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RPG The Bounty III [PG]


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[b][u][size=2][center]The Order[/b][/u][/size]

The Boss
Dragon Warrior

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[b][u][size=2]The Judge[/b][/u][/size]

Ozymandius Jones[/center]


The planet of Dendwenn is a desert planet. A dry place where the native species is a race of weak, lowly race of humanoid reptilian aliens, who are able to retain and store water for months on end. One could always identify wealthy Dendwennian by how fat they were. However, few Dendwennian?s attained the respect needed for wealth, because of their inferiority to other beings. The town was called Scarth. It was mainly a trade town for small arms and other illegal proceedings. It was over run by alien species and the Dendwennian?s were simply pushed aside as street sweepers and trash collecters. Treated with disrespect upon their own planet. It was in this run down, dusty town, that two lone bounty hunters searched for their fleeing targets. The hunter?s where the legendary Mr. Dark and the supposedly dead Quell Danjer. The prey was two siblings with very strange talents. They had avoided Mr. Dark once before by hiring Razdul Bones to act as a set up. Needless to say, it didn?t work out. Now, Dark was back on their trail and close by.

[b] ?Okay... so now what??[/b] Dark said to Quell who stood beside him.

[b] ?Well sir. One of the biggest hang outs for undesirables in this town is the Tabberknackle.?[/b] Quell replied with his signature slur and strange accent.

[b] ?The what...??[/b] Dark replied dumbfounded.

Quell sighed and placed a mechanical hand on his covered face. [b] ?Jist follow me, ya fool.?[/b]

Dark growled as Quell made his way into the streets. [b] ?You shut your mouth, fool!?[/b] he yelled as he followed Quell. He had obviously been on this planet before, navigating through the crowd and saying the occasional hello as if he had grown up in the city. Dark tried his hardest to keep up with Quell?s fast pace, kicking up dirt and nearly tripping over the odd rock and pebble. Before he knew it, though, Quell had entered a dark, boarded up Tavern. Dark took a moment and read the sign on the outside, ?Tabberknackle?. Dark gave a sigh and made his way into the bar only to have a sense of danger as soon as he entered. Every single attendant of the tavern gave him a harsh, angry eye. Quell stood beside him suddenly and placed his arm around Dark.

[b] ?Don?t worry partner... as long as your with me, you?ll be fine. Now watch this...?[/b] with that, Quell guided him and Dark over to the bar where a Dendwennian bartender was rubbing out a glass with an old rag.

[b] ?Can I help ya??[/b] the Dendwennian spoke in a similar tone as Quell.

Quell moved up in his seat and whispered something into the bartender?s ear. With that, the bartender pointed across the room to a couple of human who quickly noticed that hey had been singled out. Dark saw their movement and rushed across the room after them.... They were the targets...


[b]OOC:[/b] Alright. Let?s have a fair fight, guys.[/size]
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[COLOR=Navy]Shilandrea sat at the table silently, occasionally lifting her glass to take a sip, but her eyes were focussed on the door, watching as all sorts of lifeforms walked through, she watched them carefully, but most just ordered a drink and sat at a table with friends. Her and her twin brother knew they were going to be hunted because, what can you say? News travels fast. When they saw Mr. Dark walk into the tavern they put down their drinks and shifted their feet in preparation to run. Of course they knew Mr. Dark, he'd been after them all along, and in return they had sent Bones after him, shame he failed. There was also another person with him. As soon as the twins knew they were spotted, they dashed from their seats...

Andrea and Mask moved together, circling around the walls, but Dark and his friend were already weaving between tables to get to them. The twins shared a glance and a swift nod before Andrea pushed off from the ground, flipping in mid-air and extending a long leg to try to kick Mr. Dark, but he easily anticipated the attack and crossed his arms, raising them to block her kick, she smirked and backflipped onto an inhabited table, sending the glasses on the table toppling over. The creatures on the table got to their feet to escape the liquid flowing over the table, they were about to shout at her but realised that a fight was starting up, and instead opted to run for the door like the others in the tavern.

[B]"I'm Andrea, pleased to make your acquaintance."[/B] Andrea flourished an arm and bowed deeply, rising with a smirk on her face. [B]"Now, who are you?"[/B] she pointed a finger at the person besides Mr. Dark.

[B]"Name's Quell Danjer, and yeah, we're after ya, so better run."[/B] he pulled out a pistol and swiftly fired a shot at her. Her eyes widened and she flipped away to her left, landing on the floor.

[B]"Now, that wasn't nice of you."[/B] she pouted. [B]"Here, I have a present for you too!"[/B] she grunted as she threw a wheel at him, it looked like it was way off target before it suddenly sliced inward, straight toward him, he twisted and tried to grab it as it passed, but it sliced into his clothes around the torso and flew straight back to Andrea.

She squinted at the exposed part of Quell from where the wheel had sliced neatly, and all she could see was grey metal, realising he was wearing armour, and probably a lot of it. Andrea stood and stared at Quell, suddenly they both rushed off to the left, separating from their partners, she knew she'd have to keep him busy so he wouldn't have time to fire, let alone make a good shot. They were running along each other, he was weaving through the tables while she preferred to run over them, scattering everything around and some plates crashed to the floor, shattering to pieces. She got an idea and threw one of her wheels at him as she jumped over his head and started to make a path toward the bar. The wheel clipped him on the other side this time and continued to soar, Andrea snatched it from the air as it whizzed past, she risked a glance backwards to see that Quell was close behind and he was aiming his pistol. Andrea started to do a series of backflips, holding onto her two wheels, the constant turning stopped Quell from getting a good shot. She threw one wheel at him horizontally, and the next one vertically, they crossed each other and Quell jumped, twisting to avoid the weapons, then ducking to avoid them again as they returned to Shilandrea.

She had already made it to the bar and ducked under it, finding the barkeep sitting with his back against the wood, holding his shotgun tightly, pointing it at her with wide eyes.

[B]"It's ok, I'm not trying to hurt you. Give me your gun."[/B]

He trembled and held it out to her. She put her wheels down and gripped the gun, getting the proper grip she breathed and jumped up, taking aim and firing a round before ducking down again, she didn't know if the slug had hit him or not. She got rid of the shell and got ready to fire another. She repeated the process a few more times until the ammo ran out, when she threw it to the ground and grabbed her wheels tightly, knowing that Quell would almost be at the bar, and when he was, she'd be ready.[/COLOR]

[B]OOC:[/B] Sorry, not the best but I wanted it to move forward.
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[size=1]Time was passing slowly and a small clock-like object lay on the floor shattered next to her, still ticking ominously, despite the fact it was knocked off the wall in combat. Andrea held her wheels ready to throw, an eerie aura and silence causing the mood to feel off. Then a small metal ball clinked against the counter and landed near her behind the bar. It didn't take long for her to realize what it was. She grabbed the bartender and threw him a safe distance away and had enough time to move herself.

