition, there are strange jet black tattoos across both of his arms, baring the Kanji 'Kin', Forbidden, in the center, surrounded by organic looking lines and spirals. He keeps the Kanji hidden by bandages wrapped across his biceps.

Ginmaru's main weapon is his katana, but he also carries a pouch of kunai and shuriken in case of emergencies.

Hien [Flying Swallow] - Taught to Ginmaru by his Jounin sensei, Sarutobi Asuma, the Hien is a technique in which Ginmaru forms a sharp, invisible blade of chakra around his sword to extend its range, giving himself a secret advantage that the enemy usually won't realize until it's too late.

Kasei-giri [Mars-Cutter] - Ginmaru's own original fire-based sword technique, where he superheats the blade of his sword to give it added destructive capabilities.

Kingatana: Shussan [Forbidden Sword: Birth] - Utilizing the seal on his right arm, the Shussan gives an explosive burst of chakra to its user that manifests as an organic-metalloid armor around their arm. However, the sheer amount of chakra released puts great strain on his body, so he can only use the Shussan for up to five minutes before permanent damage is done to his arm.

Kingatana: Shi [Forbidden Sword: Death] - The second level of the Kingatana, the Shi can only be used when the Shussan is already in effect because of the chakra it requires. It replicates the Shussan on Ginmaru's left arm, giving him a second sword and armor, and lets him unleash blades of pure chakra from his weapons. However, the doubled strain of the attack cuts his time down to two minutes. Ginmaru has yet to aquire the Fukkatsu, the third level of the Kingatana.

[B]Basic fighting style[/B]
Ginmaru's expertise, as you might've guessed, is his swordsmanship. As he will proudly tell you, there is no greater swordsman in Konoha than he right now, and he counts himself on par with the Seven Shinobi Swordsman of Mist. The true strength of the Zensei-clan's kenjutsu (sword techniques) is in the initial Iai cut, a quick-draw slash that is good for instant assassination.

However, Ginmaru also has numerous kendo moves worked out in case the initial draw fails. He is extremely fast with his blade, raining down attacks on his opponent so they never know what's coming next. Still, while he often seems to be striking randomly, his brain is always at work behind every strike, plotting out where the next will go and leading his opponents into traps.

None, really. Just get ready for a hell of a match, love~[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]Name: [/B] Kagami Imi
[B]Appearance:[/B] Imi is a woman of small stature, but her fiery personality and confidence come through, making her seem bigger than she really is. Her skin is lightly tan from her training in the desert and her hair is a dusky red colour, being cropped shot at the back of her neck and left to grow long at the front. A long fringe covers her grey/green eyes, which would be pretty unremarkable if it weren?t for her long, dark eyelashes.

She dresses in black knee-length shorts, with a thick green belt holding her kunai and shuriken covering her abdomen. This belt also acts as protection, even though it is light. Her torso is covered by a mesh top and black bandages are wrapped around her chest. A black over shirt with red stitching covers her back and shoulders. She also wears a red vambrace on her left arm, and her right arm is covered in black bandages similar to those around her chest.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Imi?s primary weapon is a two-piece nunchaku. She designed it herself, so the weapon starts off as being in two separate parts. These two parts can then be twisted together and pulled apart to create a chain link in the middle to be used as conventional nunchaku. She carries these in a holder on her lower back.

She also carries shuriken and kunai on her belt, as well as a roll of wire in her back pocket.

[U]Kagemusha no Jutsu (Art of the Shadow Warrior)-[/U]This is Imi?s most powerful technique and is only used as a last resort. She performs a complicated set of seals before an illusionary technique is triggered, covering the field in darkness. She then summons warriors out of the shadows surrounding herself. These warriors can?t deal major damage, but can?t be hurt themselves. They are used to drive her opponent insane or deal repeated minor wounds, like scratches and bite marks.

[U]Sunaarashi (sandstorm)-[/U] A technique that allows Imi to ?blow? a sandstorm from her mouth. The sand is actually moulded from chakra, and is a very good defensive technique to drive multiple opponents back.

[U]Summoning technique: Butterfly-[/U] Imi summons a butterfly that is approximately four meters in length, with a wing span of six meters. It, like her Sandstorm, is used more for defence rather than offence. The dust on its wings can be used to blind, poison or induce sleep. It can also blow great gusts at opponents.

[U]Kamaitachi no Jutsu (Cutting Whirlwind Technique)-[/U] Imi learnt this technique from her idol, Temari. But instead of using a fan as her teacher did she uses her nunchaku, pushing her chakra into them so that she can rotate them at great speeds, creating an enormous, deadly wind.

[B]Basic Fighting Style:[/B] Imi is a terrible taijutsu user, in the way that she cannot carry out any basic forms of fighting. She is, however, an excellent brawler and prefers to use hand to hand/weapon based fighting rather than jutsu, due to low stamina. Her style of fighting is very aggressive, but she knows when to back away and use one of her defensive techniques if need be. She isn?t the type of fighter who has the ability to finish a battle quickly, so she relies on massive strength and high defence techniques.

[B]Notes:[/B] Don?t think there?s anything. But if you?re honestly interested, the scroll Ginmaru was referring to is currently hanging from her hip in a bag.[/SIZE]
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