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Sign Up Slain: Rebirth [MLSV]

JT Darkfire

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[CENTER][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=4][COLOR=Red]Slain: Rebirth [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/CENTER]

[B][FONT=Times New Roman]December 18, 2007 10:42 PM
Bellevue Hospital ER
Room 243
Los Angeles, California[/FONT][/B]

Doctor Victor Cruz never had any luck.

He was always scheduled the night shift, the busiest time of day at Bellevue Hospital. All he wanted was a night off every now and then; a chance to get out of the sanitized hallways, enjoy the night life, hang out at the clubs.

Tonight he was not that lucky. Instead of cruising for chicks, he had ER duty.

"Heart beat, stable. Respiratory systems, functioning. Vital signs, clear. And yet he's still comatose. Dammit, what the hell is wrong with this man? Bridget!"

An attractive young nurse walked into the room.[I]Damn,[/I] thought Victor, [I]I'd like to get me a piece of that.[/I]

Bridget was used to the Victor's stare. He was the most well known doctor in the building. He was a creep, and everyone knew it. "Yes, doctor?"

"Get me this man's file!"

Bridget rolled her eyes. "Yes, doctor." She exited the room leaving the "good doctor" alone with his patient.

"All right, let's check his response to external stimuli."

Victor aimed his small flash light in the patient's left eye.

"Hmmm...Seems normal enough." He turned around to record his observations on the chart.

Just when he did, the right eye of room 243's most recent tenant snapped open. His pupils began to dilate into thin, reptilian slits.

His arm reached out and grabbed Victor by the throat. A look of terror crossed the doctor's face. A repeating chant filled his head:[I]Oh God oh God oh God oh---[/I]


Bridget walked into room 243 with the file in her hand.

* * * * * * * * *

"Doctor, here's the file you---"

Bridget's mouth dropped open. Lying on the floor, alone in a pool of blood, was the late Victor Cruz.

[B][FONT=Times New Roman]December 18, 2007 11:02 PM
The Streets
Los Angeles, California[/FONT][/B]

The former patient of Bellevue Hospital, Room 243 raced through the streets in a frenzy, demolishing everything in his path. The crazed man rounded a corner, coming face to face with a man in a gray trench coat. He let out a violent howl. The man in the trench coat stood their, almost bored.

This former patient lifted an angry fist, preparing to strike the seemingly powerless victim.

The man in the coat dodged the clumsy blow, pulled a gun out of a hidden pocket, and squeezed a single shot straight into his attacker's chest.

The man in gray turned his back and walked away, pretending not to notice the black cloud leaving the fallen man...


That was the opening of this tale. Now, to fill in the details.

A strange virus is going around. This virus infects both mentally and physically, increasing the strength of its victims, but driving them progressively insane, up to a primal and dangerous point. Once they reach their brink of insanity, the mutations begin. No, not your pretty, X-Men mutations that give special powers yet leave the physical body unchanged. The victims become horrendous (and dangerous) abominations.

However, after a while, the truth of the virus will become known. In reality, this virus (which seeks out the darkness in human hearts) is a method Lucifer implemented in an attempt to create an army vast and powerful enough to storm heaven and claim it as his rightful place.

God's only opportunity to stall this onslaught was to send an arch-angel to thwart Satan's plans. He sent Ezekiel, a trusted and skilled angel who fought as Michael's second in command during the original bannishing of Lucifer from heaven.

When Ezekiel arrived on Earth's surface, he had absolutely no memory of his past, and he had become mortal. What you read above will be the first chapter of the story.

Those who choose to participate in this RP will play as people who were either saved from the virus by the man in the gray trench coat ( Ezekiel Albright), or they will be other people with special capabilities to combat these demons. If you wish to be a villain, contact me via PM.

Oh, for the record...those of you who think this sounds familiar, that's because it is a failed attempt at the chapter system I tried many months ago. However, now that I have finally found a way to balance my schedule, I can focus my attention to this, my most successful role play.No chapter system this time. Enjoy.


[SIZE=3][B]Sign-Ups[/B] [/SIZE]

Here is the base rubric for sign-ups:




[B]Blood Type:[/B] For some characters, this may not be relevant. Others it may. I figured I should cover all the bases.

[B]Physical Appearance:[/B]A detailed description and/or a picture.

[B]*Special Ability:[/B]



[B]Biography:[/B] Keep it brief, but give us enough detail so we get to know the character.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B] Just a sample of your writting, so we can see your style.

Note= * means that this section is not required.

Here is my sign up, as an example:

[B]Name:[/B] Ezekiel Albright

[B]Age:[/B] Unknown (Countless millenia, way before the birth of mankind.)

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Blood Type:[/B] O+

[B]Physical Appearance:[/B] 5'9", with shoulder-length gray hair and gray eyes. He wears a long, flowing trenchcoat and has a scar across his left eye. Of a medium build, and somewhat thuggish in apprearance. His looks are intimidating, to be sure, but he seems to radiate an air of trustworthiness to anyone willing to give him a second glance. His hands at first may seem large and clumsy, but they are dextrous and agile.