An explosion tore up the bar and sent Andrea flying from the powerful wind it caused. She easily caught herself again and landed on a table neatly, but was now in range. "Got ya," Quell smirked and fired a shot. Andrea saw this and evaded it quickly by side-stepping to the left. But there was suddenly a second pistol in Quell's hand and the following shot was not as easy to dodge. The lead ripped through her right arm, surprising her, but not letting her guard down. She released the wheels to counter as Quell made his way to the smoking bar. The wheels crashed through the splintering wood and barely missed Danjer before returning to their respectful master.

Andrea winced at the wound, but never showed she had been weakened. "Nice one. How about you let me have a try."

Quell sat next to a case of alcohol, which he promptly jugged down a quarter of a bottle of one through an opening in his mask. He readied his gun and replied, "Dun think yer gonna psyche me out, ma'am. Yer not gonna distract me with that." His excellent hearing picked up Andrea's movements, then her wheels came zipping by, nearly slicing off Quell's head and instead smashing several bottles of liquor on their way back to Andrea's hand. "Hey, watch it. That's still good booze."

"Alcohol's bad for you," she smiled.

"Yeah, so are you," he mumbled before taking one last swig and standing up. His hearing allowed him to know where she was before rising, but he did expect her to attack the second he showed himself. He also did not expect her to have a pistol of her own and immediately ducked back down as she fired several bullets in his direction. Once again, glasses and bottles of alcohol shattered as the lead ripped through the dusty bar. "I asked fer two shots, but this is ridiculous."

Andrea clicked the gun, but frowned to see it was out of bullets. She had stolen it from a patron who was long gone from alcohol abuse. Quell could hear the empty barrel and she knew it. It was time for a new plan. Putting away her Thunder Wheel, she pushed a small button on the other and fire suddenly engulfed the weapon. She smiled and shouted back toward Quell who still sat behind the bar. "Alcohol can kill you, you know."

"Stop lecturin' me, lady," he replied. "Yer not muh wife."

"I'm just saying," she laughed. "It'll be the end of you." With that, she sent the fire wheel flying perfectly. It did not touch Quell, but instead set aflame all the the liquor that was spilt. Dendwennian alcohol is even more flamable than regular, so it was only a second before the whole bar went up in flames, with Quell in it. The wheel returned to Andrea who wore a successful smirk painted across her face.

She wasn't dumb enough to take chances, of course. She readied herself for anything Quell may pull. But he stayed in the flames for a long time, longer than most could. She was almost satisfied that he was dead. Then a shot fired out, hitting her just above where he did before. Wobbling out of the flames came a stumbling Quell. The fire burnt away most of his clothes, leaving him with blackened cloth around an armored body. It was good that he had the armor, but now Andrea could see it and plan against it. Quell's right arm (obviously the weaker one) moved gradually and looked injured. Andrea was not sure why, but she took it as a good sign.

"This battle is sure heatin' up," Quell said smiling.

"Nothing gets you down," Andrea returned the grin.

"Same to you," he replied. "Hah, I'd marry you if I wusn't 'bout to kill ya."

"Aw, that's sweet," she said. "But it's the other way around." With that, she tossed a wheel upward and snapped the rope holding a chandelier to the ceiling, which came flying downward toward Quell, candles flickering.

"Why the hell are those things everywhere?" he said before being crushed underneath. Andrea leapt down to admire her work. Quell tried to escape, but was obviously stuck.

She blew out the last remaining candle on the chandelier and smiled. "Lights out for you, Quell."[/size]
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[font=tahoma][color=#555555]After watching Quell Danjer and Andrea fight for a while, Mask turned his head towards Mr. Dark. Dark's mouth cracked with a faint smile as he slipped his hands into his pockets.

Mask clutched his shoulders and ripped his cloak off. This was going to be a tough fight. Whipping out Noker, he readied himself for the fight, knowing that Dark was a worthy opponent. Wasting no time at all, Mask jumped onto the side of the wall and ran along it towards Dark. He lashed out Noker in its electrical function and jumped down to strike at Dark.

But Dark was too fast for such a simple move to work. He brought out the Tenga Blade in no time flat and blocked the blow with the blade. Mask jumped backwards and stared at Dark.

"Not much of a talker, are ye?" said Mr. Dark. Mask didn't budge. He ran along the same wall and jumped at Dark again, this time he pitched a Skull Bomb at the base of Dark's feet and a gasious fog appeared, giving Mask the time he needed to get behind Dark.

He lashed Noker at Dark's back, giving him a quick shock and walked backwards again, returning to the stance the two has started with.

"Interesting technique. But nothing gets me twice. Actually, nothing usually gets me once!" yelled Dark, who has brought the Tenga Blade to a charging position. He bolted towards Mask who stood still. When he was ready to strike, Mask jumped over and around Dark and swung Noker at him only to be blocked by the Tenga Blade.

The weapons clashed for quite a while, Mask's agility turning out to be a worthy adversary of Mr. Dark's strength.

[i]Opening.[/i] thought Mask. He planted his left hand on his belt and chucked a skull bomb at Dark's stomach. It hit, but the explosion did not do much damage. However, it gave Mask enough time and crawl up the wall and get to a safe distance.

This did him no good, though. Dark quickly realized what happened and took out a throwing knife, whipping it across the room towards Mask. The blade of the knife impaled his mask, sticking to it like glue. Mask pulled the Knife out of his mask and dropped it on the floor. Dark couldn't see it, but he was grinning.[/font][/color]
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Dark eyed Mask from across the broken down and now abandoned bar with a murderous intent. He slipped his hand into his jacket and withdrew a handful of his explosive knives, placing four in between his fingers, he flung them in the direction of his opponent, sticking them in a row at his feet, they exploded on contact. The explosion caused pieces of broken glass, wood, and clouds of smoke to scatter across the room.

With that, Dark ran into the dirty cloud, Tenga blade drawn. The sound of electricity alerted Dark to Mask?s little shock baton, causing him to quickly block a strike to his right side. In reply, Mask swung again, and dark replied again with a block. With those two strikes, the warriors began an old fashioned, nearly dead, form of fighting, two fighters of old engaged in a sword fight. However in this case, it was a sword and a stun baton.

Blow after blow was traded as the two blocked, parried, and struck out at one another. Dark gave a fast slash across Mask?s abdomen, slicing open his tightly fitting shirt. The dodge was so perfect on Mask?s behalf that the attack didn?t even touch his flesh. [b] ?Pretty quick there...?[/b] Dark said to his opponent out of compliment.

Mask replied with a haunting muffled laugh as he lunged forward once again with his stun baton, attempting a strike. Dark anticipated the attack and countered, bringing his blade across the mask of his opponent with a heavy force. The two crossed each other and for a moment, they waited.

Dark rose up slowly, looking behind him, he saw a chunk of his opponent?s mask fall to the ground and shatter. Dark stared for a moment, and then he was taken back by the slow, but steadily rising volume of the man?s laughter. Maniacal and almost angry, it chilled Dark?s bones. Then Mask turned around to reveal the upper left quarter of his mask gone, showing Dark an intense, furious eye. Dark gripped his sword tight, and awaited the next trading of blows...


