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This is a pokemon RPG of course. This will be super fun I hope.

You are sitting in your house, watching the last five minutes of an awsome pokemon battle between some guy named Jack and a girl named........well, you forgot her name. The girl was using a big, blue Gyarados that had just launched a powerful hyperbeam attack at its rival. The Gyarados's rival, the kids pokemon, was a really fast and an incredibly strong looking Scizor. The scizor dodged the attack and....CLICK. You just turned off the TV. You went into the kitchen to get a soda. Man, you thought to yourself, I cant wait to get my very first pokemon. You knew it wasnt until a month that that great day would come. You grab your soda and then you remember what you dad told you to do when he was gone. To get the mail. You walk out side and down the sidewalk and you look up to see a couple of pidgy fly by. You finally reach the mailbox and you look inside. There doesnt appear to be anything.. but wait! You see something which you take out. It is adressed to you. You rip it open and inside is a letter. It reads........

Dr. Mr./Ms. ----------(Your character name )

You and five others heve been selcted to begin an adventure to Alurie Academy. You must have 3 pokemon. ONly three at first. You must also fill a sighn up sheet to see if you are accepted into Alurie Academy. One pokemon must be a starter

You run to your room and start packing urgent to begin your adventure. You pack your pokemon, 3 pokeballs, 4 potions, 9 berries, your pokedex, and other inportant needs. Here are the rules of Alurie Academi RPG:


1. No flamming.

2. No bunnying.

3: No godmodding.

4: Keep cussing to a mininmum if possible none at all.

5: Profanity keep to minimum.

6: Must read storyline to join...

7: Must follow structure of sign up sheet.

8: Please keep OOC (Out Of Character) talk to a minimium.

9: Please have fun and follow the Rules.

Age: (13-16)
Gender: (um....)
House: Dragon. Fire, Mind, Water, Ice, Steel, Grass, Flying, Rock
Apperance: (3-4 lines)
Personality: (3-4 lines)
History: (2-3 lines)
Starter pokemon: (any first evo pokemon, but I can say no to your choice or even pick one for you if I want.)

Here is mine:

Name: Kazryo
Age: 16
Gender: Male
House: Mind
Apperance:he has green hair and green eyes to match. He wears a black shirt with a goded pokeball on it. His hair is all bangs. All is his hair is strrainght forward and the bangs are puched to the side only to show one eye.
Personality: He is easily annoyed and is a very persistant trainer. He had gone on several adventures before. But he wanted to start new. He isnt really interested in friends but will make a few.
History: Not much is known about him because he comes from a smaller sub-town call Hildegard Keep. He is know throughout Hoenn and he wants more fame.
Starter pokemon: Charmander, Ghastly, Duskull
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[SIZE=1][B]Shadow_Blood[/B], I realise that you have put an edit note with 'needs rating', however, this is still not up to par with what the OB expects for a good RP.

You must have a solid, well-written backstory for any RP, which we expect to be at least three paragraphs long. This gives people a better idea of how the story will develope.

This is probably just inexperience on your part, but I'm closing this thread. If you wish to recreate it with a better backstory and a rating, please do so.

Also, if you ever forget a rating, feel free to PM myself or one of the other Arena mods and we'll edit it in for you.

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