[B]*Special Ability:[/B] His blood is the cure of the demon virus and he is capable of sensing the virus in others.

[B]*Weapon:[/B] A pair of hand-made, fully customized pistols loaded with bullets containing his own blood.

[B]Personality:[/B] Somewhat aloof and anti-social, Zeke has grown accustomed to being alone, and he shows it. He is serious, but can show a dry, sarcastic humor when he wants to.

[B]Biography:[/B] Ezekiel was one of few angels who remained faithful to God during the first war of Heaven and Hell. He fought alongside Michael as second in command. His skill and cunning were renowned among those of Heaven, but after Lucifer's exile, he had no foe to triumph over, and he fell into despair. His name was a joke amonst angels, and he had lost all pride.

That's why he jumped at the chance to combat demons in the mortal world. It gave him a chance to regain his glory, and once again fall into the Lord's good grace.

Upon his journey to Earth, however, his memory was corrupted. He had no idea what he was or what he was capable of. He knew his name and he knew his purpose, but not why he did what he did.

After police officials witnessed the aftermath of one of Ezekiel's battles, he became feared as a criminal, wanted for several cases of homicide and assault with a deadly weapon. Hated on Earth by both sides, those he was meant to protect and those he was meant to destroy,he lives secluded in fear of what will come next.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B] You've seen my sample. Just look above.
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Name: Zax

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Blood Type: AB

Physical Appearance:A detailed description and/or a picture: He keeps his face covered and wears a long black cloak.

*Special Ability: He is an accomplished thief and an adept fighter.

*Weapon: Twin Katanas

Personality: Kind of mysterious as he rarely talks. The only people who know him are already dead.

Biography: He lived wit his family for all his life until the infection struck and all of his village. He survived because he has an immunity to the virus for reasons unknown to him. He travelled to the city to find a purpose for existing.

Character Snippet: Jax saw the main entrance to the city at midnight. He snuck to the side and scaled the wall to avoid being seen. Sticking to the shadows he paced through the alleys looking for anything to do with the virus. He turned a corner and witnessed a man clothed in grey dodge an attacker and fire a bullet into him. He saw the figure walk away and followed.
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana]Name: Abel

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Blood Type: B negative

Physical Appearance: [img] http://img58.imageshack.us/img58/9963/1126qq.png[/img]

*Special Ability: Creates a type of energy called chakra by turning his blood into vapor. This energy is unattractive to those that carry the virus and wards the infected away for a period of time. Abel also regenerates blood over time so that he does not run out of blood using this ability.

*Weapon: Abel can channel his chakra into small waves or small pellets that he can shoot at the infected. This energy has no effect on uninfected people. The higher the infection the more damage it does.

Personality: A bit promiscuous and always rebellious. He is sensitive towards those infected with the virus and doesn?t like ever killing them, especially because they remind him of his father.

Biography: Abel grew up in a wealthy region of Manhattan with his Father and Stepmother. His real mother lived in San Francisco and they divorced when Abel was 6 years old. His father worked as a neurosurgeon in a large hospital and was well known throughout most of Manhattan to be one of the best in the field. However, 2 years ago, when Abel had just turned 15, Him, and his father were involved in a freak accident at the hospital involving a newly introduced virus that was being studied.

A flask of the virus splashed in the ER, and would have infected Abel if his father hadn?t stepped in front of him, the virus splashed onto his father and Abel breathed in the residue. He assumed that this was the reason why he got his unique ability. The virus had infected his stepmother through sexual contact with his father and within a day his father and stepmother became maniacs rampaging through the streets of Manhattan. They were captured and maintained for a while in a maximum-security prison but eventually escaped. Abel, having nowhere else to go, moved in with his mother in San Francisco. With his father no longer considered stable and his mother not legally related, Abel inherited every last drop of money. He bought himself a nice apartment in San Francisco and now roams the hospitals and medical research facilities, searching for a possible cure for his father.

Character Snippet:

December 19, 2007 1:30 am
San Francisco Bay
San Francisco, California

Abel walked down the brightly lit streets of San Francisco to where he has been walking every Wednesday night for the last year, MRFC, the Medical Research Facility of California. He had a friend there named Jin Pyo, a medical expert in virus vaccines. Dr. Pyo has been trying to find a cure for the same virus that infected Abel?s father 3 years ago, and he promised Abel that he was getting close.

The facility was huge, pretty much a skyscraper with its 119 floors. The automatic doors of the vast building slid open with a ?ding? as Abel approached them. He walked up to the front desk to ask the clerk, Debbie, to page Dr. Pyo. Debbie was usually quite beautiful. She had tanned skin and Flowing brown hair that was wavy and luminous in the flourescent office light. Her eyes were always an emerald-shade green and her body type was skinny with vivacious curves. She wore a lavender suit that she hated, she always said that lavender is never a flattering color on anyone.