[b]OOC:[/b] I apologize for my short post. My writing muscle is strained....[/size]
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[COLOR=Navy]Andrea grinned as she looked at Quell as he tried to free himself. She chuckled a little as he swore.

[B]"Poor Quelly, fell for such an easy trick."[/B] she taunted.

[B]"You wouldn't mind helping me would ya?"[/B] he looked up. He saw her expression and looked to the side. [B]"Thought not."[/B]

Andrea walked forward, conversing lightly as he squirmed. When she was close enough, he grinned and his right hand lashed out, grabbing a tight hold on her ankle and tugging hard, making her fall onto her back with heavy impact. She wriggled and kicked her leg, trying to loosen his grip but it was no use. Andrea rolled to her left as far as she could as Quell fired off a pistol with his other hand. It left a hole in her dress but didn't make contact with her skin. She growled and pressed the button on her Thunder Wheel, sending currents flowing all over the surface and sparking brightly, with a grunt she swiped it at the mechanical arm. The arm conducted the electricity, the currents travelling up through the arm and racing around his body, he shook and the grip was released. Andrea flipped to her feet and breathed deeply, turning off the electricity. The currents through Quell stopped and he looked up at her, slowly turning onto his back and trying to push the chandelier off.

While he was occupied she looked over at Dark and Mask as they fought, he'd already discarded his cloak and there was a chunk missing from his mask.

[B]"Thilan!"[/B] Andrea called across, using her nickname for him. He looked across the room and nodded, dodging Mr. Dark's attack and running toward her.

Dark turned and followed him. Mask kept his eyes locked with his sister and jumped up at the right moment as Andrea released one of her wheels, spinning out to the side before cutting in sharply to catch Dark across the back around his waist. He exhaled sharply but kept going.

Andrea was alerted to Quell as he fired at her, she moved her head but the bullet still grazed her cheek, blood leaking out. She wiped it away, and caught the ring, turning back to Quell as Mask continued to duel with Dark.

Quell had at last gotten out from beneath the chandelier and was ready to fight again. She smiled and walked forward, smirking as she caught the twitch in the mechanical arm she entered the electricity through.

[B]"Looks like I didn't need your help after all, huh?"[/B]

[B]"Guess not."[/B] Shilandrea nodded, crossing her arms in front of her chest and flinging them outward, releasing her rings and she watched them as they swiftly weaved their path toward Quell, she was always watching him though as he pulled out another pistol and got ready to fire.[/COLOR]

[B]OOC:[/B] Damn it, I lost my old post so I had to do it again. The old one was better ><
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[size=1]Quell fired off a few rounds of bullets at the wheels, curving their direction away from him from impact. They returned to Andrea, who wore a dirty smirk across her face. Quell felt he was running low on ammo and needed a break to reload, but Andrea wasn't having it. She continued her wild antics by running across the room once more, chucking the wheels towards Quell, who was, at the time, trying to find more bullets on him. Instead, he saw the wheels at the last second, tried to fire, but instead had the barrels of the guns sawed clear off. Once more, Andrea caught the wheels with a devious smile.

Quell looked at the smoking guns, now lacking their barrels and rendering them completely useless. "Shit," he swore. "I see how ya're." Andrea took advantage of Quell being weaponless and made a dash around the room once more, preparing to throw the wheels at her target. She stopped short when an arrow came flying through, hitting the wall in front of her instead of almost taking her head clear off. Wide-eyed, she looked over.

Quell stood with a large crossbow in hand, smirking (though you can't exactly tell). "Oh, lookie what I found. I must've fergot I had this." He began firing the arrows again, causing Andrea to make a run for it and dive behind a few tables. The arrows, much like the power behind his bullets, shot clear through the wood of the tabletops and wedged their way into the walls behind. Andrea was on a constant move to get away. Finding anything she could, she began hurling random objects at Quell in an attempt to throw off his assailment. A knife found its way into Quell's left arm, penetrating the tough metal exterior. He peered down at it and grimaced. "Awright, I git yer point," he teased. He let down the crossbow and looked toward the area Andrea was last seen. "I'm all out of arrows anyway."

""I won't fall for that," he could hear her voice call out. He scoped the room, using his excellent hearing to pick up where she is.

"Sorry, what's that?" he repeated on purpose.

"I won't fall-" Her voice was cut off as a large arrow penetrated the table she was behind, barely touching her and instead pinning her to the wall by her clothes. The surprise caused the wheels to slide a distance away from her. "You lied."

"Please, I'm a bounty hunter here. Not a saint." He began to make his way around the bar to get a better shot at killing Andrea with the crossbow. He wanted to finish her with style. Meanwhile, she was trying to unpin herself, but the arrow held strongly in the wall. Instead, she had to pull away, causing her sleeve and a part of her top to tear, leaving just barely enough cloth to cover. "Hoowee!" Quell called out, tipping his hat up a bit. "This just got interesting."

"Come and get a closer look," Andrea teased, then dove for her wheels and tossed them just as Quell fired off his crossbow in her direction.[/size]
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[color=#555555][FONT=Tahoma]Meanwhile, Dark and Mask were clashing weapons. It seemed that this would just continue until one of them dropped dead from exhaustion, Mask did not want ot be that person. Breaking his silent personality, Mask spoke out.

"You have some fancy moves." he hollered over the battling of the blades. Dark smirked in reply and pressed forward with his right foot, pushing Mask back a bit. This would turn out to help Mask more than Dark as Mask used this power to get his feet into position, push up and flip over top of Dark. While in the air, he grabbed one of his skull bombs and pitched it at his shadowy opponent.

Quickly, before Dark could react, Mask hit a button on his belt and the skull opened up, letting out a rope net. It covered Dark completely.

"Not fancy enough I guess." remarked Dark. Mask turned off the electricity in his prongs and turned Noker around. He pressed a button on the handle and a dagger blade slid out. Slowly walking towards Dark, he started to remove his entire mask.

"Before I kill my victim, I like to show them my real face. Make them pee their pants." As he said this, he ripped off his white mask to reveal nothing. There was no face behind the mask. Just empty space and the background behind him.

"Nice try." whispered Dark. He plunged his sword at Mask's belt and sliced it right off. Suddenly Mask's face was there! It was a normal face. In fact, it looked kind of young. He had a few scars along his top right temple and his eyes had rings of black around them from loss of sleep (or no sleep at all). Mask smiled and placed his broken mask back on his face.

He went in for the kill. Bringing the blade into the air to thrust it down onto Dark's head, he suddenly stopped in his tracks. He fell to his knees, hands still in the air. Dark had lunged his own blade right into the uncautious Mask's left leg.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Dark grinned as he looked upon the pain on Mask?s face. Apparently it was something he was unfamiliar with, as he had fallen to his knees from a simple stab wound. He pulled the blade out quickly and stylishly spun around while crouched, cutting the net off of his body. He rose to his feet and brought the edge of his Tenga blade down to the base of Mask?s neck. Placing the cold steel against his neck, Dark allowed the blade to bleed him slightly. He looked in Mask?s eyes with a ferocious arrogance and smirked. [b] ?No... I?m not through with you yet...?[/b] Dark growled, bring his knee up quickly with great power into Mask?s chin and sending him through a window, Dark followed his body with his knee still lunging in the air, he landed behind Mask?s downed body.

