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Sign Up Arashi Kaen Sono (The Blaze Tempest) - {Rated M for LSV}


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[COLOR=Red][B]This RPG is Rated M for LSV.[/B][/COLOR]


The Blaze Tempest; a war whose battles were so fierce that the winds were set ablaze by the flash of the clashing, and conflicting blades of the warriors that drove it on.

The events of this war were recorded on six secret scrolls, all of which were burned along with Nobunaga Oda at Honnoji Temple. The period in which this war had engulfed Japan is unknown since the country was cut off from the outside world for almost six hundred years, during which the war had begun and ended. It became a mere myth, a folktale whose brave heroes were fabled, and held legendary; their feats of valor, and fantastic romances lived on in the hearts of youngsters. However time took its toll on their names, and like everything else from their period they eventually faded away to a vague memory.

This is their tale, their journey, their lives, and deaths?



During a mist shrouded and forgotten period in Japan there were three Warlords that ruled the country. Kanki-hitonomi the Sorcerer ruled Hokkaido and Chugoku along with his beautiful wife Harukaze. The Kanto and Chubu regions were ruled by the famous swordsman Rakurai and his kin the Ryuujin Clan. The vast Tohoku region was ruled by Kagekuro Master of the Sasayaki society which consisted of the most dangerous and feared assassins in the land. The Kansai region was divided between the Ryuujin clan and the Sasayaki society; each ruled prefectures in that region. The Iyo-Shima region in the South was a neutral region free of military reign, but pretty much powerless in comparison with the lands of the warlords. Each of the three lords was given a seal at birth to unlock a secret summoning technique that would only be used when times of great danger approached.

These three lords however dangerous they may have seemed, managed to keep the country in peace for several years until Kanki-hitonomi started to act strangely and sent out small assault forces to raid the borders of the neighboring lands. Afterwards he started to claim that Japan was for him, and him alone to rule, and that the time has come to liberate the people from the clutches Kagekuro and Rakurai. It was said in the legends that he had used his seal and summoned the legendary war demon Adauchi the nine tailed silver she fox during a meditation session in the mystic caves on his castle grounds, and that Adauchi possessed his wife, and poisoned his mind; urging him to war. It is also said that the demon fox gave strange magical powers to the Generals of his armies.

The legends also say that during these turbulent times, Rakurai of the Ryuujin clan summoned Yasuragi King of the dragons and keeper of the mythical blade the Makeikusa. He in turn endowed the heads of the clan with the power, and strength to unlock the arcane and secret arts of war that the founders of the clan had crafted, and sealed away long ago.

Kagekuro had no choice in the light of these events, but to summon Muteki the Black Phoenix who re-awakened the deadly and lost shadow techniques slumbering within the souls of the lieutenants of secret society.

Rakurai and Kagekuro broke their truce and declared war against each other since it seemed that this was a chance to settle their generation old feuds; it was as strange as the war itself for they were perfectly at peace before the outbreak. The fable tells that they were punished for summoning the dragon king and the black phoenix by igniting the hatred their ancestors had for each other in their hearts, also Rakurai lost the use of one of his arms, and so did Kagekuro. The clan chiefs, and the Sasayaki lieutenants perhaps knew of this, but still followed the orders of their leaders; it was the honorable thing to do, since they had been chosen to lead them through life and death, and had taken an oath to do so. War was breaking out between them in the once shared Chinzei, and Okinawa regions. The sorcerer was also starting to mobilize his troops in large numbers.

There were countless battles, glorious heroes, legendary beauties, and passionate clashes within the folds of this saga; these are the chronicles of this war:

[B][I]Enter Arashi Kaen Sono! BATSU! [/I][/B]

[B]Sign up Sheet:[/B] Note that each side should have a minimum of two members, if there are more then all the better; the groups don't have to be equal in number.

[B]Name:[/B] Japanese please.

[B]Age:[/B] 19-100


[B]Lineage:[/B] Kanki-hitonomi's generals, Kagekuro's Lieutenants, or the Ryuujin clan chiefs.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Detailed description, or a good picture.

[B]Personality:[/B] Variety would be nice. You can be romantic, funny, the brooding warrior type, or anything you want.

[B]Weapons:[/B] (3 max) it doesn't have to be three, it's just the limit, and it should be Japanese. Please try to choose something appropriate with your side (i.e.: if you're with the Ryuujin then its Katanas, spears, bows, naginatas or other samurai weaponry, if you're with Kagekuro then its ninja weaponry, kunais, sherukins, ninja swords, sickles, steel knuckles, claws and such, and if you're with the sorcerer then it's staffs, gigantic fans, flutes or anything magical) Be creative with your weapon, and give it a good description. A name would also be nice, and twin, or double weapons count as one, but you can only have one pair.

[B]Abilities:[/B] (3 max) Arts of war for the Ryuujin clan involving very powerful weaponry techniques that are otherwise absolutely impossible for anyone else to perform, Shadow techniques for the Sasayaki lieutenants involving stealth, lethal, illusive and manipulative ninja techniques, and Magical powers involving mystical, and dangerous spells for the sorcerer's generals. Names and detailed descriptions for all the techniques mentioned above please, depending on the side you?re on of course.

[B]Elite Unit Type:[/B] Each General, clan chief, or lieutenant will have a special unit of his own under his command. These units are considered to be the elite of their class, and are therefore more powerful than regular soldiers. You can choose one of these units.