?Hi Debbie, is Jin here?? He questioned cheerfully.
?Ugh? uh yeah hold on.? She slouched over and pressed down the intercom button.

Dr. Pyo, please come down to the ground floor, Abel is here to see you.

?Uh, are you okay Deb? You look kinda pale.? Abel told her.
?Er, I don?t know, I?ve been feeling sick since this morning, I heard it?s just a stomach flu going around the building.?
[I]?Glazed over eyes and dilated pupils, pale skin and bulging veins??[/I] Abel was silently thinking to himself. He slowly clenched his right hand into a fist and began to evaporate his blood, creating the aura that the infected find so appalling.
?UUH! WHAT IS THAT STENCH?? Debbie moaned as she slid her rolly-chair back from Abel.

[I]Exactly what I thought? all signs of the virus...[/I]

The elevator made a ringing sound as Jin walked up to Abel. Jin wore glasses and his labsuit all the time, he had dark brown eyes and dark brown hair that was always combed neatly to one side of the other. However today He was also pale and his hair was disheveled, his face seemed to have the same symptoms as Debbie.

?Abel! I?ve got great news! I think I?m close to isolating a cure for the virus!? He exclaimed excitedly. He put up a hand to put on Abel?s shoulder. Abel reeled backwards and recoiled from Jin?s hand.

?Jin, the virus didn?t ever get out recently, did it? You didn?t spill anything??

Jin thought for a moment.

?Well now that I think about it, I did spill a small sample of the virus but the Janitor came and wiped it up immediately.?

Able shriveled up with horror, it was exactly as he feared.

?YOU IDIOT! Do you know where that mop has been? That mop could have been spread to every floor of this building by now! The infected mop water could be everywhere!?

??? Jin was silent. He locked eye contact with Abel. Abel knew what he had to do.

?Jin? who did you touch today?? Abel asked as casually as he could.
?Uh, Debbie, and that?s it. I swear.? Jin replied fearfully. Abel turned to Debbie now.

?Deb, who did you touch today??

?Uh, nobody.? She replied blatantly.

Abel turned to Jin.

??I?m sorry.?

Jin spun around and took off in the other direction, reaching for the elevator button, but Abel ran and caught up to him quickly. The elevator opened with a ?ding!? Jin scurried inside and jammed the ?close door? button. Abel drew a gun he had hidden away in his jacket pocket, he shot Jin in the chest just as the elevator doors were closing. Able couldn?t see Jin?s dead body, and that helped him recover quickly.

He turned for Debbie, who was now by the automatic doors, she was like a deer caught in headlights when Abel pointed his gun at her. She looked so? helpless, and fragile. Abel hesitated? he couldn?t pull the trigger. Not on Deb, she just can?t die like this, her bold beautiful eyes shined even brighter now that her skin was pale. Debbie took that brief pause to her advantage and slammed her way through the automatic doors, glass shattered everywhere. Abel pulled the trigger but it was too late. She was gone, He had let another one go?[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

P.S. I'm not sure if the virus can be spread from hand to hand contact? But I made it that way only for my character snippet is that alright?
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Name: Jas

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Blood type: O Negative

Physical Appearance: [URL=http://www.ff7-2.de/cloud_05.jpg]Jas[/URL] But wears a grey and green cloakbeing hooded most of th etime.

Special Ability: He's trained in stealth so using his cloak he can turn "invisable" to most people.

Weapon: The sword in the pic and a 9mm Handgun for job that are out of sword range ( Also comes with silencer)

Personality: Calm, quiet, and mysterious are some of his qualities. He doesn't befriend most people and likes staying to himself most of the time.

Biography: Jas was born somewhere around NYC. He acted like a normal kid wanting to go outside and mess around with friends. His dad was part of the S.W.A.T. team and that's where he inheirted his 9mm when he was 15. He found his sword a year later in his attic locked away. Then mysteriously his dad vanished. His mom heart broken decided to leave. He was all alone and has been living like that till present day.

Character Snippet:
December 20, 2007 7:42 PM
5th Avenue
New York City,New York

Jas had been out for a walk. He stared up at the starless night. It was like an empty black space just coming right at him. He sighed a sigh of relief.

"How boring.." He said to himself as he kicked a rock forward.

He rounded a corner and a shadowy figure came at him. As he got closer it started hissing. He looked up and the face he saw he knew too well. His father? But something was different. The being started coming at him and he knew form the past that his dad bested him in hand to hand combat.

The creature grabbed his wrist, pushed his shoulder, and let him trip over his feet. [I]Arghh, The basics of CQC[/I] Jas thought. He got up and his dad grabbed his right arm again. He reached into his cloak and pulled a hand gun from it.

"Remember this?" Jas asked the creature that was once his father.

It wouldn't let go of his arm. Five seconds later Jas blew a hole the size of a golfball into the creatures head. Blood sprayed forth and stained the brick wall behind it. Jas walked away in horror of what he had seen and what he had done.
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