Mask landed onto the dusty ground of dirt, startling all the passers by away, as they all ran away in a frenzy as Dark flew across the air and onto the ground just a foot away of Mask?s head. Mask growled in annoyance and pain as he wiped the blood trickling down his chin away with his hand, rising to a sit slowly. [b] ?Stand and fight, boy...?[/b] Dark barked in the midst of a battle rage.

[b] ?Shut up!?[/b] Mask yelled in anger, spinning around with his baton, he tried to strike Dark in the knees. Dark had anticipated this and flipped over the attack, bringing his sword down in a plunge right between Mask?s legs, digging the blade into the ground. Mask looked up to Dark in a slight fear.

[b] ?I said... Stand and FIGHT!?[/b] Dark growled again, ripping the blade from the ground and readying himself to slash down on Mask, who quickly scattered to his feet and into a defensive posture. The sun beamed down on both of them as they stared each other down. Mask seemed to be at a point of desperation as he gripped his stun baton tightly, he quickly lunged at Dark as they began trading blows. The sound of clashing steel and electricity providing an intense feeling of battle.

Mask rose his hand up in the air to bring his baton down onto Dark?s head, which Dark quickly anticipated and loosed one hand from his sword grip and clasped onto Mask?s attacking wrist. Dark quickly went to cross-slash Mask, who repeated Dark?s move and grabbed his wrist. The two of them gritted their teeth and grunted as they tested for one another?s strength. For a moment, Mask was winning, and then Dark grinned and began pushing onto Mask, bringing down his hands.

Suddenly, Mask repositioned his stun baton in his fingers and tagged Dark?s forearm with it, causing him to tighten his holding arm in pain, and his sword hand to loosen and release his sword. The pain of Dark?s intense grip caused Mask to drop his stun baton, and soon, both fighters found themselves unarmed. At this point, Dark began remembering his old training, and looked onto Mask?s struggling face. Dark gave a heave of power, and twisted Mask?s arms over to the side, and began brining knees into his abdomen. Mask quickly flipped over causing both of them to release their grips and look onto each other. Both of them now weapon less, this would show their true strengths.

Mask smiled arrogantly and pressed down onto his belt buckle as he began swaying side to side weightlessly, drifting around over the desert sands, he touched his foot on the ground and brought up his fist, he stepped forward at a high speed and lunged at Dark with his fist out. Dark saw him coming and knelt down, cocking back his own fist and unleashing a punch of devastating power into Mask?s belt buckle and stomach. The small device was crushed into Mask?s stomach, causing a small pulse of electricity and the sudden weight gain cause him to fold over Dark?s fist and arm. Dark growled in anger and pushed him off as Mask stumbled back for a moment, trying to regain his footing and center.

Mask coughed up a small amount of blood, and looked onto Dark once again, who was grinning in excitement and fury. [b] ?Let?s see how well you fair now, friend...?[/b] Dark laughed to himself in a hoarse voice.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=Navy]Andrea hurriedly tossed her wheels and rolled, dodging the bolt aimed for her, not caring about the cloth around her front that was sagging and revealing due to the missing sleeve. She watched with a smirk as the rings crossed over, slicing the crossbow neatly into thirds before spinning back to her.

Quell quickly ducked behind the cover of what was left of the bar from the fire she had started earlier and dropped the broken pieces he still held in his hands. He pulled out another two pistols and cocked them at the ready.

Andrea was about to attack when she heard a crash. She and Quell looked to the now broken window. She realised Quell was aiming to fire and started to move again, hearing the tables splinter around her as she ran, hoping that he'd run out of ammo. She turned her body and swung her right hand back, about to throw it powerfully at Quell, but at the peak of her swing backwards, Quell shot at her hand, hitting the metal of the ring and scraped part of her fingers, making her let go and sending the weapon flying through the window behind her.

Andrea looked at him and made the decision, flipping elegantly backwards, sailing out of the window and landing on her hands to do a handspring and stopping in a crouch. She pressed the button and threw her Fire Wheel, it circled the building, setting it on fire before returning to her. She saw Mask fighting with Mr. Dark but didn't have time to worry about them, she had to find her Thunder wheel.

She looked around the dusty plain and finally saw a glint of silver. Shilandrea dashed forward, glancing back every couple of seconds to see if Quell had immerged from the inferno. And as if it were nothing, he walked out, patting out some stray flames on his arms. His clothes were burnt and riddled with holes and slashes. Andrea ran faster, diving the short distance to the wheel as Quell began firing again. They were in the open now, with no immediate places to hide or take cover behind besides the other buildings, most of which looked about ready to collapse on their own.

Andrea curled up in a ball and rolled, minimising the target area and making it harder for him to get a good shot. She got to her feet as he ran to reload, she pressed the buttons on both wheels and threw them powerfully in Quell's direction, surrounding him as they swiftly glided toward their target. He worked at reloading on the move, the Thunder wheel caught him in the side, making him grit his teeth and groan quietly as the strong currents raced through his frame, and the Fire wheel swirled around his clothes, lighting them. Quell Danjer dropped to the ground, twitching uncontrollably as he rolled, working on extinguishing the flames.

Andrea smirked as the wheels returned to her, turning off the elements. At that time she glanced over to her brother, he was in pain and it was obvious that at the moment, Dark had the upperhand. With a breathy noise she threw one of her wheels at Dark, aimed for his blind side. It sliced through the air, twisting and striking straight up his spine, flicking back to Andrea who caught it deftly, glaring across at Dark who didn't look happy that she had interferred and had sliced him again across the back.

Before she knew it she was being fired at again, and she started running toward the closest building to her, the aim was for cover. On her track she was grazed several times along her shoulders, blood seeping thickly. Andrea knew that Quell was aiming for vital parts, but because of twitches caused by the electrical currents, his aim was veering off. She took it as an incredibly good thing and ducked around the building, wiping the blood away, she'd had wounds much worse than those before. She took a breath and ran out from the cover, hurling her rings forward to Quell, hoping they'd hit their mark.[/COLOR]
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[size=1]Quell dodged the wheels once more, but unfortunately for him, they sliced through a wooden pole holding up a water tower and shortly after, Quell was drenched. The wheels returned respectively to their owner hiding around the building as Quell sputtered water. "I'm startin' to hate those damn things." He made his way around the corner only to find Andrea ascending the stairs to the upper floor of the building. Jumping on a rail, he got a boost into the air onto the porch of the second floor. From there, he ran in after her.

