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RPG Cloud Riders RPG


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here's the story, Cloud Riders are little dudes who ride living clouds(kind of like Flying Nimbus), and have to kill demons and other nasty crap that comes down to earth. here's what you have to put in your bio:

Name: Psycho
Cloud's name(clouds can't talk,though): Puff
Weapon: Hammer (like in Paper Mario)
Gem color(look at pic):Blue
Personality: Kinda bossy:cussing:
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Well, I guess i'll start.

*Psycho rides around on Puff*
Psycho-well, Puff, I think I'll go see what Cid's up to.
*rides up to Cid's place*
Psycho-Hey, Cid. Whatcha doin'?
Cid-Hi, Psycho. I'm fixing up my lance.
Psycho-cool...*walks up to a big gizmo*Hey, what's this?
Psycho(ash-covered)-I wasn't supposed to touch that was I?

Suddenly a huge Demon Dragon comes flying past.

Psycho-*jumps on Puff*It's Butt-kickin' time
Cid-Heck, why not? *flies off on Neo*

So,anyone want to join?:haha:
PS: you do understand that your character should resemble the attachment?
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Thanks for Joining, Buu!

Psycho flies of on Puff to kill the Demon Dragon, with Cid close behind.

Psycho-Die, you unspeakable horror, DIE!!!:angry2:
Cid-You're overreacting, kid!
Psycho-I AM NOT!!!*Smacks DD on the head with his hammer*
DD-ROOOAAARRRRR!!!!!!!!!:flaming:*starts chasing Psycho*
Psycho-This won't end well.*starts flying around with DD right behind him*:help:
Cid-:nope::rolleyes:Oh, well. *charges at DD with his lance*

And so, while the battle rages on, let's see what Oroko's up to...

Your cue, Darkness Buu.(is it ok to call u buu?)
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OOC:yeah Buu is actually what I wanted my name to be

Oroko:*in a forest* whistle...whistle


Oroko:jeez that sounds like a mad fish!!!(Oroko is like goku)go Timbul fly!!!

*Timbul happily obbeys*

Oroko:*sees DD*AAAAHHHH DEMON FISH!!!!...wait a minute it's Cid and Psycho...there probably trying to catch that fish..maybe I should help

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Cid-Hey, Psycho, you noticed that Oroko's here?
Psycho, while banging DD on the head with a hammer-Hey, Oroko!*bang*What's up?*bang*We could use a little help here!
Oroko-Yeah, I'll help! That's a big fish!!!*Cid falls down Anime-style*

The fight rages on, but the Demon Dragon is almost dead!

PS-Where are you Neo Cactuar?
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Gareddan-You guys need help?
Cid-From my point of view, yes.
Psycho-I don't *bang* need *bang* help!

And so, Gareddan joined the fight anyway,and eventually the Demon Dragon was defeated.

Psycho-Yay!!! Drinks on me!

A few hours later...

Oroko-Wow, Psycho, you really let yourself go!

Suddenly, a herd of demons comes running past the bar.
Oroko-Here we go again...
Gareddan-Let's do THIS!!!!*flies off on Dark Storm*
Everybody else-:confused: Oh,well.

Next Episode-The demon fight!!!
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And so, the gang flew off to kill the Demons.

Demons-Hissssssss, Ha-Ha-Ha!!!!:demon::devil:
Cid-What are they so happy about?
Gareddan-Christmas Eve is coming. They sacrifice people to their demon god. This isn't good...
Psycho-So?!? We're Cloud Riders!! We can handle a couple hundred demons!!
Gareddan-Come on, guys. We need to stop them.
Psycho-I'm with you!
Oroko-I'm in!!

Everyone whipped out their weapons and flew off to kick Demon butt!

Psycho-*bang*Hey, I knocked one out! Cool!
Cid-CHARGE!!!!*stabs 5 demons with one blow*
Oroko starts slicing through demons madly.
Cid-*puts his hand on Oroko's shoulder*That'll do, Oroko, that'll do.
Gareddan-*twang*<--(bow's string) My aim is accurate, I won't miss a shot.

They fought for a while, but there were still plenty demons to go.

Ok, we are probably going to need more people, and could you guys please put your stats in your signature?
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Cid-Look if we don't stop him, he'll kill us ALL!!
Everyone shuffles their feet.
Gareddan-Screw this, I'm gonna help him!*twang*
Psycho-Oh, well.*flies off to help Gareddan and Oroko*
Cid-Youngsters. grumble-grumble.*flies off to help everyone else*

While the battle raged on, the demon army was decreasing in numbers. Until finally..,
Psycho-*bang*That's the last of them, and I did it all by myself!
Everyone-*fall down anime-style*
Cid-We all know who to thank.
Psycho, gagged-mmmff mff MMFFF!!!
Gareddan-We all know you're an idiot, Psycho, you don't have to tell us.
Psycho, still gagged-NO! Mmmfff-Mfff-Mfffff!!!!!
Oroko-Let's go fishin'!
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by The Darkness Bu [/i]
[B]OOC:Psycho?can I use the cloud rider dude as an avatar when I get 500 posts? [/B][/QUOTE]

Sure, I could draw you a custom cloud rider on my computer! Just tell how it should look like and I'll e-mail it to you after I've drawn it!
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