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Well I've been thinking about creating my first RP, and I was kind of stuck between two similar ideas. Basically, I wanted it to be based on Ancient Asian warfare. And I had two different countries in mind.

[B]China[/B]: I was thinking China would be a good idea since it seemed as though a lot of Japanese type RP's take over The Arena. And plus I had a pretty good idea on how I was going to run this RP.

The era I was going to pick was "The Three Kingdoms". It's a small time period in which three kingdoms (Wei, Wu, and Shu) fought each other for control of China. The characters would simply be living and fighting within this time setting.

[B]Japan[/B]: It may seem cliche, but I wanted a sort of Feudal Japan type of thing. It would be rather easy creating a back story for it, but hard at the same time. Samurais and ninjas just seem so old.

[B]So those are my two choices. I would really like to hear your inputs on which one I should go with, please give your reasons why, and how I can make the overall plot sound better.[/B]

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Why settle for one? ;D Why not use them both? To my knowledge, many "Ancient Asian Wars" were fought between China and Japan, and if you throw some mythological influence into the mix (like secret ninja skills and river dragons and such), you'll surely have one epic package right there.
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[SIZE=1]I agree with what Sandy said; combining the two could be a real epic roleplay.

I know currently that Onix has an ancient Japan based RP called Sengoku, which he's starting soon. It's a mix of real history (with real historical figures) and futuristic type weapons/lifestyle.

I think an old samurai roleplay would be fantastic though. You may think it's cliche, but to my knowledge, there haven't been many (high quality) sumarai-based roleplays for quite a while. Japan is used frequently, but not in the historical context.

I think you should go for it, and possibly use real historical facts and events, as well as people. It may help to flesh out the story.[/SIZE]
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