"Here I co-" he shouted, but was cut off as he fell a full story down to the first floor. Turns out there was no floor where that entrance was. After coughing a bit, he peered over to see Andrea had made the same mistake. "No floor."

"Yeah," she said.

Then there was a pause. It wasn't dramatically long, but it was an eerie silent one nevertheless. Sounds of Dark and Mask's fight echoed through the empty wooden room of the decaying building. Quell and Andrea sat silent and still, neither bothering to make the first move. But Andrea grew impatient and threw her first wheel. Quell was prepared and shot it out of the air. It landed delicately on the dirt ground as he began firing off the last of his bullets at his foe.

The lead ricocheted off the rafters and poles that held the building up. Andrea did her normal stunts of gracefully dodging every bit of Quell's ammo. Eventually, the bullets had eaten away at the supporting poles of the structure and the roof creeked a bit, indicating it will soon collapse. Andrea and Quell stopped and peered upward. They both stared at each other, knowing what was about to occur. They both made a move, Quell firing his guns and Andrea diving for her lost wheel.

Andrea was able to toss her Fire Wheel and gash the cloth of Quell's pants, but the roof did not hold long enough for a second coming. It started crashing down in the area they were dueling. Unfortunately, due to this, the windows and doors were sealed off by falling rubble. The only way out was up. Andrea and Quell looked at each other again. Quell gave her almost a sympathetic look as he unleashed his jetpack and blasted upward through the collapsing wood. The boost was enough to sit him neatly on the roof that didn't collapse. From there, he looked down and saw the wood scattered across the dusty floor.

"You awright, darlin'?" he called down to Andrea, who was currently moving under the rubble. She tossed off a large plank from over top of her, but was shot in the arm shortly after. She looked up and saw the pistols pointed right for her. Quell looked stern, but amused as usual. The sound of a trigger clicking continuously rebounded across the wooden debris, a sign that Quell was out of ammo for good. "Well, shoot. Looks like someone's lookin' out fer ya."

He tossed the pistols aside as Andrea tactfully made her way to the rooftop. There, they stood, eyes locked. Quell was weaponless at this point and now had to rely on sheer fighting skill. Andrea, on the other hand, still had her wheels present. "A little uneven, don't ya think?" Quell smiled.

"I think you'll be fine," Andrea teased. Then she lifted the wheels up, but did not throw them. She waited. Probably to get on Quell's nerves. Dust from the wind began getting in her eyes. Quell was fine due to the mask. Not to mention he lived there, so he was quite used to its weather patterns. In fact, Quell began to think about the wind, he became so bored. His thoughts were shattered as wheels came crashing through them. He lifted a metal bar the length of half his body and smacked them away. They landed dug into the sand below on the ground.

Andrea didn't bother looking away from Quell to see where they made rest. The tables had turned. "Now this is unfair," she said.

"I think you'll be fine," Quell teased, holding the pipe tightly.[/size]
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[font=tahoma][color=#555555]A fist fight. A battle between two or more people using only their fists. This was a little more than a fist fight, as both Mask and Dark were skilled martial artists. This was more of a... melee brawl.

Mask pushed himself to his feet and cracked his knuckles, making Dark laugh.

"What? You expecting to intimidate me with that?" he laughed. Mask grinned and jumped into the air, over top of Dark. He chucked three of his best skull bombs at Dark. Two of the three thrown hit right on target, one of them hitting Dark's face. The one that hit his face happened to be a sand bomb, so a buttload of grains of sand were instantly inserted into Mr. Dark's cherished eyes.

When Dark grabbed his eyes in reflex, Mask spun around and round-housed him in the face, sending him sliding along the ground. Mask took this time to unbuckle his boots, revealing barefeet wrapped in what looked like medicine bandages. Dark stumbled to his knees, still clutching his face with one of his hands.

"Good moves for a rookie. But.. ungh.. that won't do much!" he yelled, charging at Mask. Since the sand was still blinding him slightly, Dark had become clumsy. So when he ran with his fist at Mask, he just swayed to the left and stuck his foot out, tripping Dark. This made Dark incredibly angry. He wiped his eyes and stood up.

He roared at Mask and charged again, this time Mask round housed him in the face. He would have, at least, were it not for Dark catching his ankle with his left hand. He turned Mask's leg, flipping him into the ground. Mask caught himself from falling by holding the ground with his hands.

He spun around and went to kick Dark in the face again in the handstand position. Dark ducked and bodychecked Mask's defenseless chest, sending Mask soaring through the air. Mask landed with a [i]thump[/i] and quickly got back to his feet. He stared down Dark.

Dark was obviously a very different fighter than Mask. He faught mostly with his fists, where Mask faught with his legs and feet. Mask used agility, where Dark used agility [i]and[/i] power. Not exactly a fair combonation.

Wiping blood from his mouth, mask spoke. "Time to end this fight." he said, cracking his neck as he walked calmy towards the approaching enemy.[/font][/color]
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The desert winds blew dust and sand around the two fighters as they approached one another in the middle of the street. The atmosphere was thick with tension and intensity exuding from the two opponents. Both had an expression of concentrated anger as they stared one another down, shooting dagger?s into each other?s eyes.

Not long after the exchange of glares, Mask made the first move, snaking from left to right in a fast zig zag motion. The man?s agility was the one thing Dark still had a difficult time matching as he swerved his body in awkward directions, approaching Dark.

Mask quickly struck out with his hand in a ridge-chop directed at Dark?s neck, who quickly guarded with his forearm, only to be met by a swift kick to his right knee. Dark fell to a kneel as Mask flipped backwards into a hand spring and then a flying jump kick directed at Dark?s lowered head.

Reacting quickly, Dark grabbed Mask?s leg by the ankle, throwing him viciously to the ground. Mask?s athleticism compensated, however, as he cartwheeled out of the throw and carried himself to a stop from the momentum. Dark growled and raised himself up to his feet, preparing for another defensive maneuver. Mask looked up from under his brows to with a sadistic smile at Dark. Dark replied with an amused smirk and a raised eyebrow.

[b] ?Here I come...?[/b] Mask hissed in a menacing rasp as he continued his snaking maneuver towards Dark, flipping into the air and attempting a dropping kick onto Dark. This time, Dark was ready for his surprises. Mask came down for the attack, only to be met by a powerful spinning lunging kick to his mid-section.

Mask bent over the kick in the air as he felt as though he was nearly broken in half by the attack. Dark kept his leg and Mask suspended in the air, and then brought his foot down hard onto the ground, causing Mask to bounce across the ground in a heap.

[b] ?If you were better, you would?ve seen that coming.?[/b] Dark growled in triumph as Mask moaned in pain on the ground. He could tell that the kick had seriously damaged the young warrior?s body. He was possibly bleeding internally, which became apparent as Mask began coughing minor amounts of blood onto the sand.

Dark leaned back in a mock victory stance, looking down disapproving towards Mask. Then a feeling of unease shivered up his spine. Looking down closer to Mask?s face, Dark saw an expression of malicious fury coming from beneath his brow.

