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note: this isnt our earth its the name of another planet as well.

the cloaked mans boots crunched on the shattered glass of a nearby building as he stepped into the square. he put a hand inside his cloak and pulled out a small round object. pressing a button it screeched then settled down into static. "i thought you said this area was free of them." he hissed.
"it is boss" came the reply.
"then please tell me why im being watched from the rooftops." the cloaked figure cut of the hurried replies with "just get here fast."
"ok boss" the figure replaced the device inside his cloak and drew out an NK76 modified assault rifle. he yelled into the seemingly empty square. "come on out you cowards, i know you're out there!" a shadowy figure dropped frm the roof of a nearby building, followed by three more. more shadows appeared in the street blocking the figures route of escape. the shadows began to advance and as one stepped into the light the figure noticed it was one of the shal'ak legions. nobody knew where the others had come from, one day they turned up in the central square in the empire capital and demanded the unconditional surrender of the people of the planet. the council had refused and said that they would rather fight a war than give in. at this the others had suddenly appeared in every town, city and village and taken them by force. after the slaughter the earth was a broken planet, those humans who were found were enslaved or experimented on. the few that remained either hid and hoped that the situation would right itself or fought. the few that fought salvaged what they could from the few remaining army supplies placed throughout the empire or stole from the enemy themselves.
bringing up his NK76 the figure opened fire on the foes in front of him and took the first on down with eight rounds to the head. then he spun low and fired a grenade into the torso of one attemting to grab him from behind. he saw he was hopelessly outnumbered and dived into the doorway of a nearby building and began firing into the ranks of others with little effect. that was the problem with the others their armour deflected most shots. only presision shos into their eyeslits affected them and even then not by much. they were the perfect fighting machines. the figure reloaded his gun and prepared to take as many of them with him as he could.

this rpg will involve a crack team of rebels called the shadow wolves and will involve first fighting to recover an important item which will lead to either the liberation of the earth or the destruction of the rebellion. this story will also need applicants for a group of civilian survivors with a few guards and only a few people in a small mercenary band.

to apply you will need to fill out this form (i'll do mine as an example);

Name: they call him Boss
Age: 23
Appearance and weapons: tall and agile with shoulder length brown hair and many scars. he wears a homemade amour suit created from a bulky military heavy armour suit cut down to reduced weight and plated with the metal substance the others use as armour. he carries a variety of guns (depending on what hes killing) and has on his right hand a device which extends three two foot blades which he salvaged from an others officer he killed.
Group (rebels or civilians): rebels
Links to other people: leader of the shadow wolves
Personality: cold and untrusting unless he knows them well (eg he will trust his platoon but is cold towards other rebel factions) when he trusts you he has a black sense of humour and is generally very friendly. although he refuses to talk about his past. he has many flashbacks of the day when the others came and he learnt to kill.

when enough people apply i will post who has been accepted and continue.
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