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Discuss My RPG ideas. Which one to use. [Pg13-vls} Thats both of their ratings.


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Well I have two ideas. The first one is an idea I came up with today. This is it.

IDEA 1: Psychotic Enigma

Its about this group of people who are good and evil. But even good guys get psychotic. Thats the idea. A bunch of normal heroes try to save the planet. But the heroes have an ability thats authentic for themselves. But it is only activated when they turn attitude into power. The villian is a man who can utilize this power at anytime. Thus he plans to rule the world. He has every ability. When another person is born who has the psychotic personality he gets the ability. These peope are called Furians. But anyway thats that story. It is rated PG13-VLS.
Here's what sign-ups would look like.

Good or bad:
Psychotic attack:



Other minor techniques:
other info:

And I also have my second RP to tell about.

IDEA 2: Megaman X: Reploids of the last generation.
Technickly its a megaman X game. It is based on the story that maverick hunters X and Zero have become mavericks. But reploids are going extinct as well as the humans of neo arcadia. (From the megaman zero games.) But over the years of the las megaman zero game X returned and the 2 started a new maverick hunter buisness. But they were infected by the dormant sigma virus. Thus becoming mavericks. And a band of reploids want to fight them and rebirth a new utopia for reploids and humans. Axl is in this as well.
HEre's the sign up apearences:

Hunter or maverick:
Age: over 50 years old. (They are old reploids after all.

8 Attacks.:
2 giga attacks:


Armorand what the parts do.:( Head, torso, legs, arms)

Please tell me which one is better. I really need this info. It would take a load off my back
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