[b] ?I?ll kill you...?[/b] Mask whispered in an animalistic growl. His fingers ran through the sands, shaking slowly in an restrained rage.

Dark replied unintimidated. [b] ?Then do it.?[/b] He gripped his knuckles tight and looked cautiously as Mask?s entire body began shaking uncontrollably out of anger. Suddenly, he looked up with a stare of death, and lunged viciously at Dark, who readied himself for defense...[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=Navy]Andrea clenched her fists tightly, squinting her eyes as she watched Quell closely. She was now in a dangerous position, on a rooftop, without weapons, with dust blowing in her eyes, and her enemy with a large metal pole in his grip. She almost had to laugh, they looked as if they were in the Old West, having a stand-off without guns, and they were on a roof...

Quell smiled and dashed forward, bringing the pole back over his shoulder, Andrea jumped up, springing off the pole and into the air, soaring with her arms out as she allowed her body to flip itself over before curling into a ball, rolling as she hit the dusty ground. She quickly got up, coughing from the dispersed particles, running toward her embedded rings not too far away. Andrea glanced back to see Quell on his way toward her, using his jetpack to get to the ground before cutting it and running, pole in hand.

Shilandrea gasped as she dived, grabbing them from the sand, lying on her back and hurling her wheel powerfully, bringing her other arm across herself and throwing it too, watching as the wheels swirled through the air, grinning as they sliced through the pole powerfully, cutting a couple of inches from the top and bottom as they whisked back to her.

Quell looked at his pole, now a lot shorter than it had been previously.

[B]"Well, can't say I wasn't expectin' that."[/B] Quell said with a chuckle.

Andrea sprung to her feet, looking at her dusty clothes with a frown.

[B]"This is my favourite dress."[/B] she pouted, the tear in her dress hadn't upset her much, but now there was dust all over it, and Dendwennian dust practically never came out in the wash.

[B]"Awww, whut an awful shame."[/B] he grinned, no hint of remorse in his voice.

Andrea rolled her eyes. [B]"Well, it's no fun fighting you when you don't have a good weapon on your person."[/B] she flicked her Fire wheel across to him, he knew it wasn't an attack of because of how slow she threw it.

He caught it, looking at it, raising his eyebrow. [B]"Whut's this for?"[/B]

[B]"Ya stupid or something? Fight with it. Though...I may just take it back...Keep your eyes open Mr. Danjer. And you'll have to figure out the secrets of it on your own."[/B]

Andrea grinned and ran off to the side, she just wanted to make it even, since there wasn't any point in fighting someone that didn't have a chance, though he still didn't have a chance, it had taken her years to master these wheels, the exact angle needed for certain tricks. This would be a test to see how fast of a learner he was. [/COLOR]
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[size=1]Quell was under the impression Shilandrea might be toying with him. But nevertheless, he looked down at the newly aquired weapon and tossed the pipe aside. In a way, it was an advantage, but also a disadvantage all the same. He could use it to fight, but not that well. After all, he wasn't used to such things. He's done daggers in the past, but a wheel like this, customized to Andrea's liking was a different story. He peered up and eyed his opponent. She smirked, so he smirked back.

"Ya know, these here mechanical arms ain't always wut they seem," Quell said. Placing the wheel in his left hand, the unusual substance covering the glove formed into a new shape, matching the grip of Andrea. Since the wheels were customized to her hands, he took advantage of the shifting materials in his mechanical arm to match her. Andrea figured out what he had done.

"You still can't use it as well as me, Danjer," she smiled, unmoved by his accomplishment. Quell nodded in agreement, for he knew there was no way around that. Or was there?

"Hah, I like you, ma'am," he said, "but you got shit fer brains." Andrea seemed taken back by this insult, but kept her sassy nature nevertheless. "These mechanical arms weren't put on me fer decoration. I had 'em attached fer special accuracy in gunslingin' and various o'her fightin' styles. That includes yer little toys here." With this, we waved the wheel around like a cheap object found in a local pawn shop. "I may not throw 'em as well as you, but I can sure as shoot be close."

Andrea smiled. This upset her not one bit. "Then it'll be a fair fight, indeed," she spoke.

"Sure will, darlin'," Quell tipped his burnt hat. "Let's git 'er on the road."

Andrea still had disbelief Quell was as accurate with her wheel as he made himself out to be so she dared him on and said, "You go ahead and take the first shot. Let's see what you've got."

"Ladies first," Quell suggested.

"Age before beauty," she teased.

"Shoot, got me there," he chuckled. "Fine, but I won't hold back, jus' 'cause yer a gentlelady."

"I wouldn't have it any other way, tiger." Only seconds after she spoke did Quell lunge forward, releasing the wheel in her direction. She was actually impressed by how well he did his first try. But it still wasn't anything she couldn't handle. They were, after all, her weapons of choice. She released her own wheel, causing a collision between the two and the wheels returned to their respective owners. The two stood and stared at one another again. "Not bad."

"Not too good either," Quell had to admit. He stood ready while she did the same. This time Andrea sent hers out first. She definitely proved to be the better of the two as the accuracy and speed of the wheel came uncomfortably close to Quell's neck. He blocked it with his wheel only to have part of her wheel cut into the metal of his left arm. Luckily for him it was thick and therefore, undamaged. Andrea caught her wheel again and smiled. "Damn, lady. Tryin' to take off my head?"

"Sorry," she teased, obviously with enough sarcasm to fill a ten-gallon hat.

"Any more stunts like that and you won't be a[i]head[/i] in this here duel fer long."

"You really need to work on your puns." The two dashed forward at the same time, not a second out of sync. Wheels were tossed, movements to evade were made, and a gasp of pain was heard. When the two stopped, they looked at each other reluctantly. Then, a townsperson fell to the ground dead with two rather large wheels lodged in their torso.

Quell looked to the corpse, then to Andrea with a nod. "Nice shot."

"Not bad yourself," she complimented back. There was a silence, then they both made a move to fetch the two wheels. Andrea was closer and was about to claim them when a metal pipe was tossed under her feet, causing her to fall to the sandy ground. Quell stood above her after retrieving the prized weapons.

"Now lookie here," he smiled. Andrea grimaced as Quell held the wheels dangerously close to her neck. "Once you showed me kindness," he said. "It'd be mighty awful of me not to pay you back in kind." He then stood up, tossed the fire wheel down at her feet, and walked a little ways away with the other wheel. He then stood and waited for her to climb to her feet. She stared at the wheel in front of her face in the sand, as if it was now suddenly foreign to her. Then she grasped it and stood up. She looked over to Quell, who had never taken his eyes off her. Then he held his wheel at ready. "Right back where we started," he said.

"I should end it now then," she spoke. The wheels flew once more, their direction no longer predictable. Andrea's made its way perfectly toward Quell's leg, which sliced into the thigh, actually penetrating the metal armor and cutting into his skin. Blood was visible, showing it had got him enough to bleed a little. He winced, but kept true to his style and didn't show pain.

