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Winx Club AKA Magical Bloom anyone watch it?


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[color=#9933ff][font=lucida calligraphy]Ok please don't kill me for this thread, but one of my guilty pleasures is watching Winx Club on Saturday mornings even though 4kids butchered it beyond belief and the main character is a Mary Sue in training.

The show originated in Italy and is the brainchild of Iginio Straffi who has other shows now along with Winx Club. Winx Club has been translated into many languages including Turkish, Hebrew, French, German and at least two different English Dubs.

The original title for the show was going to be Magical Bloom and it shows throughout the first two seasons which have been aired nearly world wide with the exception of a concert with Musa and brief flashbacks Layla/Aisha has when Stella, Musa, Bloom and she visit Gardenia.

The base summary of the show is that this girl Bloom finds out that she is [spoiler]not a regular earth girl but a fairy. Not only a fairy actually, but the last survivor and the princess of Sparx/Domino)[/spoiler] The first season pretty much focuses on Bloom finding her powers and getting accquainted with her new friends:

Stella princess of Solaria and Fairy of the Sun and Moon. She is described as being a girl of fun and fashion. (This must be someone else's opinion since I sincerly question the minds of the people who decided on the clothes for these characters observe exhibit one: [IMG]http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f272/Chibi_horsewoman/Winx%20Club%20pics/stella14wr.gif[/IMG]) Interesting fact- Stella is Italian for Star and in the second season she has a pixie named Amore which is Italian for love.

Flora from Linphea/Fifth Moon of Marigold and fairy of plants and nature. Flora is a very quiet and studious girl.

Musa from Melody/The Harmonic Nebula and fairy of music. [spoiler]In the first season of Winx Club 4Kids falsely informs the US and Canadian viewers that Musa is a princess in the second season they fix their oops by saying that her father was disowned by his family. [/spoiler] Musa is a bit of a soft hearted Tom Boy.

Tecna from Zenith/ Technodust fairyland the fairy of technology. Tecna is good with anything technical, but lacks basic skills such as knowing how to use a mop and bucket. Tecna is short for tecnologia- Italian for technology so that is the correct spelling of her name.

In the second season they meet a new fairy Aisha/Layla from Andros/Tides.

I'll add more later because I'm getting tired. But I'm curious, does anyone watch the show and have opinions? Maybe most and least favorite characters? Anything?[/color][/font]
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Yeah, I'm familiar with the show; It was (or is) shown on Toasted TV and Cartoon Network in Australia but I'm not sure if it garnerd much interest here. I caught a bit of it and enjoyed it although it is another hackjob of a dub from what I've seen of the original (My Italian being not as good as it was two years ago). It's alright but it could be a lot better, I guess.

Of course, I'm also familiar with your enjoyment of the show (This being the second or third thread from you concerning it)
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