[I][B]The Ryuujin clan units:[/B][/I]
[U][I]High Cavalry:[/I][/U] Fierce and highly skilled riders that truly know not the meaning of fear. Their phenomenal valor gives them incredible strength and makes them immune against certain spells and illusionary techniques. Even if one of them is knocked off his horse, which is rare considering their riding skills, they?re still formidable adversaries. Their war chargers are stronger, and faster than normal horses.

[I][U]High Archers:[/U][/I] Extremely accurate, rapid, and deadly, but cannot last very long in short range melee. Their eye sight is very sharp, and their hearing is also on a heightened level, as well as all their other senses, which makes them excellent scouts and trap detectors.

[I][U]High Infantry:[/U][/I] Powerful warriors that live to die. They?re extremely disciplined for they can go on for weeks and months without food or drink while still retaining energy to fight as viciously as ever. They can control the balanced, constant, and exceptionally strong flow of Ki in their bodies, which enables them to toughen their skin to a point where a blade might not cut through it, or give them potent bursts of strength, though reaching this level would drain their Ki almost completely after a while.

[I][B]The Sasayaki society units:[/B][/I]
[U][I]Ninjas:[/I][/U] Blindingly swift, very strong, and cold blooded; perfect assassins. They possess almost inhuman reflexes, and can communicate with each other through thoughts. Because of their telepathic abilities they can lock on to enemies even in complete darkness, and find their way towards them.

[U][I]Brewers:[/I][/U] They can make poison, medicine, explosive bombs, hallucination gas bombs, poison gas bombs ?etc. Their ambushing techniques are superior, and they?re expert trap makers. They?re also efficient as a stealth infiltration, and demolition unit.

[I][U]Geishas:[/U][/I] They specialize in seduction, and spying; extremely skilled and their arts, and can get information from almost any man without exposing their true intentions. They may kill if they have to. They are also masters of disguise, and can mimic the appearance and voice of foes, but not for very long because it consumes a lot of the body?s energy.

[I][B]Kanki-hitonomi?s units:[/B][/I]
[U][I]Golem Monks:[/I][/U] Monks cursed, and mutated by black magic into the form of gigantic and extremely muscular blood mad warriors. Very powerful in terms of physical strength, but slower than other units. A golem monk is as tall as two tall men; one standing above the other, and sometimes taller. They?re usually found clad in torn and bloodstained garbs of monks.

[I][U]The Winged:[/U][/I] Chosen warriors endowed with magical silver feathered wings. Their ability to fly gives them an advantage on the battlefield. They usually use different types of spears to cut through their enemies. Sometimes they are used for transporting rations, and such. They are not very efficient once their feet are on the ground.

[I][U]Vampire Guards:[/U][/I] Weaker warriors that exchanged their humanity for power. They are extraordinarily nimble, lean, and physically powerful, but have to drink human blood at close intervals to stay alive. They can transform themselves into swarms of black bats, or a pack of wolves to protect their master. To be killed they must be beheaded or stabbed directly in the heart; slashes and normal wounds heal very quickly. They attack at night, and sleep during the day, because sunlight can also kill them. They can see perfectly well in pitch black darkness, but strong lights hurt their eyes.

[B]Tale from the chronicles:[/B] Your character in any sort of situation you'd like.

[B]Other:[/B] Anything you'd like to add.


[B]1st:[/B]every side will have a secret technique, which I will send in PMs to the members of that side at one point of the RPG, or if they wish they can make one and send it to me so that I could tell them if it's good for the RP or not. Its use would have to be permitted by me.

[B]2nd:[/B] Each side will battle it out for the regions of the country (See map in the underground thread); each side will be strongest in their own land of course.

[B]3rd:[/B] I will post descriptions of each region in the underground thread very soon.

[B]4th:[/B] People can get killed in battles, but please make it a good battle, and a better death.

[B]5th:[/B] If you're with Kagekuro and you choose steel knuckles as a weapon, please say which hand to hand fighting style(s) you use when you wield them or you can just write ninjutsu if you want.

[B]6th:[/B] The sorcerer and his wife, Kagekuro, and Rakurai will be NPCs. Your units will be under your control.

[B]7th:[/B] Alliances may be formed, and betrayal is also allowed, but no too often.

[B]8th:[/B] I'll post my character as soon as I get a few sign ups.

[B]9th:[/B] Keep in mind that your characters will be much stronger than ordinary soldiers as well as the elite units, but even so these units can do some serious damage, so they?re not to be taken lightly, not at all. No ?one man? armies please.

[B]10th:[/B] If you?re signing up, then please try to stick with the RP, I?d like to see it go a long way, if not the whole way.

[B]11th:[/B] The elite units under your command will consist of an average of 15 to 20 members for all the groups except for the Geishas, which will consist of 5 to 10 members, because it?s basically a spying unit. Once again, the actions of the unit you command will be yours to determine.

[B]12th:[/B] Once you choose an elite unit you can feel free to customize them in terms of equipment, clothing, accessories, and appearance details but definitely not abilities. You can even choose a custom name for your unit, but be sure to mention the category name I listed first.

[B]13th:[/B] Post any questions you have on the underground thread.

[B]14th:[/B] Have fun! :animesmil

[B]Opening Credits:[/B]
[U][I]Author:[/I][/U] Asim.
[U][I]Graphics:[/I][/U] Illusion.
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