On the other hand, Quell had surprisingly thrown his wheel well. Andrea saw this, but didn't expect it quick enough to fully dodge. It had gashed her back. She also didn't see Quell had activated its feature and she suddenly felt a burst of electricity through her body. She fell to the ground, spasming. The cut wasn't deep, but the electricity was still fluctuating through her for a long time after. Quell caught the wheel, then tied some of his cloak around his leg to stop the bleeding. He saw Andrea on the ground flinching. She had a taste of the paralyzation he had before. But he didn't take full advantage of the moment and kill her then. Instead, he quickly made his way to a shop nearby.

When Andrea finally got a grip, she panted and stood up on her hands and knees. Two wheels were tossed towards her and landed in the sand in front of her. She looked up and saw Quell standing ten feet away, holding two loaded pistols. "Let's git this show on the road ag'in," Quell smirked. "I got a bottle of liquor callin' my name."[/size]
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[color=#555555][FONT=Tahoma]Mask wiped some blood from his mouth and backed away from Dark, who was standing a few feet away from him. They both stared at eachother through the silence, waiting for the other to make the first move. This was to be Dark's que.

He charged forward, hands at his hips as if his intention was to headbutt Mask. Mask just stood, waiting for a fist or foot to raise, but it didn't. Mr. Dark [i]actually[/i] headbutt him. And it hurt like hell! The Mask went soaring through the air and hit the ground hard.

Dark laughed and walked towards the scrawny man, picking him up by his shirt. He punched him across the face and through him across the deserted street, making hit a wall. Mask went unconcious.

[quote][color=#777777]"Hey! Thilan!" said a feminine voice. Thilan, aged 6, stood up onto his feet blinking his eyes a few times to catch his surroundings. He was sitting in his backyard and his sister Andrea was sitting on her knees infront of him with a ragged cloth dipped in water. She was wiping blood from his eyebrow.

"What happened, sis'?" he asked. She sat back on her feet and smiled at her brother.

"You fell out of the tree trying to impress Cadalin," she said, giggling. "She's gone now." Thilan stood up on his feet and took the rag from his sister, pressing it against his eyebrow himself.

"I sware, one day I'll be strong enough to do anything. I'll be wanted for being so darn awesome!" he yelped, throwing a fist into the air. His sister just laughed.[/COLOR][/quote]
When Mask awoke, Dark was just about to throw another punch at him. He slid down the wall and wrapped his legs around Dark's feet, swaying them to the left to trip him. Since the move was so unexpected, it worked and Dark fell on his back.

Mask slammed his foot in Dark's stomache and backed away, letting him stand up.

"Let's have ourselves a real fight." he said.

"You ready, then?" Dark said, wiping some sweat from his forehead.

"I'm ready."[/FONT][/COLOR]
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With their exchange of words, Dark and The Mask sped at one another. Dark felt as though Mask?s black out had awoken something in him. He doubted that he?d be able to overpower Mask as easily as before. As they ran at one another, Mask flew into a spinning aerial kick, coming around with his heel attacking Dark?s head. Dark quickly ducked, causing Mask to fly clear over his head and body. Dark quickly countered with a rising kick, his boot?s toe connecting with the base of Mask?s spine. Mask took the attack and rolled into the sand, hand springing back onto his feet as if nothing had happened.

Dark laughed to himself as he watched Mask?s newly regained grace. [b] ?Hah. Nice move there.?[/b] Mask smirked to himself to the Dark?s response. Suddenly, his eyes opened up slightly confused as he saw what seemed to be the other bounty hunter, Quell Danjer, barreling from around a corner, holding on to his hat tightly as he was followed by his sister?s wheels. Looking back, Quell made sure that he had successfully dodged the wheels before running dead into Dark?s back with a heavy thud.

Dark and Quell were both grounded, slightly disoriented by the heavy impact. As the two lay on the ground, Andrea came from around the corner, trading a confused look with her brother. [b] ?Hah. So he made you take that stuffy thing off, eh??[/b] she joked to her brother as she motioned towards her face.

Mask laughed to himself. [b] ?Aye. He?s putting up a pretty good fight. Though it would seem God has smiled on us today... look at them...?[/b] Mask pointed to Quell and Dark attempting, and failing, to come back to their feet.

[b] ?Hah. Let me handle this then....?[/b] she said arrogantly. Andrea began twirling her blades in her hands. Then she loosed them unto the two downed warriors in an arch for their necks. However, things where not as they seemed. As they blade came to Quell, he quickly spun up his revolver and blasted the weapon out of the air. Dark, in return, quickly spun from the ground twice and sweep-kicked the unsuspecting Mask to the ground. Meanwhile, Quell had began firing off rounds at Andrea, who caught her fire blade, which was thrown at Dark, and began running to the side to dodge the gunfire.

Dark attacked the downed Mask quickly, driving two sharp punches into his chest, before he could roll out of the attack and to his feet. At that moment, Dark and Quell stepped back to back with one another. Dark was in a empty-handed fighting stance, ready to attack Mask at any moment as soon as he made a move. Quell had his guns loaded and ready to fire on Andrea should she peek out her head.

The battle would end soon...[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=Navy]Andrea was currently taking shelter behind another building, one that looked more stable than the last one she had chosen. She examined her wheels with a frown, both were scratched, marked and dented from the battle, with a lot of gun powder residue on them. She blew them off, taking her time knowing they had reached a stand-off, with Quell and Dark waiting for her and Mask to make the first move. She looked across to her left, seeing her brother rubbing his chest where Dark had punched him last. They locked eyes and Shilandrea began a series of hand motions, silently explaining her plan, he gave two brief nods.

Andrea took a breath and sprinted across the gap between her building and the next, bullets started immediately, scraping her and creating more holes in her dress. She threw her wheels quickly, diving into the next cover. The two silver weapons zigzagged swiftly through the sky, flying as if someone controlled them beause they went past the two men before swooping back in in seconds, slicing them vertically across the front since they were back to back. The two tried to grab them, yet they flew back straight and true to their owner.

She looked across the row of buildings, Thilan had gone; hopefully all was working as planned. Shilandrea covered a yawn with her left hand, tossing her Thunder wheel in her right hand seemingly carelessly up and over the building. She listened carefully, grinning as Quell fired at it, hearing the resounding 'ping' as the bullets bounced off the silver alloy, pushing the wheel off it's previous course, but it had been predicted and now the wheel flew deadly fast, how Andrea had wanted it.

Mask ran out from his cover, Dark saw a moment too late as Thilan grabbed his right wrist, twisting it into a painful position and threw him over his hip, kneeling with the same motion and elbowing him hard in the solar plexus, winding the man and diving to the side, already having bullet wounds from Quell since it had taken a while to get across to Dark and to attack. They had stopped paying attention to Andrea as she stormed from her cover while they were taking care of Mask. She watched with a grin as her Thunder wheel sliced through the air, turning over and cutting through Quell's left shoulder, up close to the neck before flicking up and back. She whisked her other wheel out swiftly as Quell grabbed his shoulder, watching it closely as it cut into Quell's right elbow joint of his mechanical arm, doing an arch and returning.

Andrea threaded her rings onto each arm, having them around her elbows she raced toward Dark, jumping up to avoid Quell's bullets. As she came down, she sliced with her elbow at Dark, blood seeping from his new wound horizontally across his chest. Mask was now battling with Quell, trying to find some purchase but constantly hitting armour. He furiously pulled at his chest armour, tearing the clothing that covered it. Quell struggled but fired with his damaged arms, aim slightly askewed from the wounds. Mask backflipped away from the bullets, watching as he activated his jetpack.

Shilandrea had been duking hand to hand with Dark, but saw movement in the sky from the corner of her eye. She threw herself to the side, giving her right arm a shake to dislodge the Thunder ring there. She grabbed it, flicking it from her arm, she rolled to the side, dodging Dark's downward punch which left a mark on the earth. She quickly pushed the button and threw it upwards toward the flying Dendwennian. It hit its mark, one point of the weapon puncturing the back of the jetpack, the overload of currents causing the mechanism to explode sending Quell to the ground.

[B]"Ow, that wasn't very nice, darlin'. Not talkin' to me now, huh?"[/B] he smirked, getting up quickly.

Andrea [i]had[/i] gone silent because she'd been concentrating on the plan she had told to Mask.

[B]"Aww, don't think I don't love ya now."[/B] she laughed, twirling her wheels around her fingers, stepping out of the way of Dark's lunge attack, returning it with an elbow in the ribs.

[B]"Good to know, twas afraid for a second."[/B] he drawled, lifting his pistols jerkily.[/COLOR]
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[size=1]Quell tossed the busted jetpack aside, now just a hunk of metal that was sizzling and smoking to high heavens. He cracked his back and dusted himself off. The cloth around his torso was now completely burned away, mainly from the explosion that had occurred there moments ago. The armor had protected him from being blown away himself. He twirled the pistols in his hands skillfully and kept his eyes on his target. Andrea had lost the smile she tends to carry as she went back to her more serious mode of action.

She did not wait for Quell's fancy gunwork to cease before taking to her agility and running around the area at lightning speed. Once more, she released both wheels, each activated with their specialty. Fire whisked by Quell's neck as he dodged the Thunder Wheel aimed at his shins. Now catching on again, he made sure to evade the wheels as they came screaming back to their owner in pursuit of claiming Quell's head. Upon doing so and letting Andrea catch them, Quell made a dash for her, then jumped. Andrea had not seen Quell move as fast that this before, so it was almost a shock. A swift mid-air kick to her face sent her flying into a building side. She did recover and stayed put.

Quell took off his hat for the first time in the battle and waved it in his face to catch a small breeze. "Now there. You made me go and dunnit." He put the hat back on and stood up straight, pistols still drawn. "Amazin' how heavy that there jetpack is and how quicker I kin move without 'er." He turned away from his unconscious opponent and saw Dark still having a tassle with Mask. "Yeehaw!" he hollered before running towards Mask.

He aimed his pistols and fired several shots into the dust, each one barely zipping past Mask. Mask was good at avoiding shots, but having to dodge both Dark's moves and Quell's bullets proved far more difficult. Eventually a bullet found its way into his side and Dark let his fist fly into Mask's face. He flew to the ground, holding his side. Quell readied his pistol. He had only a few shots left and was ready to end this. Dark stood by his side, prepared to do what had to be done.

Mask looked up at the two, blood trickling down his face. It was obvious Dark had broken his nose far beyond repair. It didn't matter, though. The end for him was now. "Any last words?" Quell teased. "I just wanted to say that," he chuckled to Dark, who didn't seem to find it funny at all. Quell shut up and stared back at Mask, whose attention had wandered toward his older sister.

She laid still a little distance away, propped up against the side of a building. She didn't move. A new anger raged through Mask and he jumped up at a speed that was never seen before. Taken by surprise, Dark and Quell had no time to move. Mask kicked Dark clear through a wall and knocked the pistols right out of Quell's hands. With that, he began fist fighting Quell. His punches were so quick and strong that they began denting in Quell's armor. Eventually, he got a shot to the side of Quell's face, sending him spinning around before falling to the sand.

Quell looked up just as Dark hung limpy from the hole in the wall. A pistol lay right next to Quell's arm, so he made a quick movement to grab for it. A wheel suddenly came zipping through, slicing the gun in half. It returned to Andrea's hand, who now stood up, completely revived of her unconscious state. Mask smirked and looked to his sister, who nodded back and readied herself to finish the two.

The tables had turned again.[/size]
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[color=#555555][FONT=Tahoma]Mask readied Anoker, setting the rod to dagger mode. A dirk-blade slid out of the prongs and locked in position. Mask gracefully walked over to the unconcious Dark while his sister marched towards the brave but sweating Quell. Just as Mask was about to slit the throat of his opponent, his sister yelped and fell to the floor.

Quell had grabbed her leg at the last moment and tripped her to the floor. Mask panicked and holted towards Quell, but he stopped after realizing Quell now had his strong robotic arm wrapped around a struggling Andrea's throat. Mask winced as he recieved a major headache.

"Whaddya gonna do, boy?" said the cocky bounty hunter, squeezing a little bit tighter on the women's throat. Mask wiped his forehead for about the tenth time over the course of the entire fight and glared into Quell's eyes. He was smiling at Mask. The nerve. Just then, Andrea loosened Quell's grip a little and muttered.

"Thilan.. just... kill me. You've got the upperhand if I'm out of the picture. Do it." she said. Mask stared into his sister's eyes, almost starting to tear up. But he resisted. Finally he set Anoker to stun and lunged forward, zapping his sister in the neck. She went limp and the shocked Quell backed away a bit.

"You got guts, kid. You're own sister. You killed 'er!" he laughed and then put his arms on his hips.

"So what now? You gonna try and kill me then?"

Mask slipped Anoker into it's scabbard and turned the prongs off. He reached for one of his bombs. A Snooze Bomb as he called it. It was filled with sleeping gas. He unlatched it and smashed it on the ground infront of him. The gas instantly went everyone, seeping into the noses of the Bounty Hunters. The stunned Andrea, the unconcious Dark, the fearless Quell and the optimistic Mask all went into a state of slumber.

Just as Mask fell to the ground, eyes closing, he hoped that him or Andrea would be the first ones to awake.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][I]The town took forever to get back on its feet, ravaged by the fierce battle. Several of the families packed up and left, unwilling to deal with the destruction. But for years after, what townspeople stayed had stories to tell of one heck-of-a good fight...[/I]

Alright, so we left this shindig with all four of you unconcious....hrmmm...

Given the way things were going, I would love to call it a draw, but draws aren't fun. So when it comes down to it, I'm going to go with my first impressions: the winners are [b]Dragon Warrior[/b] and [b]The Boss[/b]. Unles, yanno, draws are allowed in which case it's all four of you.

Good match all around.[/COLOR]
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